DAISO 100 Yen Store: Functional Items for Souvenirs from Your Japan Trip

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DAISO had definitely taken the concept of a Dollar store to the next level. The astonishing development had also led the production of a huge variety of everyday tools and accessories to have their “hyakuen store version” (the 100 yen version).

Daiso 100 Yen Store

Shopping at Daiso isn’t just for frilly accessory that would sit at the corner of your room and collect dust. Daiso is a brilliant source of practical everyday stuff. You can find an overwhelming variety of goods, assortments of homewares, home decor, and stuff you don’t know you need until you encounter them at Daiso.

Likewise, gifting some practical items that could actually be useful to your friends and folks is a good way to show that you think of them during your travels. Going to Daiso for souvenir-shopping is a brilliant idea if you are buying for a lot of people. Here are the some of the items you could always find across most Daiso all around Japan:


From assorted notebooks, color pencils and pens, Daiso has everything that’s a staple to your everyday stationery needs. And just because they’re dirt cheap, doesn’t mean they look tacky. Stuff that can be found Daiso are just visually pleasing. Lots of adorable stationery for your everyday use.

If you’re someone who loves collecting them, don’t be surprised if you come home with basically every stationery item Daiso has to offer. With the price tags, you’d be tempted to buy a double, an additional one for yourself. Your friends will thank you for the souvenir notebooks you give them that are both useful and adorable.

Travel Accessories

If you are not the type who’s super organized on your travel stuff—your trip to Japan might just change you, as you step into Daiso. It’s heaven for travel organizers essentials—and because you’d likely need multiple items at once, price is still not something you need to worry about because well, it’s Daiso!

Use the travel compartments to categorize your clothes and easily organize your bathroom essentials using the clear compartments and pouches. Need an extra pouch or a totebag? Daiso got you covered.


If this is your first time visiting Daiso Japan, you’ll be surprised at the overwhelming variety of makeup and all of the associated tools you’ll find. From makeup sponges to face powder—it almost seemed that Daiso provides everything. Fake lashes, face cream, hand cream, eyeliners, shimmer powder, blusher—you name it.

Because of its decently extensive selection of makeup, it’s been a popular topic among beauty bloggers and youtubers alike to do a “Daiso Only Makeup” challenge. Often times, the makeup challenge is presented in comparison to the use of “proper makeup”. And surprisingly, Daiso makeup products have been pretty decent.

Certain items such as the hand cream have been very popular and known to sell out very quickly. So don’t worry the next time you might run out of your makeup during your travels—head to the closest Daiso for an emergency haul to save you the headache. It also makes for a neat souvenir for your friends who love Asian makeup.