Discover the Best Beaches in Misool Papua to Practice Yoga

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Misool Papua

Misool is a remote tropical hideaway located in the southernmost one of Raja Ampat’s main islands. White sand beaches, marine biodiversity, beautiful coral reefs, and a richly diverse ecosystem are all ingredients that make up this tropical paradise. If you love outdoor activities, fun, and adventure, then a trip to Misool Papua is a must. However, if you are still confused about what to do when traveling to the island. We highly recommend trying a yoga retreat on the beach. Yoga retreat in Misool Island is just as wonderful as you may imagine. Yoga will allow you to recharge and disconnect from the stress of life. Above all, taking your yoga practice to the beach can help you challenge yourself, deepen your poses, protect your body, and even feel better about life. Find out all the beautiful beaches to practice yoga in Misool. 

Namlol Beach

Who wouldn’t want to post under a Namlol beach? Release your mind, soul, and connect your body and spirit with the sea energies on this unique yoga retreat. Namlol beach or the pond of the sea, as it has pure and clear crystal water. Especially, this beach is surrounded by small Karst Islands, covered by bushes. The perfect time to visit Namlol Beach is during the low tide when you can see the the colorful corals plainly. Certainly, Namlol beach in Misool Papua is beyond beautiful.

Misool Papua

Banos Beach in Misool Papua

Banos Beach is an ideal location for a yoga beach retreat. This beach features different types of beauty and is surrounded by karst rocks. Here, you can spot the creamy colored sand with its soft texture. Near Banos Beach, there are several karst coral reefs. So, the best time to visit Banos Beach is sunset and sunrise.

Dream Beach in Misool Papua

Facing a pristine beach along the exotic coastline of Misool Island, this beach yoga retreat is a haven for those looking to develop their yoga practice by the ocean. Daram Beach should be on your bucket list. This beach is famous for its coconut tree and cream sandy beach. There is a simple word representing this beach, which is calm and peaceful. It is because the beauty of Daram is unspoiled, and no villagers live nearby.

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Olobi beach

Set amongst the serene beauty of the Olobi coastline, rejuvenate your well-being on a yoga retreat that will revive the mind, soul, and body. Globe Beach should be on the bucket list for those who are spending a trip to Misool Island. The calm waves of the sea and great weather combine into a perfect vacation for a yoga retreat. Take a dip in the Olobi Beach and discover tropical sea life and feel the sea breeze on your skin.