Why Renting Holiday Villas in Bali is Perfect for Travelling Families

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Why Renting Holiday Villas in Bali is Perfect for Travelling Families

Families need to travel; to just unwind, relax, and make memories together. However, every parents know how costly travelling it can be especially if you have more than one children—or that you’re bringing the grandparents along the trip. Now imagine if you want to travel to Bali. The gorgeous island is famous for its breathtaking beaches, delicious mix of western and asian cuisine, and relatively low cost accommodations and attractions. However, imagine if you are renting a hotel room for a family of five. You’ll need at least two rooms or a family suite. Multiply that by only 10 days, and you can see how a vacation could break your bank. This is why if you’re a family, renting holiday villas in Bali is the only logical option. 

Extra Space in Bali Holiday Villas

There are numerous advantages to staying in a vacation home, but one of our favorites is the extra space for families to stretch out. Airbnb and VRBO have a wide range of rental options. Choose the most appropriate fit for you. There are also many option for holiday villas in Bali to choose at any location; from two bedroom villas in Canggu to six bedroom villas in Seminyak and 10 bedroom luxurious villa for private gathering. Bigger vacation rentals in Bali also have yards aside of private pool, so families can have the luxury of extra space. 

Having the Swimming Pool All for Yourself

It’s the unspoken rules at hotels and resorts: you need to get up early so you can “reserve” a cabana or sun chairs at the poolside. If you get up too late, all the good spots will be reserved by other guests. Now, you obviously don’t have to do that if you are renting a nice private holiday villa in Bali with swimming pool. You can have all the privacy of the pool all for yourself! Also, you and the kids can swim and have lunch and swim again in just five steps away!

Extra Convenience You Cannot Find in Hotel Rooms

Wi-Fi, DVD players, games, books, outdoor toys and games, and PCs are frequently included in rental packages. Extra amenities, such as access to a local country club or kayaks/canoes for use, may be included. Obviously, this is more than the bulk of hotel rooms provide. 

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Saving Budget: Cooking Your Own Meal in the Kitchen 

Saving Budget- Cooking Your Own Meal in the Kitchen

While dining out during your vacation may be a major priority for you, it may be more challenging with new newborns, multiple children in tow, or picky eaters in your group. Many vacation rentals in Bali provide dishes and basic cooking supplies (salt, pepper, and olive oil), so kitchens are ready to use for families. You may cook, reheat leftovers, boil water, make coffee, pack picnic lunches, keep drinks cold, and do whatever else you want in the kitchen when you and your family like to eat or drink at ‘home.’

Having a kitchen in Bali vacation villa could be a big help if you have a kid with food allergy. This way, you can prepare allergy-friendly cuisine at home, and not eating out reduces the expense of meals on vacation.

Saving Budget: Doing the Laundry

Saving Budget- Doing the Laundry

So, maybe this isn’t for everyone, but when booking a holiday rental, you can always search for a washer and/or dryer. You can pack fewer clothes and your luggage will weigh less if you have access to laundry facilities while on vacation. Of course, you can always laundry your clothes in laundry services, but remember that the laundry for 5 people can be quite costly. Being able to do it by your own could significantly save more money!

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Good for Travelling with Group

Traveling with your family can often entail moving around with more people than just you and your children. Grandparents, aunts and uncles, and cousins can all be included in a family vacation. It’s also possible that you’ll be vacationing with other families. It’s a lot of fun, as well as practical and inexpensive, to rent a large beach home or mountain lodge that can accommodate your entire group. It also provides a place for people to unwind if not everyone want to participate in the same activities.

Setting Your Own Schedule

Guests who stay at holiday villas in Bali can set their own schedule. There’s no need to leave when housekeeping comes around (you’re the housekeeper), there’s no regular meal hour, and some places let you to check in and out whenever you choose.