How to Minimize Using Your Phone When Traveling

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It is common today to see people gluing to their phone. When sitting in a café, eating at restaurant, lounging at home, and even hanging out with friends, people still stuck with their phone.

Minimizing the phone usage when traveling

Of course, advanced technology has brought us to more modern era where everything is easier to do. Finishing your job such as checking and replying emails, locating certain places, or just simply updating your social media is so easy to do.

Sometimes you think that it takes no time to do those trivial things while in fact it consumes most of your time in daily basis. It is even worse when you keep your eyes on your phone when traveling.

Minimizing phone usage when traveling

When you constantly checking your phone during your trip, it is easy for you to miss out many things that worth traveling for. You also will miss the opportunity to meet great people because you focus more on your phone instead of making social interaction.

It is totally understandable to make the most of your phone to finish your tasks. However, getting addicted to it is not a good thing. If you keep checking on your phones every 10 minutes, it indicates that you are getting addicted to it. Sure your phone can help you locating where the hotel is or some restaurant options.

However, travelers these days are more concerned about the Wi-Fi in their hotel doesn’t reach their room instead of really enjoy the trip.

You need to remember the purpose of your travel. If it’s something about finding peace or get recharged from hustle and bustles of your daily life, then what is the point if you keep your eyes on your phone? In fact, your phone is just being your distraction from truly enjoying the place you visit.

Instead of keep glancing on possible notification on your phone, you can make social interaction with people around you during your trip. Who knows maybe you will find it as a healing moment to talk to new people. Aside from getting new friends, you improve your social skills as well. Socializing through your phone is different from doing it in real life.

You can also try to prolong the distance between checking your phones. If you tend to check your phone every 10 minutes, make it an hour as a starter. Use the time to enjoy your surroundings. The attraction you visit must have something interesting that made you choose that place in the first place. Try to find those things. This little thing can make big changes to your trip.

When you hear or feel notifications, it will be easier for you to get distracted and back to your phone. Thus, turn off your phone or put it on silent mode during your travel can also help prevent you from constant checking. If you are traveling with someone, focus on them instead of your phone. Try to enjoy the company and find the fun from it so that you will automatically forget about your phone.