Finding Out More Amazing Tourist Attractions in Japan

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Japan is an amazing country and no one doubts it. Moreover, there are even more amazing tourists attractions in Japan you don’t want to miss.

Amazing tourist attractions in Japan

Yes, Japan is one of the most visited countries for tourism because there are many interesting things to explore in this country. The culture, the art, the modernization, and anything about Japan is interesting. It is hard to resist Japan and its amazing places because they are there to explore.

It is also true that people hyping up Japan sometimes exaggeratedly. However, you can go and prove yourself if visiting Japan and its tourists attractions is worth it or not.

Pick your amazing tourists attractions in Japan

There are many tourist attractions in Japan that have always been popular. However, there are more places and sites you can explore. Thus, visiting this country once is not enough.

Once you fall in love with the beauty hidden in this country, you will want to come back. To help you decide your destination while travelling in Japan, here are some amazing tourist attractions you can visit.

  1. Shin-Yokohama Raumen Museum is a great place for those ramen lovers. Well, some people start acknowledging ramen and it has become more popular around the world. If you are interested to know more about the original ramen, this is the right place to go. There are various flavors of ramen you can try, it can be like food travelling but focusing on ramen as the main object. You will find different types of ramen you can’t find in another place.
  2. Next one of amazing tourist attractions in Japan is Naruto Whirlpools. If you are a fan of Naruto then you must not miss this place from your bucket list. This site is located in Shikoku Island, Japan. The location is less crowded and a little hidden. The whirlpool looks terrifying indeed. However, you can visit this site safely though.
  3. If you are robot enthusiast, you must visit Robot Statue of Liberty in Japan. There is a massive statue of robot Gundam on Odaiba Island that you can see. It is located across the Rainbow Bridge at the main center, making it looks more attractive. The robot stands about 55 feet tall. This is the best place to take some pictures which are instagrammable.
  4. Hello Kitty has been one of the most iconic things of Japan. Thus, you can also visit Hello Kitty Theme Park in Japan since this is one of the most popular tourist attractions. It is located in Tama New Town, Tokyo. There are many things to enjoy such as shows, indoor rides, and other attractions.
  5. Tottori Sand Dunes is also one of the most amazing sites that tourists should visit. There is no clear answer whether or not this dune is contentious. The wind is the main cause of the sediment that has been redeposit from Sendai River over the past thousand years. No wonder this has become one of the most amazing tourists attractions in Japan that people would like to visit.