Best Bali Dive Spot for Beginners

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Bali Diving is well-known across the world for its spectacular marine life, which offers a breathtaking variety of attractions and may fulfill any desire! Bali is situated in the Coral Triangle, which is the core of marine biodiversity worldwide. The Bali dive spot for beginners is found of Sanur, Nusa Dua, Padangbai and Menjangan Island. Considering that the site’s greatest depth is only 30 meters, it is perfect for beginning divers.

Bali Dive Spot

This Best Bali Dive Spot for Beginners


There is many various dive sites near Sanur, including the Sanur Channel, Penjor Reef, and Jeladi Wilis. Sanur area is usually ignored. However, the slopes at this area, which has a sandy bottom and a small house reef, reach a height of 20 meters, is ideal for beginners with limited free time. Blue spotted rays, sea snakes, lion fish, and colorful reef life are all there, 

Nusa Dua

The reef is healthy since there are many reef fishes. Occasionally you can spot white-tipped reef sharks, barracudas, turtles, sweetlips, frogfish, cuttlefish, and stingrays. And of course Napoleon fish because there aren’t as many divers in this area now. Nusa Dua is an excellent dive location for you because it is just 15 meters deep if you want to develop your diving skills and learn a lot about scuba diving. 


There is a wonderful variety of dive spots at Padang Bay. Dive Padang Bay to take in the stunning reefs and abundant marine life from turtles and reef sharks on occasion to anemone fish and frogfish. Bali diving spots like Blue Lagoon, Ferry Channel, Pura Jepun, Tanjung Sari, Bias Tugal, and Turtle Neck can be found at Padangbai. It includes a startling diversity of fish, from tiny tropical fish to larger fish like sharks and turtles. It also has a decent variety of hard and soft corals. The Padangbai area has a maximum depth of 30 meters, therefore beginner divers can still dive there.

Menjangan Islands

Bali’s northwest regions are home to some wonderful diving that is both relaxing and diverse. Menjangan island, which is a part of Menjangan National Marine Park, is the most famous. Enjoy amazing reefs and walls, groupers, huge schools of jacks and turtles, and stunning scenery when you dive Menjangan Island. The estimated trip from West Bali National Park to Menjangan area, which includes Garden El Area, Slave Ship, Posts 1 and 2  is 35 minutes.

That really is the best and beautifull place in Bali for beginning divers to train and develop their skills. I hope you will take in Bali’s wonderful underwater environment and take action to protect aquatic life there.