How Travel Organizers Can Change Your Life

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If you feel sick of how much people rave on about how awesome travel organizers are, you might want to take a step back. Travel organizers ARE that awesome. It’s a game changer for a lot of people. This is very apparent among those who travel a lot in their lives, particularly those who travel for work.

Travel organizers

Travel organizers improves the quality of your travel. It makes your trip so much less stressful because of menial everyday things such as looking for a that top you’re sure you’ve put into your luggage. Travel organizers prevent you from losing small things. It saves you time and makes your travel a more pleasant experience.

No more rummaging

Say goodbye to the time you dig through piles and piles of clothes. Travel organizers such as travel cubes enable you to organize your outfits. You can group underwear into one cube, tops into one, and bottoms into another. The insides of your suitcase or backpacks would automatically be so much tidier. Rather than having your clothes and stuff being forced into every nook and cranny of your suitcase, through travel organizers, your things have a proper space for themselves.

Protects your belongings

Things such as your cameras often need to have extra protections. A lot of travel organizers are water-proof, therefore, ideal for your electronic devices. Shielding or padding certain stuff may also be necessary, and the right travel organizers can afford you that.

Saves you space

Travel organizers are known for their space-saving attributes. Some are able to compress the air out of your luggage, freeing up more space. With more spaces available, you are able to bring in more important stuff with you without adding bags and potentially checking in more luggages.

Travel becomes less stressful

All you have to do is pull one travel cube, and you’re ready to go to the toilet. Or wherever you need to go to. Need a change of underwear after a sweaty afternoon walk? Pull out the underwear cube. Travel organizers make your trips so much more pleasant by eliminating the stressful elements of it. Digging through your belongings or losing it because of misplacement are among some of them.

Keeps your stuff from gathering dust

It’s easy to collect dust and dirt throughout your trip, especially if you move to several different places during your travel. Having travel organizers protecting your belongings would minimize the gathering of dust directly on your stuff.

Enables you to pack lighter

Overpacking is a common mistake any traveller has made and could make. Organizing your stuff into categories using cubes, folders, sacks, or other tools would give you better awareness of what you’re bringing with you. And chances are, if you cannot fit any more into your travel organizers, then that means you’ve already overpacked. Time to lighten that burden and make your organizers less bulky.

Bypass airport security faster

If you travel without checked luggage, airport security would often be a hassle. A lot of people keep on forgetting to store their toiletries and other liquid on a container or a position in their bags for easy removal. With travel organizers, keeping all of your toiletries in one place is a snap.

Important Elements of Web Design for a Better Site

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Much things have changed in web designing for the recent years and will always continue to change for the next. Be it the simple and modern navigation, high-definition images or videos, responsive design for various gadgets, and more. We have come a long way. Demands for presenting the stunning website design for industries and businesses are crawling up since the dawn of the internet to this day.

Important web design elements

Therefore, comes up the various of web design trend in every year. However, should your business site always be influenced by the trend in a larger scale?

Deciding to completely change your business web design really need a great plan, team, more money to spend, while the minor changes can be done quickly and may not affect many things.

Many online businesses have totally changed their own website design and it can takes for years. The results are vary according to their own loyal visitors or customers. Sometimes they achieved the better rate of web design, sometimes there are many who were getting the worst.

For the sites that have been reincarnated with the good feedbacks as dreamed of before, that can be a better sign for developing the business. But when they are not, your company or business will have more homework to do.

Even though there are many changes in website design, there are also some that are not changing yet. At least for this year and maybe for few coming years as well. So that, you have to make your site ready from the beginning, from now on to improve some of the elements for a better site performance. And later, the design elements can contribute in improving your business value as its return.

Prioritize your site on mobile search

For many reasons, this can be the main thing to do, even though this also can be the optional choice for certain condition especially if your site analytical tools are telling you that your site is mainly accessed over the desktop.

But, we have been told frequently that since some of the previous years, the usage of mobile phone for finding information is highly increasing. Reading stories, buying things, renting a house, sharing and many more things that the users are doing through the gadgets they are bringing everywhere.

In short, yes that this point means that your web design should be as responsive as possible for many mobile dimensions. You can also improve your mobile pages in their correlation with the site speed to make your site pages loaded faster. Google itself has been supporting the AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) project that is possible to preview your page in only 1 or 2 seconds and even for a split second.

The increasing number of users and supports for sites that are mobile-friendly designed seems to reinforce the notion that mobile devices will take precedence over desktops or notebooks for the next years.

Provide the cleaner layout plus sleeker and subtle animation for your web design

Either the website layout or the animation effects you have displayed in your site, both can have the direct affect to your visitors and customers.

Cleaner layout of your web design will be less distraction and set your visitors to focus on something really matter. Besides that it will useful for user experience and their comfortabilities, the simplicity is always never be abandoned.

Your web design will be really making smarter use of the Negative Space, particularly, on mobile devices where their screen are pretty much smaller than desktop. Website with minimalist design and a sleeky-modern animation can draw attention of your visitors directly to the engagement or conversion point in a better way.

Most of the popular web browsers today are also capable for handle the animations that the site could have. Much more better rather than what they did before. And hopefully that the tacky and annoying animation users are decreasing so that we can welcome the subtle animations that are informative.

Be it the Scroll-Triggered animations that can draw attention to important locations on your page. That will be the tactical one that entice the users to keep scrolling.

The better typography is always have to be considered

The premium font is only few dollars away although there are also thousands of free fonts you can easily found and downloaded them all in minutes to support your web design.

Your headlines and their contents need to be read clearly and in a more aesthetic way. So besides the carefully picked words of your business pages, typography is the next more important thing to think about.

It is not only for some of your published product or service pages in your site, but will also affect the web design as a whole.

Some of the best fonts in typography in its relation to how the website is well-designed are known and capable for imparting character, drive emotion and create the better mood for visitors that read the page content.

Color combination

The color schemes and color usage are strongly important. Most of the trends will usually includes the color combination and palette as the representative for the business since they could help to create cohesiveness.

The business site that has and apply both primary and secondary colors have more wiggle room to work with. That will also really helpful in creating the new elements for the website such as homepage, landing pages, and many more.

But you still need to determine of how many colors you will use in your web design. If you put too many colors with an uncertain random combination, that can be visually disturbing.

Take a look at many of popular websites in the world, you won’t find them with the rainbow of colors. But you may only see around 2-3 colors in their design.

The simpler of your web colors, the better for drawing your visitor’s attention to the important element in your page.

Those above will only some of the important web design elements that you can give for your site that possibly can help your business site being improved. But frankly, there are more than that you have to deal with if you are the website designer. Let alone that you have at least to know how to code.

But you don’t have to struggle with everything just to look as if your business have high competitiveness site, there’s always an agency for that. For example, you can visit the Bali web design agency that has experiences for years in helping the business owners in the world to get the better and qualified web design and development.

Put your efforts to incorporate the above web design elements into your modern website along with other elements that have not been mentioned yet in this post.

And keep in mind that you have also needs to put the user-experience (UX) side by side with the user-interface (UI) in the process, so that you haven’t only the best physical web design but also works very well for all the functions.

Budget Family Vacation Ideas You Can Pick

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Vacation is not always wasting money on luxurious services and attractions. The most important thing of having vacation with family is togetherness in quality time. That is why budget family vacation is not a bad idea. In fact, there are many ideas of budget vacation your family can choose. Having quality time with your family is the best moment for bonding. It is a great idea to make everyone in your family stay together at the same time in the same moment doing fun activities you all love to do. Thus, there is no need to think hard about budgeting and stuffs since you can still have fun even with limited budget.

Budget Family Vacation Ideas You Can Pick

Ideas for budget family vacation


As mentioned earlier that the quality of family vacation is more important. It means you and your family aim for great experience after vacation even without expensive cruise or fancy dinner at five star hotel. You and your family can consider these ideas of family vacation without excessive budget need:


  • Camping is the best idea for bonding with family. This is outdoor activity which is suitable for any ages. Kids and elderlies will have so much fun during camping. Camping is included into budget vacation because you don’t need to spend money for your needs. You can bring your own stuffs for sleeping such as tent, sleeping bags, etc. For meals, you can prepare foods from home. Besides, it is healthier that way. You don’t have to pay excessive budget for having dinner in fancy restaurant since you can make your family’s favorite foods at home and bring them at campsite.
  • Another idea for budget family vacation is having fun at the beach. There must be beach near your home. Then, you and your family can have a short vacation there for couple of days. You can build a tent to sleep in and make bonfire at night. It is also fun to enjoy seafood at the seashore along with your family. Beach never disappoint you especially the kids. They love beach and always have. That is why bringing them to the beach for simple vacation can bring them happiness.
  • Visiting your acquaintance at suburban area can be a great idea for family vacation. This is also suitable for budget vacation you expect. You can stay at your acquaintance’s house for couple of days while introducing your family to the surroundings. Suburban area has friendly villages your kids can adventure to. They can learn how to get close to the nature in a fun way. You also don’t have to spend money for booking hotel room so your money is safe.
  • Road trip can be a great family vacation idea especially if you consist of small family. You don’t have to book hotel room to stay during your trip. You can rent an RV so you can have a vehicle for the trip and a place for sleeping. This is fun and adventurous because you can visit many places freely. This is one of the best ideas of budget family vacation.


Taste the Tropical Idyll in Komodo Liveaboard

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Komodo liveaboard is definitely on the bucket list of everyone who are going to Labuan Bajo. It’s going to be your vessel, floating hotel, and daily restaurant at once. You will live on boat for couple of days—hopping islands, diving in pristine spots, and watching spectacular sunsets.

Taste the Tropical Idyll in Komodo Liveaboard

Liveaboard was once popular among divers as it allow them to reach many diving sites at one trip. It’s their base camp during the ocean exploration. Being on liveaboard excursion, they can jump into Flores pristine water and have a flexible time to see marine life that can only be visible at certain hours. They can arrange a special night dive or early morning dive when the ocean has just wake up.

Today, liveaboard is not exclusive for divers. Casual holiday makers and hikers alike are welcome aboard, especially when you are about to explore an archipelago like this. If your goal is to enjoy the Jurassic landscape, don’t worry. Hop onboard and get your luxury. Here’s how a leisure adventure in Komodo Liveaboard looks like.

A Daily Life in Komodo Liveaboard

Early Birds Gets the Worm

The goal of living in liveaboard is to explore as many as wonderful islands around the Komodo National Park. So, your ship captain will likely wake you up early in the morning. Sometimes as early as 6 am. Don’t worry though, you will have breakfast and a cup of coffee (or tea) already waiting in the table! Depend on the itinerary, the early morning is usually spent for early diving or hiking in one of the barren island. Beside, getting to the destination early can save you pristine spots before the day trips come. Our favourite is sunrise hiking in Padar island. It’s super awesome but it means you need to get out from the liveaboard around 5 am. Super worth it!

A World Away from Everything

Most Komodo liveaboard is built for adventurer and pleasure seekers alike. Our Komodo Liveaboard, Royal Fortuna, is anything like that. It’s made almost entirely of wood, taking a modern take of Indonesian’s traditional phinisi. The surrounding landscape—barren island, turquoise sea, clear sky—make it even more perfect.

The perfect thing to do in liveaboard? Go to the deck and sink into the loungers! You can even do yoga in the deck. Let the sun warps you in the warmth of tropical island. No city smoke, nosy bars, nor jam-packed streets in sight. Everything is blessed in pure quiet nature. We enjoy our time lying in Royal Fortuna’s stylish patio, listening to the sound of lapping waves. Resting in the middle of ocean like this, the rest of the world gonna feel like a distant reality.

Sunsets Watching

As there’s no electricity running in the Flores’ uninhibited islands, you are left with no other choice than going back to the liveaboard once the sun sets. Don’t be sad! On board, you have a chance to  witness one of the most beautiful sunset you’ve ever seen. One of the best spot for spectacular sunset on board is near Kalong island. Thousands of big fruits bats live in this island, leaving their mangrove nests when the dusk come. Endless huge bats fly in the tangerine sky, screeching to one another, in pursuit of food in neighbouring island. This is one wild sunset that will make you feel like being a part of Nat Geo show.

Romantic Dinner under the Stars

When the night fall, there’s practically nothing to do on the liveaboard. You can spend the time resting in your comfy cabins or get socials with others in the lounging room. Take your time to unwind and relax from a day full of adventure, until the chef calls you for dinner. Sometimes you will have indoor dinner, sometimes it will be served in the deck. Some luxurious Komodo Liveaboard even hold their dinner in the one of the deserted beach. The gleaming stars will be your  best company throughout the dinner. And when all plate is clean, it’s time to rest your belly and enjoy the sky’s show…

Of course, you won’t get such leisure experience if you book a crappy liveaboard. Make sure to do your research and book the best one for your budget!

Finding Out More Amazing Tourist Attractions in Japan

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Japan is an amazing country and no one doubts it. Moreover, there are even more amazing tourists attractions in Japan you don’t want to miss.

Amazing tourist attractions in Japan

Yes, Japan is one of the most visited countries for tourism because there are many interesting things to explore in this country. The culture, the art, the modernization, and anything about Japan is interesting. It is hard to resist Japan and its amazing places because they are there to explore.

It is also true that people hyping up Japan sometimes exaggeratedly. However, you can go and prove yourself if visiting Japan and its tourists attractions is worth it or not.

Pick your amazing tourists attractions in Japan

There are many tourist attractions in Japan that have always been popular. However, there are more places and sites you can explore. Thus, visiting this country once is not enough.

Once you fall in love with the beauty hidden in this country, you will want to come back. To help you decide your destination while travelling in Japan, here are some amazing tourist attractions you can visit.

  1. Shin-Yokohama Raumen Museum is a great place for those ramen lovers. Well, some people start acknowledging ramen and it has become more popular around the world. If you are interested to know more about the original ramen, this is the right place to go. There are various flavors of ramen you can try, it can be like food travelling but focusing on ramen as the main object. You will find different types of ramen you can’t find in another place.
  2. Next one of amazing tourist attractions in Japan is Naruto Whirlpools. If you are a fan of Naruto then you must not miss this place from your bucket list. This site is located in Shikoku Island, Japan. The location is less crowded and a little hidden. The whirlpool looks terrifying indeed. However, you can visit this site safely though.
  3. If you are robot enthusiast, you must visit Robot Statue of Liberty in Japan. There is a massive statue of robot Gundam on Odaiba Island that you can see. It is located across the Rainbow Bridge at the main center, making it looks more attractive. The robot stands about 55 feet tall. This is the best place to take some pictures which are instagrammable.
  4. Hello Kitty has been one of the most iconic things of Japan. Thus, you can also visit Hello Kitty Theme Park in Japan since this is one of the most popular tourist attractions. It is located in Tama New Town, Tokyo. There are many things to enjoy such as shows, indoor rides, and other attractions.
  5. Tottori Sand Dunes is also one of the most amazing sites that tourists should visit. There is no clear answer whether or not this dune is contentious. The wind is the main cause of the sediment that has been redeposit from Sendai River over the past thousand years. No wonder this has become one of the most amazing tourists attractions in Japan that people would like to visit.

Backpacking With Lightweight Hammock Is the Best for Solo Traveller

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If you love backpacking so much and also have got a single lightweight parachute hammock in your hand, seems like you have prepared for a better adventure. Backpacking by your own may seen as a lonely journey, but you are the one who knows how to enjoy your traveling. You are the one who determines the way to travel.

Lightweight hammock and backpacking is the best idea

While a the lightweight parachute hammock may considered as if it is only for your place to sleep, its advantages are more than that. That’s for sure.

It is not only as your own bed, but can also helpful in various conditions. Imagine if you are camping by yourself and worry about your backpack may be stolen or broken by the animals when you are placed it on the ground and leave it for a night while sleeping. Or when you need something in your backpack but you should wake up and leave your tent for a moment.

Both conditions and maybe there are more other things can be tired and troublesome. But if you use the lightweight hammock, you can also sleep while placing your backpack besides you. You can even use your beg as your pillow if you want.

There won’t be items left on the ground since the lightweight hammock can lift up to hundreds of weight. So, your weight as well as your luggage mostly can be fit inside your hammock. No more worries about chance you may lose something.

The single parachute hammock will not only saves you from spending money in accommodation while backpacking, but it will also be your luxurious outdoor bed.

You will only spend your money for hammock for mostly around $65 – $100 and you can uses it for years. And you can go to anywhere without need to think about where to sleep since the camping hammock is also portable.

Its lightweight is also be its own privilege where you can fold it just like your own shirt and put it in your backpack. These days, you are even provided with several and useful accessories such as the hammock tarps, pillows, storage bags, hammock stands, and many more interesting tools and gears.

By setting up your lightweight parachute hammock and hanging inside it, you will also see the natural scenery in a unique and a better way. It may only takes one or some meters above the ground and between the two trees, but that’s how the amazing thing will begun. Laying down inside your hammock can be more soothing and calming your mind’s down as well so you can really enjoy your traveling.

No matter where you are traveling to, one of the main important thing to be achieved is clearing our mind or being peaceful. By resting inside your camping hammock at outdoor, that will be possible to get in no times.

I have read many of the articles and also confessions of the travelers who were stating that using a single parachute hammock will also helps them in experiencing the better sleep. To be exact, they were calling it as the “deeper sleep.” It doesn’t has to be a single size of the lightweight hammock but you can also use the double or even more bigger sizes. But surely that the single one will be perfect for the self-backpacker.

Backpacking takes a lot of courage and needs to be well-prepared for solo traveler. You are the one who responsible for yourself and most of the times, you will do everything by yourself, too. So that, make sure to bring tools that will not give much burden to your shoulders. And you can start from using the lightweight hammock for backpacking or solo traveling as your own luxurious bed.

Best Ideas for Adventure Trip for Family

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Having adventure trip for family getaway is not a bad idea. Besides, it must be boring to just go for regular vacation such as visiting amusement park, going to the beach, etc. Thus, adventure trip is a good idea especially if you have family with growing teenagers. Their adventurous soul needs to feed so they will be ecstatic to know that they are going for adventure trip instead of boring family vacation. By having adventure trip, you can help your teens to release their excessive energy into something more positive. It can also help them finding their interest in life. Besides, physical activities during family trip are the best moment to remember.

Recommended ideas of adventure trip for family

Natural environment is always the best option for a family trip. This is the best place to let your children learn many new things. You will be able to bring fresh perspective to your family through this type of trip because you become close to the natural environment unlike your daily life when it is surrounded by modern devices. Here are some ideas for adventure family trip you can pick based on your interest and budget:

  • Camping is one of the most favorite things to do especially for kids and teens. They like the vibe of being close to the nature. There are many things you and your family can do while camping in the best spot such as stargazing, making bonfire, riding horse, exploring nearest forest, hunting, etc. Before going, make sure you make thorough plan for the sake of safety. Choose the right activities to do by considering your children’s age.
  • Safari will always manage to steal your kid’s attention. Having a safari is the great moment to educate your children about animals and natural environment. They are not only able to see from afar but from close-up. There are many places you can choose as the best spot for having a safari as adventure trip for family. There are also family oriented-activities you can pick during safari such as kayaking, visiting animal conservation, tracking animals, etc.
  • Introducing new culture can also a great idea for family trip with adventure vibe. You can choose the right destination in which the culture can be learned easily by your family in not boring manner. You can pick various activities such as visiting historical monument or museum, visiting football stadium, or having jungle trail. The mix of culture, sports and nature is a great recipe to have fun trip but still meaningful and educating.
  • Mountain exploring can also be the best family trip that has adventure perks. There are many activities to do with this mountain exploring concept such as walking tour, finding treasure, fishing, hiking, and many more. This is a great approach to introduce your family to nature in a fun way. They are not only able to get close to wildlife but also learn how to keep the nature safe. This adventure trip for family is a good approach to educate your family without forcing them to.

How Bali Scuba Diving Certification Call A Bridge To Pass Another World

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Do you remember your first dive? The sensation of finding and seeing directly under the sea will always be attached to the brain. Bali scuba diving certification is a bridge to pass another world. A different world from land. Diving certification makes your activities in the other world more intensive. If you think the underwater world is a fantasy, then Bali scuba diving certification will be the ticket to go there.

bali scuba diving certification

Without a diving certificate, it is impossible for you to enjoy the view of the real giant aquarium. The diving certificate can be said as a sign that you have done training. Dive training consists of a basic introduction in the form of theory and practice. When you know the basics of diving training, you will be brought to know the use of diving equipment.

Training to get a certificate is carried out for 4-5 days. Why must it be certified? Who says enjoying underwater scenery requires a certificate? Enjoy the underwater scenery without having a certificate. Is it true? That is true. But, your dive depth is no more than 2-5 meters.

In fact, the best underwater scenery is if you dive at a depth of 20 meters or more. In diving, the deeper you dive, the more amazing sights you can see. An underwater is a beautiful place with diverse coral reefs and fish species. This is one reason why Indonesia is very popular with amazing dive spots.

For that, you need a certificate that shows that you deserve to enjoy it. You can enjoy the joy of getting Bali scuba diving certification by exploring other worlds under the sea. The initial level of beginner divers is entry-level courses. The above level is advanced open water where your dive depth is 18-30 meters.

Advanced open water, as a Bali scuba diving certification that you get, does not allow diving more than 30 meters. To be able to enjoy more, you must take a dive training at higher levels. In essence, wherever the dives you want to do, you need a certificate. Finding a certificate from a trusted dive organization is important. Divers with popular organization certificates will always be accepted anywhere.

So why is Bali scuba diving certification a bridge to pass another world? The reason is that you must have a letter that proves that you deserve to be called and dived. The diving certificate is not only a sign but also a certainty that you can dive safely.

Visit Shimokitazawa – The Vintage Fashion Neighborhood of Tokyo

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 Visit Shimokitazawa - The Vintage Fashion Neighborhood of Tokyo

While Shibuya is known as the center of the youth fashion of Tokyo, Shimokitazawa is another aspect of Tokyo’s ever-vibrant youth culture. Shimokitazawa is known as vintage stores heaven—a home to dozens of hand-picked, often carefully curated selections of clothes. Luxury vintage items are not something that you’re short of when you visit Shimokitazawa. Often shortened as “Shimokita”, the district houses a large number of independent retailers that often consisted of indigenous artists and designers alike. Shimokitazawa can be reached through the Keio Inokashira Lines and Odayu Electric Railway. Unlike many parts of Tokyo, Shimokita has very a lot of alleyways and very narrow streets that highly intersect; something that the locals found as one of the distinct features of Shimokitazawa, making it feel like it’s an actual “neighborhood”.


Ocean BLVD

Unique vintage, one of a kind items are sold in this shop that is just hard to miss from the Shimokitazawa narrow streets. They don’t sell a lot of high fashion brands, but Shimokitazawa is all about quirky finds—and Ocean BLVD is definitely not short on that.s



Mode-Off is for fashion essentials where everyone can find something for themselves. There is a stack of clothes labeled as “Sales”—discounting the already-cheap finds here even cheaper. Prices in the sales rack are mostly at 300 JPY. Dig on!


Shimokita Garage Department

This store has an impressive collection of hand-made crafts along with their vintage secondhand finds. Also known as Toyo Department, finding one of a kind souvenir here would be a breeze.


CHICAGO Shimokitazawa

Chicago chain stores have reasonably priced secondhand clothes located at several locations in Tokyo. The Shimokitazawa store is the largest one. This store is famous for its cheap kimono and yukata that go as low as 1,500 JPY.



Less on vintage clothing, more for everyday trendy fashion. WEGO is store with a bright interior and items of bright, attractive colors. Its a must-visit for those who love the Tokyo youth style with a bang for your buck.


Haight & Ashburry

This store is one of the most iconic one in the Shimokita neighborhood. Haight and Ashbury boasts authentic 19th and 20th century vintage items. The items are hand-picked, curated, and of the higher-end luxury items. Haight and Ashbury has operated for over two decades to date.


Where to See Komodo Dragons on Komodo Trip

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Who can resist the wildlife vibe of a Komodo trip? Far in the frontier of Indonesia, behind the bushes of Komodo National Park, lies the ferocious Komodo Dragons. The last descendant of Megalania, a gigantic ancient monitor lizard who once lived around four million years ago. The dragons got their endangered status just about 100 years ago—the only species left from their kind.

Where to See Komodo Dragons on Komodo Trip

These days, they roams freely in their protected sanctuary—the Komodo National Park. And these dragons are the member of New 7 Wonders of Nature! Now pack your bag, it’s time to embark on Komodo trip and see this giant beast up close. The Komodo Dragons are only living in Komodo Island and Rinca, the two biggest island in the National Park. No one can come to the Komodo National Park without seeing the dragons. The question is, where to land?

A Komodo Trip to See the Komodo Dragons: Komodo Island vs Rinca

Komodo Island

Komodo Island goes as the most popular place without saying. It’s named after the wonderful lizard, after all! The dragons in this island are by no means friendly, but they are very well fed and behave quite good. They usually just laze under the shade of a tree or around rangers’  kitchen, too stuffed with food to move. That’s why the Komodo in Komodo Island are generally bigger and easier to spot on than those in Rinca.

The island itself is quite dry and dusty. There’s a little local settlement—mainly the rangers and their families. Beyond the dragons, there’s practically nothing else to see. However, the Komodo Island has some of the best beach in the area—and that includes the Pink Beach. Walking there right after a trek with the dragon is quite impossible, though. You need to hop on the boat once again to go around the island and dock on the blushing shore.

Rinca Island

Rinca is the biggest island in Komodo National Park and the closest one from Labuan Bajo. If you don’t have much time for the excursion, opt for Rinca. Unlike the dry Komodo Island, Rinca blooms with Palm Lontar Trees (Palmyra palm), savannah, and of course, the dragons. The island has several gate and walking trails to see the dragons. Rinca look more friendly and natural than Komodo, with a great scenery to offer along the trek. You can spot female dragons nesting their eggs, the food of dragons (buffalo and deers), and even monkeys. 

These giant lizard enjoy the wildlife to the fullest here, but they are also the most ferocious. They are also a little bit smaller with wider jaws than their siblings in Komodo Island. If you are an enthusiast animal lover with plenty of time, it’s worth to visit both on your Komodo trip!