Packing for Holidays at Nusa Dua Resort!

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When it comes to taking a break in Bali—the tropical island we all love and obsessed—every time of the year is summer and you can practically come there just anytime. And when you are having your well-deserved Bali holiday, it would just make sense if you stay at the Nusa Dua resort. This is what you need to pack to enjoy the resort holiday at it most.

Packing for Holidays at Nusa Dua Resort!

Enough cash before entering the Nusa Dua resort

Sure, you might have booked the room for weeks at the resort months ago—and paid it before arriving. Credit cards would also works almost everywhere you go. However, it’s still a good idea to bring some enough cash even to an all-inclusive vacation. Especially when you plan to spend the first few days full in the resort. Mind you that the majority of resorts in Nusa Dua are quite remote from city bustles—and you probably won’t find ATM near the resort. You will need some cash ready to tip the service boy, housekeeping service, or your massage therapist. Some rupiahs would also come in handy when you want to purchase drinks or meals that are not included on your package.

A piece swimsuits and summer outfits in your carry on 

Packing for Holidays at Nusa Dua Resort!

Nothing is more annoying than delayed luggage when you are travelling with a connecting flight. When you are so ready to change into the tropical clothes and jumping to the swimming pool but your clothes haven’t arrived yet. Make sure you packed at least a piece of swimsuits and 2 beach outfits ready on your carry on. Remember that the Nusa Dua resort has four freshwater pools in the premise! Even when your flight is direct, you would be happy to have you beach essentials ready without having to unload the suitcase right after arrival. 

Beach coverup—it will come handy

Beach coverup are great to have especially when you need to run back from the beach to your room to grab something. It’s also very useful when you want to have lunch in the resort’s restaurant after plunging at the pool. 

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Some pieces of evening wears to dine at the Nusa Dua resort

Packing for Holidays at Nusa Dua Resort!

One of the best thing from staying at a beach resort is the evening dining! It’s one of a kind experience. Whether you are going to enjoy the fine dining with your special ones or looking for a date in the resort, you’ll want to wear something nice. Pack two or three outfit to dress up for this. 

Some active wears for island excursion

You are going to stay in Bali. Even though the Nusa Dua resort has pretty private beaches right at its doorstep, there are so many things in the island to explore! You have rice paddies and hill trekking in Ubud, water sports at Tanjung Benoa, dozens of touristy “Pura” temples spread on the islands, dive sites, and hundreds other things to do! Prepare your active wear for the excursions!