How to Eat Cheap During Your Travel

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How to Eat Cheap During Your Travel

Budget travel may restrict you a little more because you cannot just indulge in everything you find interesting to buy. Budget travel requires you to make thorough plan in which you pay for accommodation, foods, transport, etc. One of the biggest expense during travel is food. However, you cannot just stop eating during your travel. You still have to eat to stay fit during your trip. You can instead make some twists here and there to eat cheap through the entire trip. Hence, you are still fed well without spending too much money on foods.

How to find cheap eat during your travel

It is often that budget travelers avoid expensive destinations to stay in budget. It can be good alternative because less expensive cities often offer more affordable choices both in accommodation or foods. However, you can still find cheap eat regardless your destination even without the need to self-cook. Here are few tips to consider for eating cheap when travel:

Choose a hotel that offer complimentary breakfast and or dining credits or coupons to the local restaurant. You can browse through various hotels online to find the right one. You don’t necessarily have to eat in in-house restaurant because it is usually expensive. At least, find a hotel that provide hot breakfast in their nightly rates without charging more. However, this type of hotel is not hard to find anyways because most of them already include bed and breakfast in affordable rate.

How to Eat Cheap During Your Travel

Always stay local. It is best to buy foods or eat from local bakeries or local diner. It won’t cost a lot to buy a cup of coffee and a croissant from small bakery. Find a shop or local diner where the locals love to visit. It often means that the place sell delicious foods at affordable price. Also, this simple act can also contribute to the local economy. It is part of your support to keep them growing.

Find residential neighborhoods during your exploration of the place you visit. You may meet wonderful people as well as cozy local restaurant. Go to the area that is a little bit more secluded. Outskirt place usually has hidden gem the locals love. However, do not choose a diner that is too secluded and empty of visitor.

Do not be afraid of enjoying street foods. Lots of travelers are afraid they will get sick by eating street foods. However, you can stay healthy eating street foods as long as you know how to do it right. It is recommended to choose boiled or deep-friend street foods. It ensures that the foods are free from germs or living bacteria. Also, choose a stall or vendor that has a long line of local buyers. Chances are, you get authentic local street foods at fair rate.

You can also find some soups, sandwiches, coffee, pastries, or grab-and-go foods at a grocery store. They are cheap, clean, and quick to buy. To find authentic treats or regional specialties, pay attention to what the locals buy.