Five Common Questions about Diving in Komodo

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Five Common Questions about Diving in Komodo

The fame of Komodo National Park, Indonesia, is no longer dominated by the wild, majestic, and endangered dragons. This set of little archipelago is blessed with superb underwater life; bright and rich marine life in crystal clear water. Diving in Komodo is simply otherworldly! Komodo’s  water is never empty from wandering divers, going up and down, blowing bubbles and swimming with the fishes. However, not much is known from Komodo, still, and here’s five most common questions asked about diving in this frontier. 

What’s the Minimum Requirement for Diving in Komodo? 

The underwater of Komodo National Park, while exceptionally beautiful, is quite rough. The currents are strong and the sites are generally deep. The most minimum certification is Open Water diver or equivalent/ However, this wouldn’t get you so far. The beginner certification would only allow you to dive in certain bays of several islands where the currents are slower and the depth is not too deep. However, most diving tours in Komodo has an established dive destinations, especially in open tours. That means you don’t have the liberty to pick only beginner-friendly dive sites for the Komodo diving tour. To experience the most of Komodo’s underwater and be able to dive in any sites, it’s wise to have a minimum Advanced Open Water diver or equivalent at hand. 

Can You Dive in Komodo Alone? 

Can You Dive in Komodo Alone?

It’s not illegal to dive alone in Komodo, but it’s not the safest. In fact, solo diving is not a recommended practice in Flores. Every dive centres in Komodo strongly suggest buddy system; diving in pairs or in group. Some sites in Komodo have the strongest currents and is considered as one of the most dangerous. Diving without supervision could result in injury, missing cases, and even death! Danger of unfamiliarity could also be an issue. In dive sites where you are not familiar with the landscapes, currents, animals, and other ocean behaviour, things could easily get wrong. Having a local dive leader who knows Komodo’s dive sites almost like the back of their hand would be a great help.  

Do You Need to Bring Your Own Dive Equipments? 

Well, depends. Actually it’s totally okay to go diving to Komodo and bring nothing at all. You can rent everything at the dive centre and minimise your luggage, really. However, we prefer to bring the essential gears by ourself. At least bring your own wet suit (3 mm is enough), mouthpiece, and snorkel masks. Those are the essentials that need to fit perfectly with your body—cause to be honest, dive centre’s wetsuit and snorkel masks are quite crap.

How Much Should You Pay for Diving in Komodo? 

How Much Should You Pay for Diving in Komodo?

Prices are heavily varied depends on many factors. Are you joining a liveaboard trip? What kind of boat you are in? How many days is the dive trip? All of these really influence the pricing of doing trip in Komodo. Prices could range from IDR 6 million – 25 million. Diving prices could go as high if you choose to embark on first-class fleet liveaboard in an ensuite AC cabin for a 8D/7N dive trip. However, the basic national park’s fees for diving and snorkeling are IDR 275,000/ pax on weekdays and IDR 350,000/pax on weekends and holidays. 

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Should You Stay in Dive Resort or Embark on Diving Liveaboard Trip? 

That also depends! There are quite a handful of amazing dive resorts scattered on uninhibited islands around the national park. You can also find several dive resorts based on Labuan Bajo. Dive resort allows maximum leisure for divers and is perfect for divers who bring a non-diving partner or family. However, you need to hop on speedboat everyday to reach the dive sites. Diving liveaboard, however, sum up every hassles of dive trip in just one single time. You book the liveaboard, you sail on the liveaboard, and you let the liveaboard take you anywhere around Flores for the rest of the time. It’s very practical and honestly, very popular for diving in Komodo right now!