Mindful Travel to Open Unexpected Experiences

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Mindful Travel to Open Unexpected Experiences

Lots of people coming back from travel feeling even more exhausted than ever. They feel like there is nothing they gained from the trip even after they splurged on their money a lot. The cause can vary from each individual. However, it is possible that if you also have experienced it, it means you didn’t travel mindfully. Mindful travel is different from ordinary travel. It is not about how much money you spend or what popular destinations you visit. It is more like a travel that opens your mind.

How to experience mindful travel

Mindful travel is different because it opens your mind, making you curious about many things. You have open mind to experience new things. You are even ready to welcome the unexpected. This kind of travel connect you with yourself even more. You will grow yourself, show empathy to others, and be more compassionate self. This kind of travel also gives you broader perspectives of how you see things in life. You find yourself more grateful for every privilege you have in life.

To have mindful travel, you have to set your intention from the start. All intentions are valid and you don’t have to think like somebody else. Just focus on what you want from the trip. If you travel just to get relaxed and disconnect from your mundane life then it is valid too. You can also set another intention such as wanting to learn more about the local culture and meet new people. When you travel with intention, you are ready to welcome what’s the place offers you.

Mindful Travel to Open Unexpected Experiences

Once you decided your travel destination, research more about the place. Learn more about travel etiquette so you know what to do and not do during your visit later. Also, learn basic phrases or words in their native language. You can at least learn the words ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ so you can say it in their native language. It doesn’t matter if you say it a little bit silly with imperfect pronunciation. Your effort will be appreciated by the locals. It is also a way for you to show your appreciation and gratefulness to the locals.

Instead of visiting big restaurants, why not going to local diner. Eating locally can give you different experience because you will truly involve with the locals. You can ask more about the foods, how it is made, and the cultural story behind, if there is any. To eat safely, choose food vendor that is crowded by locals. It means, the foods are safe, and usually cheap enough.

For mindful travel, slower-pace is preferred. The key of mindful travel is to fully enjoy the experience. If you are too hurried then you might miss many things. Try to slow down your pace and enjoy your surroundings. Get yourself involved in local events such as festivals, local concerts, local art exhibitions, and many more. It is also recommended to use your gadget less during your mindful travel so you can be more present.