Outdoor Airports Spaces You Can Enjoy in the Middle of Your Travel

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outdoor airports spaces

When you are going to travel overseas, you need to go through a long hour flight. Sometimes, you are stuck at the airport to wait for the flight. However, airport today is no longer a boring terminal. There are many airports around the worlds built in various features both for passengers’ convenience and entertainment. Therefore, it is like a trend today for an airport to create interesting spots. Many airports are now equipped with interesting outdoor decks or seating areas. Thus, passengers are no longer bored while waiting for their flight. Thus, it will be helpful for you to find out which airport has this type of outdoor spaces so that your next travelling will be much more interesting.

Airports around the world providing unique outdoor spaces

Airport is one of the first places when travelers will spend their time either in short or long hour to catch their flights. The following airports from various countries have the best outdoor spaces that you can enjoy while you are in the middle of travelling:

  • Hong Kong International Airport has the Aviation Discovery Centre. This outdoor space offers exhibits and graphics with aviation theme. This space is located in terminal 2 of the airport. While enjoying this space, you can also enjoy outdoor SkyDeck, which is a large platform where you can watch the world’s jets. This aviation space is built without space so you’d better prepare yourself for sun exposure.
  • Frankfurt Airport Germany has also distinct outdoor space specifically at terminal 2. This is where you can enjoy your time at the Visitor Terrace. You can enjoy the view while sitting in comfortable seating available for passengers. The open space is protected with pavilions so you will safe from rain or harsh sunlight. This place is located near the Food Plaza so you can buy and brings your favorite food to the terrace while to watch aircraft landing and taking off.
  • Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport provides the best outdoor deck called the Delta Sky Club. It is specifically located in Concourse F. You can watch the airline operation in cozy seats. In addition, there is Wi-Fi and power outlet to use. The place is incredibly cozy and protected with minimum fabric shades which have also acted as decoration to make this place even more amazing to see.
  • Long Beach Airport in California has also great outdoor space. It is protected by canopy so you can lounge around the seating area with ease. There are local eateries where you can order your favorite foods and enjoy your time sitting in wooden bench. The landscape of this special sp