Taste the Tropical Idyll in Komodo Liveaboard

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Komodo liveaboard is definitely on the bucket list of everyone who are going to Labuan Bajo. It’s going to be your vessel, floating hotel, and daily restaurant at once. You will live on boat for couple of days—hopping islands, diving in pristine spots, and watching spectacular sunsets.

Taste the Tropical Idyll in Komodo Liveaboard

Liveaboard was once popular among divers as it allow them to reach many diving sites at one trip. It’s their base camp during the ocean exploration. Being on liveaboard excursion, they can jump into Flores pristine water and have a flexible time to see marine life that can only be visible at certain hours. They can arrange a special night dive or early morning dive when the ocean has just wake up.

Today, liveaboard is not exclusive for divers. Casual holiday makers and hikers alike are welcome aboard, especially when you are about to explore an archipelago like this. If your goal is to enjoy the Jurassic landscape, don’t worry. Hop onboard and get your luxury. Here’s how a leisure adventure in Komodo Liveaboard looks like.

A Daily Life in Komodo Liveaboard

Early Birds Gets the Worm

The goal of living in liveaboard is to explore as many as wonderful islands around the Komodo National Park. So, your ship captain will likely wake you up early in the morning. Sometimes as early as 6 am. Don’t worry though, you will have breakfast and a cup of coffee (or tea) already waiting in the table! Depend on the itinerary, the early morning is usually spent for early diving or hiking in one of the barren island. Beside, getting to the destination early can save you pristine spots before the day trips come. Our favourite is sunrise hiking in Padar island. It’s super awesome but it means you need to get out from the liveaboard around 5 am. Super worth it!

A World Away from Everything

Most Komodo liveaboard is built for adventurer and pleasure seekers alike. Our Komodo Liveaboard, Royal Fortuna, is anything like that. It’s made almost entirely of wood, taking a modern take of Indonesian’s traditional phinisi. The surrounding landscape—barren island, turquoise sea, clear sky—make it even more perfect.

The perfect thing to do in liveaboard? Go to the deck and sink into the loungers! You can even do yoga in the deck. Let the sun warps you in the warmth of tropical island. No city smoke, nosy bars, nor jam-packed streets in sight. Everything is blessed in pure quiet nature. We enjoy our time lying in Royal Fortuna’s stylish patio, listening to the sound of lapping waves. Resting in the middle of ocean like this, the rest of the world gonna feel like a distant reality.

Sunsets Watching

As there’s no electricity running in the Flores’ uninhibited islands, you are left with no other choice than going back to the liveaboard once the sun sets. Don’t be sad! On board, you have a chance to  witness one of the most beautiful sunset you’ve ever seen. One of the best spot for spectacular sunset on board is near Kalong island. Thousands of big fruits bats live in this island, leaving their mangrove nests when the dusk come. Endless huge bats fly in the tangerine sky, screeching to one another, in pursuit of food in neighbouring island. This is one wild sunset that will make you feel like being a part of Nat Geo show.

Romantic Dinner under the Stars

When the night fall, there’s practically nothing to do on the liveaboard. You can spend the time resting in your comfy cabins or get socials with others in the lounging room. Take your time to unwind and relax from a day full of adventure, until the chef calls you for dinner. Sometimes you will have indoor dinner, sometimes it will be served in the deck. Some luxurious Komodo Liveaboard even hold their dinner in the one of the deserted beach. The gleaming stars will be your  best company throughout the dinner. And when all plate is clean, it’s time to rest your belly and enjoy the sky’s show…

Of course, you won’t get such leisure experience if you book a crappy liveaboard. Make sure to do your research and book the best one for your budget!