Budget Family Vacation Ideas You Can Pick

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Vacation is not always wasting money on luxurious services and attractions. The most important thing of having vacation with family is togetherness in quality time. That is why budget family vacation is not a bad idea. In fact, there are many ideas of budget vacation your family can choose. Having quality time with your family is the best moment for bonding. It is a great idea to make everyone in your family stay together at the same time in the same moment doing fun activities you all love to do. Thus, there is no need to think hard about budgeting and stuffs since you can still have fun even with limited budget.

Budget Family Vacation Ideas You Can Pick

Ideas for budget family vacation


As mentioned earlier that the quality of family vacation is more important. It means you and your family aim for great experience after vacation even without expensive cruise or fancy dinner at five star hotel. You and your family can consider these ideas of family vacation without excessive budget need:


  • Camping is the best idea for bonding with family. This is outdoor activity which is suitable for any ages. Kids and elderlies will have so much fun during camping. Camping is included into budget vacation because you don’t need to spend money for your needs. You can bring your own stuffs for sleeping such as tent, sleeping bags, etc. For meals, you can prepare foods from home. Besides, it is healthier that way. You don’t have to pay excessive budget for having dinner in fancy restaurant since you can make your family’s favorite foods at home and bring them at campsite.
  • Another idea for budget family vacation is having fun at the beach. There must be beach near your home. Then, you and your family can have a short vacation there for couple of days. You can build a tent to sleep in and make bonfire at night. It is also fun to enjoy seafood at the seashore along with your family. Beach never disappoint you especially the kids. They love beach and always have. That is why bringing them to the beach for simple vacation can bring them happiness.
  • Visiting your acquaintance at suburban area can be a great idea for family vacation. This is also suitable for budget vacation you expect. You can stay at your acquaintance’s house for couple of days while introducing your family to the surroundings. Suburban area has friendly villages your kids can adventure to. They can learn how to get close to the nature in a fun way. You also don’t have to spend money for booking hotel room so your money is safe.
  • Road trip can be a great family vacation idea especially if you consist of small family. You don’t have to book hotel room to stay during your trip. You can rent an RV so you can have a vehicle for the trip and a place for sleeping. This is fun and adventurous because you can visit many places freely. This is one of the best ideas of budget family vacation.