Why Komodo Liveaboard Package Needs To be Considered

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You have known about the Komodo Island, right? It is one of the most favourite island to be visited by the travellers whether from Indonesia itself where this island existed or even from abroad or other countries in other continents. There are many of the tour package regarding to the Komodo Island, and I think that one of the worth to try and needs to be considered by you one day is the Komodo Liveaboard.

Komodo Liveabord package for the ultimate vacation
Image only for the illustration purpose about the Komodo Liveaboard

I am sure that there are reasons for that. The first reasons is because the province which is East Nusa Tenggara and the its regency which is the West Manggarai where the island is administratively located is an archipelago. So, what the best thing to do for visiting the island besides using the boat. And Komodo Liveaboard package will help you in it.

By experiencing the Komodo Liveaboard, it is also means that you are possible to meet or monitor the Komodo dragons in any existed islands you want. So, if you simply want to see them in Padar Island, then you are good to go. This reason will also bringing you to what I have called as “visiting some islands in one paddle.” This is because of the geographical reason of the province as an archipelago. And since many of the islands is close to one another, then you will be explore them as well and many of the related package seems to be the same.

Many of the Komodo liveaboard packages are have their own itineraries to help the travellers that are still confusing, so at least you have had the help you need in such condition. You can choose from one day trip to Komodo, 2-3 days and nights, and many more as long as you still can affords even one.

Monitoring the Komodo dragons, exploring the islands by trekking to the hills, seeing the original habitat of the dragons, the magical sunset, sunbathing at the Pink beach, snorkeling or diving in the beautiful crystal clear water rich in beautiful species below, monitoring the manta fish at Manta Point and many more things you are possible to do when getting your own Komodo Liveaboard package.

So basically, you are not only staying and sailing to the islands, but all I have mentioned above will be easily to be experienced through the Komodo liveaboard. And there are only 3 things you could do to achieve them all which are, prepare your savings and find where the best to get this package, prepare your stamina especially for trekking or even plan to dive, and the last one to be done is, getting yourself to be at the island as soon as possible. That’s all you need to enjoy what the tour operator is offering you about the true beauty of the Flores Islands.

And yeah, make sure to get the best boat for your activities. Moreover if you could living on the traditional and luxury board, then that would be the ultimate vacation you have ever experienced. What an authentic holiday! Don’t you agree with me? So, prepare yourself and find your ultimate Komodo Liveaboard right now. That’s it.