List of Volcanoes in Indonesia You Should Visit

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Travelling to active volcanoes is intriguing and challenging. For those who seek for adrenaline travel, volcanoes in Indonesia are worth visiting. There are over 120 volcanoes can be found in Indonesia. Indonesia is geologically tumultuous country where volcanic eruptions and earthquakes are frequent. It has both active and dormant volcanoes throughout the region.

List of volcanoes in Indonesia you should visit

Active volcanoes in Indonesia are challenging especially for skilled climber and trekker. The thrill is satisfying and it is often that visitors from all over the world include Indonesia as one of their trekking destination on their bucket list.

As mentioned earlier that Indonesia is home to hundreds volcanoes both active and torment. However, you may be interested to find out the most popular volcanoes for trekking and climbing. Here is the list:

  1. Gunung Agung is situated in East Bali. It is the tallest peak in the island and where Pura Besakih can be found. It is the most sacred Hindu Temple in the island. It survived eruption in 1963 and stand still up till now. This volcano is a great choice for adrenaline junkies. The routes are steep and hazardous. You will reach the highest point on the rim by taking the route from Pura Besakih. You will be guided by local for safe journey.
  2. Gunung Rinjani is located in Lombok Island, the neighbor island of Bali. It stands on 12,224 feet above the island. This is not a place for the weak-hearted. Even professional and experienced trekkers will be challenged to take down this volcano. You can stop at the crater’s rim to see the lava oozing from the cone centered in the crater’s lake. This is once in a lifetime experience. Make sure you prepare your stamina as well as equipment to trek this volcano.
  3. Kelimutu is located in Flores. This is where you can find multicolored-lake at its finest. This is maybe why people love this volcano and trekking seems to be more bearable once you can see the three crater lakes. The water is bubbling and boiling. The color of water will change in certain period due to the change of chemical composition. The locals believe that the spirit of dead will ascend in of the three lakes.
  4. Gunung Bromo is located in East Java. This is one of the most popular volcanoes in Indonesia. Situated at 7,642 feet, the summit has attracted lots of tourists every year. The most favorite part of trekking on Gunung Bromo is to witness the magnificent sunrise from the summit at dawn. Aside from trekking, it is recommended to visit Sea of Sand.
  5. Gunung Batur is another volcano located in Bali specifically in the North side. It stands 5.633 feet above Kintamani region. This is active volcano yet lots of tourists attracted to visit. This volcano can be trekked without guides. Thus, this is suitable for beginner trekkers or hikers. However, you still need to be aware of possible danger especially from unpredictable weather changes. Thus, make sure to follow directions and cautions stated.