Visit Shimokitazawa – The Vintage Fashion Neighborhood of Tokyo

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 Visit Shimokitazawa - The Vintage Fashion Neighborhood of Tokyo

While Shibuya is known as the center of the youth fashion of Tokyo, Shimokitazawa is another aspect of Tokyo’s ever-vibrant youth culture. Shimokitazawa is known as vintage stores heaven—a home to dozens of hand-picked, often carefully curated selections of clothes. Luxury vintage items are not something that you’re short of when you visit Shimokitazawa. Often shortened as “Shimokita”, the district houses a large number of independent retailers that often consisted of indigenous artists and designers alike. Shimokitazawa can be reached through the Keio Inokashira Lines and Odayu Electric Railway. Unlike many parts of Tokyo, Shimokita has very a lot of alleyways and very narrow streets that highly intersect; something that the locals found as one of the distinct features of Shimokitazawa, making it feel like it’s an actual “neighborhood”.


Ocean BLVD

Unique vintage, one of a kind items are sold in this shop that is just hard to miss from the Shimokitazawa narrow streets. They don’t sell a lot of high fashion brands, but Shimokitazawa is all about quirky finds—and Ocean BLVD is definitely not short on that.s



Mode-Off is for fashion essentials where everyone can find something for themselves. There is a stack of clothes labeled as “Sales”—discounting the already-cheap finds here even cheaper. Prices in the sales rack are mostly at 300 JPY. Dig on!


Shimokita Garage Department

This store has an impressive collection of hand-made crafts along with their vintage secondhand finds. Also known as Toyo Department, finding one of a kind souvenir here would be a breeze.


CHICAGO Shimokitazawa

Chicago chain stores have reasonably priced secondhand clothes located at several locations in Tokyo. The Shimokitazawa store is the largest one. This store is famous for its cheap kimono and yukata that go as low as 1,500 JPY.



Less on vintage clothing, more for everyday trendy fashion. WEGO is store with a bright interior and items of bright, attractive colors. Its a must-visit for those who love the Tokyo youth style with a bang for your buck.


Haight & Ashburry

This store is one of the most iconic one in the Shimokita neighborhood. Haight and Ashbury boasts authentic 19th and 20th century vintage items. The items are hand-picked, curated, and of the higher-end luxury items. Haight and Ashbury has operated for over two decades to date.