Bamboo as One of the Most Eco-friendly Construction Material

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As the sustainable concept is getting widespread and a lot of industries turned to more environmentally friendly methods, the matter of sustainable materials for buildings is a highly important factor to tackle. A number of more environmentally friendly alternatives are discovered, and it’s something highly essential to address. One of those materials is none other than Bamboo. The perennial grass has been a huge rave in the topic of sustainability. It’s one of the best construction materials, and even beyond, where sustainability is concerned. People have been using bamboo for construction for millennia. What are some of the excellent qualities of bamboo as a sustainable material?

Bamboo as One of the Most Eco-friendly Construction Material

Bamboo has a rapid growth rate

Compared to most forest woods, bamboo grows dozen times faster. Bamboo also requires minimum replanting. In terms of growth, bamboo boasts an impressive growth rate. Although the speed and growth varies from species to species, even the slowest growing bamboo is still considerably faster in growth when compared to most wood plants. It’s been reported that bamboo can grow almost one meter in a matter of approximately 24 hours. This is no common feat shared by wood plants often used in building constructions.


Th individual bamboo plants can reach their full height in only three to four months, in which the average height of the bamboo ranges from 5 meters to 12 meters. The impressive growth rate makes bamboo one of the fastest growing plants in the world. The amazingly speedy growth spurt of bamboos don’t stop there. It’s been observed that bamboo reaches maturity in very short period of time of 2 to 5 years, making bamboo some of the multipurpose plants quickest to mature. Because of this, bamboo is a great resource for not just constructions, but many other human necessities as well such as textiles and even writing surfaces in the past.


Little to no use of pesticides and fertilizers

The antimicrobial and anti fungal agents of bamboo help a lot in the persistent survival of these plants. These agents are referred to as “bamboo-kun”. This is able to protect bamboo from a wide range of insects and bacteria even without the use of pesticides. This greatly minimizes and even eliminates the need for harmful chemicals on the environment.


The growth rate of bamboo is already rapid even without the use of fertilizing agents. A lot of companies focusing on eco-friendly concepts put on the emphasis that no fertilizers are used in the growth of their bamboos. This is of course, highly dependent on each company; their methods of growing, how much and what type of fertilizers one use, and so forth. One cannot make a universal claim, but regardless of the usage, the fact that bamboo’s growth is rarely dependent on the use of fertilizers is a huge step up compared to many other plants used in constructions.


Bamboo grows in almost all parts of the world

Bamboo grows rapidly in diverse climates with the exception of Antarctica, bamboo grows in virtually all parts of the world. Therefore it isn’t difficult to get a locally sourced bamboo. Bamboo is native to tropical and warm temperate climates, but many species grow in a wide range of climates including cool mountainous regions. Bamboo is also extremely lightweight compared to many construction materials, and therefore the energy consumption when it comes to the transportation of the materials is more effective


Tailoring the Best Komodo Trip Excursion

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Everyone must agrees that the fantastic Komodo National Park in Flores, Indonesia, has too much to offer for a single Komodo trip! Going famous due to its UNESCO-protected, famous Komodo Dragons, today Flores has bloomed beyond the creature’s fame. Flores is so vast with dozen of untouched islands scattered around the archipelago. Each crook and cranny are very inviting for some explorations, both on the savannah-carpeted islands or the underwater world. And if Flores is high on your bucket list, it might be the time to start arranging your very own Komodo trip.

Tailoring the Best Komodo Trip Excursion

Days of Excursion

With so much islands and gorgeous dive spots around Flores, even a whole week is not enough to explore everything. You need to be realistic. Set your travelling days as for the basic frame. Most travelers opt for 3D2N excursion, which is perfect to visit all the star attraction. If you are keen to see the less popular islands and do more dives, consider to take a 5D4N trips. However, some people are born with overflowing adventurous soul who wants to venture deeper than others do. If this is you, a full week trip will surely fulfil your thirst of adventure. Just remember, the longer your trip is, the pricier it will be.

Learn Overall Destination on Komodo Trip

We cannot stress enough that Komodo is packed with abundant beautiful islands. Beside the notorious Komodo Island, it has the beautiful Padar, the exotic Kalong Island, and other islands like Kelor, Angel, Kanawa, Sebayur, and else. It also boasts non-terrain destination such as Taka Makassar—the gigantic sandbed—Manta Point, and otherworldly diving sites. Popular diving spots are Batu Bolong, Castle rocks, Sebayur, to diving between islands. 

Give Enough Time Between Places

There are so much places you want and it’s easy to get overboard. Before you are going too enthusiastic and packed all the destination into the itinerary, let’s get realistic. Know how much you can chew. Remember that you are sailing the Komodo trip with a liveaboard and there are quite a distance between islands. Sometimes it need an hour to move form one island to another. Give enough time between places and calculate the time to spend in the destinations. Two hours of exploration will be enough. Don’t be too ambitious by pushing all destinations in one day or you won’t enjoy the trip to the fullest. Three to four destination a day is perfect to enjoy everything without getting rushed.

Where to See the Dragons

There are two places to see the dragons: Komodo Island and Rinca. Komodo Island is generally more deserted than Rinca, but the trek is easier—especially for kids. Rinca is more heavily forested with long and hilly treks, but you’ll get breathtaking sceneries beside the dragon hunting. You can visit both, but it’s recommended to just pick one and save the time for another island.

Book the Boat Operator

Lastly, you need to book a boat operator to take you here. Because there’s no way you can do the islands hopping without getting into a boat. They can also help you arranging the itinerary! The best operators know Flores just like the back of their hand and know how to give you the best experiences. Some even able to help you arranging a tailored Komodo trip itinerary which is in tune with your interest. It’s also the time to compare between operators and negotiate for a price. Unleash your skill bargain! 


Are you ready to embark on your first trip to beautiful Komodo?

List of Volcanoes in Indonesia You Should Visit

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Travelling to active volcanoes is intriguing and challenging. For those who seek for adrenaline travel, volcanoes in Indonesia are worth visiting. There are over 120 volcanoes can be found in Indonesia. Indonesia is geologically tumultuous country where volcanic eruptions and earthquakes are frequent. It has both active and dormant volcanoes throughout the region.

List of volcanoes in Indonesia you should visit

Active volcanoes in Indonesia are challenging especially for skilled climber and trekker. The thrill is satisfying and it is often that visitors from all over the world include Indonesia as one of their trekking destination on their bucket list.

As mentioned earlier that Indonesia is home to hundreds volcanoes both active and torment. However, you may be interested to find out the most popular volcanoes for trekking and climbing. Here is the list:

  1. Gunung Agung is situated in East Bali. It is the tallest peak in the island and where Pura Besakih can be found. It is the most sacred Hindu Temple in the island. It survived eruption in 1963 and stand still up till now. This volcano is a great choice for adrenaline junkies. The routes are steep and hazardous. You will reach the highest point on the rim by taking the route from Pura Besakih. You will be guided by local for safe journey.
  2. Gunung Rinjani is located in Lombok Island, the neighbor island of Bali. It stands on 12,224 feet above the island. This is not a place for the weak-hearted. Even professional and experienced trekkers will be challenged to take down this volcano. You can stop at the crater’s rim to see the lava oozing from the cone centered in the crater’s lake. This is once in a lifetime experience. Make sure you prepare your stamina as well as equipment to trek this volcano.
  3. Kelimutu is located in Flores. This is where you can find multicolored-lake at its finest. This is maybe why people love this volcano and trekking seems to be more bearable once you can see the three crater lakes. The water is bubbling and boiling. The color of water will change in certain period due to the change of chemical composition. The locals believe that the spirit of dead will ascend in of the three lakes.
  4. Gunung Bromo is located in East Java. This is one of the most popular volcanoes in Indonesia. Situated at 7,642 feet, the summit has attracted lots of tourists every year. The most favorite part of trekking on Gunung Bromo is to witness the magnificent sunrise from the summit at dawn. Aside from trekking, it is recommended to visit Sea of Sand.
  5. Gunung Batur is another volcano located in Bali specifically in the North side. It stands 5.633 feet above Kintamani region. This is active volcano yet lots of tourists attracted to visit. This volcano can be trekked without guides. Thus, this is suitable for beginner trekkers or hikers. However, you still need to be aware of possible danger especially from unpredictable weather changes. Thus, make sure to follow directions and cautions stated.

The Importance of Travel Hammocks When Touring In A Group

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Think out of the box! For any of imaginable things that you have been bringing in your touring before, you must have something to bring on but you are missed it. Chance you may are wrong and even underestimate what I am going to talk about. Take the travel hammocks as an example. Have you ever thought that your traveling can even more fun and better if you can buy and use the best one? Especially if you are traveling in a group.

Can you prove that you have been thinking about it before? Sleeping may good for all of us, everyone needs it. It is so important not to think about the stressful things back at the office and to relax our body which leads to relax our mind, too. But how many of us are thinking that we may have harmed our own body just because we were choosing the wrong bedding set before or even have the worst sleeping habits and positions? In this stage, none will admit nothing or even this is the first time you are knowing about bringing the hammock into traveling.

You are reading this without any mistakes. There’s thing called as the travel hammocks in this world and you are lucky knowing this today. But, do you know why?

The importance of getting the best travel hammocks when touring in a group

Bring the travel hammocks when touring in a group

What have you thought before when I was telling you about the travel hammocks for a group travelers? Did you think that you will lay your head down and sleeping on the hanging bed with your friends or partners beside you? If you are thinking about that or related to it, you can’t be wrong for the umpteenth time. Thank’s to me for telling you that.

All I want to tell you about the importance of getting the best travel hammocks when traveling in a group is the things that are referring to fun, better and healthier way to sleep along the way of your trip, unique experience, see things differently, even as the free accommodation or the main one, etc. More are coming up.

All of those are related to your safeness, comfortability, and your own personal health care during the trip. Traveling in a group can be difficult for some reasons. You may are safe because of the numbers of the traveler members touring with you, but since everyone has the chance to experience the exhaustion and getting sick, sometimes medicines are not enough even though they are also need to be brought.

Hammocks are available in various sizes. You can get one for only yourself, with a partner or even a group of people to fit in. No matter what you will choose for your touring, you have took the right decision. It would be better if all of your touring members are knowing about this to make the journey even better. So later, your group will have the same decided as you or not – as long as they will also bring the travel hammocks, all of you are doing great so far.

Rest areas and the accommodation! That’s all at least you will need during your touring and also when you guys have reached the last or the main destination. Neither you need to worry about those nor the money any longer, you can use the travel hammocks for that if possible.

During your touring, you don’t need to find any of the rest area if you don’t need one for taking a rest, but you can even makes one. Simply find the poles, trees or try to setup your hammock at vehicle you are riding if possible. And I think that will be easy to be done.

When you will reached the destination, all of your tour members can also makes one decision where all of you can find the camping ground or similar site that is possible for camping. Then, setting up the hammock and enjoy the moments together.

Nothing to be worried. Your are saving more money and you can experience that for years for a small investment when bought a hammock before.

More important thing is, you can also getting the best sleep experience ever. I am telling you the true. Listen to me! Sleep fast and soundly may the normal thing experienced by all of the travelers. It can be caused by tiring all the way for hours or even days.

But what if I tell you that you may are experiencing the healthier sleep as well? Sleeping in a hammock during your travel may sounds weird at the first time you are thinking about it. Especially when you are knowing that the sleep position sometime requires you to look like a curve. While that is also the true, if you have found the best position which won’t take a long time to get, you will experience a more deeper sleep that is good for your body.

Even after you aren’t experience the exhaustion as before, you are likely to experience the same deeper sleep. That’s why bring the travel hammocks are important, all of your tour members can recovering the energy with only a sleep.

Not to mention that the hammock can also add more fun when used by the group of people and give you the chance to see the sights differently. What are the other related products best for those kind of experiences? I doubt that the hammock is the only thing you have in mind.

Those are the importance of getting the best travel hammocks when touring in a group or even alone. Hope you can get more benefits of this and find your own best hammock for that.

Temples to Visit while Travelling in Bali Indonesia

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Bali is one of the most popular travel destinations in the world located in Indonesia. People around the world have acknowledged Bali as one of the most beautiful places on Earth. People come to Bali for various reasons. Some of them are interested in exploring the culture; others are more invested in natural charms. There are many things to explore while travelling in Bali no matter what type of travel you are in. If you are interested in filling your knowledge about Balinese culture and architecture, you are recommended to visit beautiful temples in Bali. There are many of them that you can visit while travelling in Bali.

Temples to Visit while Travelling in Bali Indonesia

In Bali, temples are called Pura. When it comes to exploring Bali, it won’t feel complete if you don’t visit the temple. Proximately, there are 20,000 pura or temples in Bali. However, there are few of them which are more popular amongst tourists that you may be interested to visit at least one of them. Here are recommended temples to visit in Bali:


  • Pura Luhur Lempuyang it is one of the six sad kahyangan in the world dedicated to sang hyang widi wasa. It is one of the most important temples in Bali because it is a symbol of protection for the native Balinese from evil spirits. To reach the place, you need to conquer 1,700 steps. However, the view is worth it once you reach the temple located in the mountainside jungle. The gate temple shows beautiful architecture.
  • Pura Gunung Kawi has different charm from other temples in Bali. It has another name called Valley of the Kings. It is situated about a mile south of Tampaksiring. There are many things to see in this temple started from the river flow, carved shrines honoring the Kings and Queens from 11th century and of course the view surrounding the place. Balinese people believe that the water running from the river is holy water.
  • Pura Luhur Uluwatu is one of the most important Balinese temples. This is not ordinary temple because it is always be the place to show Balinese cultural events such as Tari Kecak, fire dance, etc. It stands on a cliff 200 feet above Bali surfing spot. The name itself represents the unique location of the temple which means at the head of the rock. The view is unmistakably beautiful to see.
  • Pura Tanah Lot is one of the most visited temples especially by international visitors. This is due to the limited access to the temple which makes people even more curious to get there. It is one of the most directional temples in Bali. The place is more crowded compared to other temples but it provides great view of sunset.
  • Pura Ulun Danu Bratan is iconic because it is located in the foremost of the island. It is dedicated to worship Dewi Batari Ulun Danu, the goddess of the lakes and rivers. There is significant section of the temple that looks floating on the lake while the main part of it situated in the mainland.


Komodo Island Tour Price: How Much You Should Estimate

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Flores is just a pristine hidden gem of Indonesia, and when the secret is leaked, tourists starts to flock to the area. What can be more adventurers than trekking through a Jurassic-looking National Park and have mighty encounter with world’s largest, deadliest dragon? It’s only naturally that Komodo National Park of Flores get into travelers’ top bucket list. And when you have started planning, you need to take into account how much Komodo Island tour price will cost you.

How to Estimate Komodo Island Tour Price

Lots of overseas travelers share their worries of getting ripped for thousands of dollars for a just average tour. Gathering lost of information is essential for initial Komodo tour planning to avoid being overcharged. And mind you, with series of flight trip, heap of boats, and various activities including diving, this trip might as well cost you quite a fortune. It doesn’t necessarily need to break your bank, though. If you can manage your plan carefully, you can maximise every penny for what it’s worth.

You can choose either boat or plane to get you into Labuan Bajo from Bali. For frugal backpackers, boat is definitely the cheapest, though probably not the comfiest. The PELNI boats has two large ferries, the KM Tilongkabila and KM Wilis. You can get into the boats for IDR 240.000 per person (prices might have risen up with time). The journey will take about 36 hours before it docks to Labuan Bajo.

The fastest way is, of course, travelling by plane. Wings Air, a subsidiary of Lion Air, Garuda, and Kal Star serve a daily flight from Bali to Labuan Bajo. Plane tickets ranged from IDR 700.000 – 1.500.000, depend on the airlines and season.

Coming to Labuan Bag, you gonna need a ship to take you into island hopping adventure. You can  either book in advance or looking around in the island. Personally, we would recommend you to take a look between tour companies to know the normal range of Komodo Island tour price. Some tours are very cheap as they run on small boat and only visit two major island. Some are more expensive as they are well endowed with resort-like facilities. Beware, however, as there are lots of tour operator offering expensive packages without giving equal services and facilities.

Tour prices are usually determined per day trip for each person. That’s being said, the prices will multiply as how many days on your itinerary. Prices might start from $100 to $974 per day per person. If you are in budget, look for Komodo Island tour price no higher than $150 – $250. Take no rush. Careful selecting will bring you into a good boat with actually budget-friendly price. Isn’t it the best deal we are all looking for?

Beware of the Hazards Caused by Online Travel Scams

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Traveling is fun as long as you get everything right started from the preparation until you’re back home. However, there are always risks of getting trapped into unwanted hazards. It is not only about unfortunate weather when you arrive at your destination or being a victim of pick-pocketing.

Hazards caused by the online travel scams

The problems can raise even before your departure. Online travel scam is one of the most common hazards faced by travelers especially the newbies. Thus, it is important to not only keep watching of your surrounding at your destination but you need to do it even before that. You need to pay more attention to internet scams which has trapped lots of victims.

Types of online travel scams you need to avoid

The advance of technology has made your life easier in many ways. However, it is also easier for you to become a victim of online scam. Personal computer and smartphone now are accessible. There are many things people can do to scam their target such as through fake ads on your social media timelines, and many more. Here are online travel scams that have put people into a victim and you should be aware of:

  1. Fake page on social media timeline is common thing to find today. Some people just ignore it and some people fall for it. It is easy to make fake page on social media like Facebook for example. The page will look like travel provider and offer many interesting content to attract attention. They create promotion in creative ways so that more people fall for it. Therefore, it’s recommended to be more selective if you are searching for travel agent or travel promotion via social media. Make sure that is not fake promotion by confirming real address or the contacts.
  2. Free ticket for flight is also one of the most common online scams where travelers often fall for it. Free airline ticket is tempting for especially for budget travelers. This scam can be found almost everywhere included social media. They do it putting a link saying that if you click it then you will directed to official page and claim your free ticket flight. Make sure to avoid this scam by identifying the fake official page through misspelling on its page name or confirming directly to official airline network.
  3. Fake email confirming your flight is also popular online travel scam. This is new type of online scam but getting more popular because lots of people have become a victim. If you receive an email with subject Confirm Your Flight then you need to be careful. They will require you to go to a certain website to confirm your flight. However, you will be directed to a suspicious page where you are required to put in your information related to your itinerary and personal information such as PNR. In th end, your real ticket will be hijacked and got stolen. Thus, it is recommended not to post your travel plan on social media because you will become a target.

4 Bedroom Villa at Seminyak Bali With Interconnected Style

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Have you heard about the interconnected villas before? It is the 1, 2 or more bedrooms villa that can be mixed into one and create the interconnecting rooms or villas. Now, it is available in Bali especially if you are looking for the 4 bedroom villa around Seminyak or Petitenget.

4 Bedroom Villa Seminyak With Interconnected Style

It seems that there aren’t many of the offers from a villa or even a hotel with the 4 bedrooms. Not only in Seminyak, but could be all around the Bali island. This can be caused by the guests or travelers whose mostly visiting in couple or only 2 person that simply need a 1 bedroom villa or even more than 4 person (a group) that require to find the villa in Seminyak with 3, 4, 8 or even a dozen of bedrooms possible.

One of the villa’s providers in Bali that will really possible to get the 4 bedroom villa Seminyak with the interconnected style is by Hu’u Villas Bali. You can mixed and matched the configurations from 3 up to 13 bedroom villa in the heart of Seminyak.

Your fun will apparently started at the Seminyak villas during your traveling.

This interconnected villa is just a few minutes walking distance to the boutique galore, restaurants, and even to the beach. Furthermore, even if the villas are perfectly located at the center of Seminyak, you don’t have to think about your privacy, safety and also the peaceful moments. You are safe and sound!

If each bedroom will be enough to be used by 2 person (couple), then when you book the 4 bedroom villa Seminyak, it can be used at least for 8 person. You guys will really safe more money when traveling in a group because the rent fee will be shared among the group member, right?

When you visiting the island of Bali with your family or friends, I think that the 4 bedroom villa in Seminyak can be the one you are seeking for the accommodation. It will also ensure you to stay in high privacy villa to do activities together. Facilitated with the private pool, your staying can even better since the fun can also be started in the fresh water with cool atmosphere around. Combined with the warm of the island’s tropical breeze, your best holiday moment is on its way.

Your group will share all the available facilities together which I believe that you won’t even need to worry about the public.

I am pretty sure that the interconnected 4 bedroom villa style won’t also compromising each of your personal spaces, so your group will keep on experiencing the luxury of the comfortable staying. With the functional and architecturally stunning design, furnished with the high-spec interiors, beautiful garden at outside, almost all you need from a luxury villa has been provided.

What if you are bored but still have to be inside the villa? Then you can make use of the LCD monitor with dozens of channels to watch, internet through Wi-Fi, even an iPod dock, sound system, and more to entertain you.

This 4 bedroom villa is just an options among some of the available best accommodations you can get in Seminyak. If you need more than 4 bedrooms, you have known that the interconnected design will be possible to give you more rooms as you need.

Travel Destinations with High Potential of Natural Disaster

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Basically, you can go anywhere you want for traveling. Choosing one destination that you truly want must be hard especially when you want various things to do in your bucket list. Besides, traveling is one of the most favorite things to do since it can be a healing moment or stress reliever. However, choosing the right travel destination is a must not only based on what you want but also your safety. There are many types of dangers you possibly face when traveling overseas such as terrorism, pick-pocketing, and natural disaster. As for natural disaster, there is nothing you can do about that since it is unpredictable. However, you can always find out which place that has high potential or risk to natural disaster.

Natural disaster - Tsunami

Knowing which travel destination that is likely to have higher risk of natural disaster doesn’t that you can’t ever visit them. However, it will help you to be more aware of what you may face. This will help you to be more prepared just in case natural disaster does happen while you are
visiting the place. Here are several travel destinations with high potential of natural disaster:

  • Ecuador and Japan are at high risk of tsunami. This natural disaster is manifestation of major earthquakes at sea. It causes the tide to raise and send waves of waters towards the coastal cities rather quickly. The areas that have higher risk of tsunami in Japan are Nagoya and Osaka. The same case happens to Ecuador as well.
  • Japan and California are at high risk of earthquakes. One of the worst things about earthquake is that this natural disaster is the most unpredictable ones. The damage can be ranged from mild to severe. Earthquake is the second largest natural disaster threat in the world. That is why this natural disaster is dangerous. Japan is one of the countries which have the highest risk at having massive earthquake especially in some travel destinations such as Osaka-Kobe, Tokyo, and Nagoya. In California, there are Los Angeles and San Francisco which are likely to have higher risk at earthquake.
  • Shanghai and Kolkata are at high risk of river flood. River is one of popular major attractions which always lead travelers to explore more. However, rive is also one of the most dangerous places especially when there is rain that refuse to stop. It can cause the expansion of water bank in the river and lead to river flood. The effect can be very dangerous especially when travelers are having their time enjoying the river unknowing the potential flood.
  • China and Philippines are at high risk of wind speed. This natural disaster is dangerous since it can lead to major catastrophic damage. It can be dangerous especially when you are in an open area or driving. Besides, wind-speed can be a sign of the upcoming storms which is even more dangerous. By knowing fully about the risk of potential natural disaster at your travel destination, you can be more thorough about your preparation.

Komodo Tour Package: Back to the Ancient Age

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If you think that your next traveling need to experience the ancient view with the ancient animal at the tropical country, then you can counts on Indonesia at South-East Asia for that. One of the great idea for making that happen is, getting your Komodo tour package among of all the tour packages and interesting islands to be visited.

Experience the ancient age with komodo tour package

Komodo tour package is the popular and can be the unforgettable travel experience you can get in Indonesia. Its name is came from the popular island where there is the “dragon” species that also has the same name. They are the Komodo Island and Komodo Dragon as the biggest lizard living on earth and one of the oldest one.

There are some of the interesting things about the island. First, during your Komodo tour, you are likely to visit some of the islands, not only the Komodo Island itself. Each island will have uniqueness and different tourism potential, so you won’t even get a chance to get bored.

How ancient does the Komodo tour package you’d like to experience?

It is said that there are fossils discovered and are very similar to V. Komodoensis in Australia dating to greater than 3.8 million years ago. The body size isn’t even changing on Flores Island, where the Komodo Island is existed over the last 900,000 years. What a discovery!

This can be part of your Jurassic age traveling. The Komodo dragons are so much old for now, but you can still see and meet them through the Komodo tour package. They are in thousands living in different islands close to the Komodo Island that can be reached within 1 to around 3 or 4 hours by boat.

Komodo Island is also becoming the most visited island for that. Many have been visiting and experiencing the ancient adventure over there. Imagine, if you’d like to see the Komodo dragons, then you have to start your journey by find a boat or ship for delivering you to the island. Most of the time, you may need to start it from Labuan Bajo where you can also reserve a hotel and where your last flight landed.

When the boat is arrived at Komodo Island after hours of sailing, then you can start walking up of the beach for minutes to start hiking the hill at the front for around half of hour or more. Hiking should be done in a group and accompanied by the “ranger” (the guide) because it is worried that someone can be suddenly attacked by the dragon. They are even eat their own kind, you know. So, you’d better pay more attention to your own safety.

That may will give you some adrenaline in hiking. Even though it is safe especially with the ranger, those experiences won’t be met at anywhere in Indonesia or even in this world. This is because of the original habitat of the Komodo dragons are in Indonesia and they can only be found on Flores Islands (East Nusa Tenggara Province).

Komodo tour package is one of the special package for traveling and can be the first of your choice in experiencing the feel of the ancient age where the dragons are living side by side with human being.

During your Komodo tour, since most of the package is also offering you to visit some of the islands, then the adventure can be more challenging. Most of those islands are not inhabited, even if they do, the local people are rarely to meet.