Travel The World Through International Recipes

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Travel The World Through International Recipes

During this pandemic, it is challenging to travel especially to different countries. It is not only dangerous for yourself bu also for others as this pandemic is not over yet. Technology has helped a lot during this hard time. People start finding new solutions and alternatives to solve many problems rose due to the pandemic. When you cannot enjoy your holiday, you can watch virtual tour from home. Or, you can also try various international recipes to feel like you are visiting the places. It is fun to do with your family anyway. So your day feel less boring. 

Trying out international recipes to travel around the world

Travelling around the world is like something unachievable now with how pandemic still going. Many people are desperate to be able to go outside and enjoy travelling like they used to. If you are one of those who feel disappointed because you cannot travel to a certain country because of the pandemic, might as well trying out these international recipes. You and your family can cook and enjoy the dishes together to spend your day. 

Apple Tart 

Apple Tart

Apple Tart is such a classic recipe from France. It is classic French dessert that is loved not only by French themselves but also other people around the world. The classic flavor is what has drawn many people to enjoy this dessert. If you cannot go to France to enjoy Apple Tart, you can make it yourself at home. This dessert has flaky texture to its pastry with crisp from the Granny Smith apples. The butter, sugar, and apricot glaze just add the fantastic taste. Bake this with your family and enjoy it during afternoon tea. 

Pho Ga

Pho Ga is a special dish from Vietnam. Well, Vietnam is already famous with their noodle soup. This one recipe is the chicken version of it. It is a refreshing dish you can enjoy for lunch or dinner. You can make it with your pressure cooker if you have. It will be ready in no time. The ingredients are many but easy to find in grocery stores. They are also healthy types of ingredients so this dish is good for your family. The soup is comforting and warming. It is best to enjoy during chilly weather. 


Gyudon is a dish from Japan. You cannot visit Japan but you can enjoy making their special dish. This one can probably be challenging for those who are casual cook at home. However, the taste is worth the effort. This dish is basically thinly sliced of beefs and onions simmered in soy sauce and sake. Then, they are served together over warm rice. It is considered comfort food in Japan hence it is so fitting to be enjoyed during this hard time. You can also add your own touch through garnish and toppings. Pouched eggs, pickled ginger and sliced scallions are popular toppings for Gyudon in Japan. 

You can also search for recipe of a country you want to visit. It can quench your thirst of travelling even just for a little.