Discover New York: The Most Visited City in the World

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Architecturally, New York has famous buildings in different forms. Among them, Woolworth Building (1913), a neo-Gothic skyscraper built with great Gothic details. In 2008, New York City recorded a record number of tourists, totaling more than 47 million people, and their spending contributed $ 32.1 billion to the city’s economy, which also constitutes a record. Since the recovery of the American economy, Mayor Michael Bloomberg has set the goal of breaking the record in 2012 by attracting more than 50 million tourists. Here are some New York destination sites that you can explore while on vacation

Theater District

Discover New York: A city most visited around the world

The Theater District is the bustling heart of Midtown West. In the pedestrian squares of Times Square, costumed characters attract busy passers-by under the flashing lights of the imposing digital panels. Locals and tourists alike congregate on the huge red staircase above the TKTS kiosk, where tickets to Broadway shows in historic theaters can be purchased. The bustling 42nd Street is full of chain stores and restaurants. While Shibuya is one of Tokyo’s favorite tourist attractions, New York also has the Theater District. Although this one is not a tourist spot in New York, this intersection is the most popular tourist destination if you are in New York. Taking photos with colorful billboards and tall buildings is common among tourists here. This vehicle-free zone offers shopping centers, restaurants, hotels and other entertainment venues.

Fifth Avenue

Discover New York: A city most visited around the world

A major thoroughfare in the center of the borough of Manhattan in New York City. It runs along Central Park to the east and runs through the center of Midtown. Like Oxford Street in London or the Champs-Élysées in Paris, it is one of the best known routes in the world. It is bordered by many parks and historic buildings, and is one of the main symbols of New York’s wealth. Fifth Avenue is still one of the most expensive avenues in the world, competing in New York with Park Avenue, bordered along its entire length of green spaces. It is difficult to classify the avenues in real value terms due to the fluctuations in exchange rates that put the streets of Paris, London and Tokyo at the top of the charts. The commercial section of Fifth Avenue is thus ranked second most expensive space in the world in terms of price per square meter for commercial premises, behind Sloane Street in London.

Madison Avenue

Discover New York: A city most visited around the world

An avenue in the borough of Manhattan in New York City. One-way, it runs from south to north of Madison Square Park, at 23rd Street at Madison Avenue Bridge at 138th Street. It crosses the Midtown, Upper East Side, Spanish Harlem and Harlem neighborhoods.