Sticking on Your Diet While Travelling

When you are on diet, you do everything you cold to keep on track. However, is it possible to mishap your diet while travelling? The possibility is high for you to mishap your diet during travel.

Diet while travelling

Lots of restaurant provides foods which are high in carbs and fat and low in protein. This makes you hard to maintain your diet. As the result, you ruin your diet plan and feel guilty afterwards. In the end, you will no longer able to enjoy the travel and you cannot keep your body in shape like you have planned before.

Tips to stick to your diet while travelling

For some people, successful diet is priceless because it sacrifices many things to achieve the goal. However, dieting during travel is not an easy feat to do.

There are many temptations and challenges around you cannot easily ignore. These tips will help you to stick to your diet even when you are travelling around the around the world.

  • Before booking a hotel, try to find the one that has refrigerator or microwave. By having those in your hotel room, you can buy your own groceries and make your own meals. Then, you eat just like when you are at home. Your diet won’t be in danger then.
  • Always carry your protein pack wherever you go. Protein bar or protein shakes are easy to carry everywhere. You can add your protein when your meal lacks of it. Protein bar is the most recommended pack to carry since it is simple and you can even put it in your pocket.
  • Always carry healthy convenience foods with you when you are travelling. This will help you a lot to stick to your diet while travelling. You can reduce calories you consume as well as save your money from buying unnecessary and unhealthy foods. Convenience foods you can carry are granola, bread, dried fruits, seeds, nuts, tuna, and many more. Those don’t need refrigeration so you can eat them right away when you need.
  • You can also ask the server before ordering food from the restaurant. You ask them how they prepare your foods to find out if they put too much oils or butter which will make your food high in calories. You can ask the server to steam or grill your foods instead of frying. It works in many restaurant especially when they have reliable cooks or chefs who are willingly do everything to satisfy their customer and understand the importance of your diet.
  • You can also try simple trick by asking the sauces or dressing on the side to your server. Thus, you can control the amount of them you want to put on your foods. Another trick is to ask for substitutions. You can ask your server to substitute fries with salad or veggies. Customising your meals like this is beneficial to stick to your diet while travelling. Make sure you ask your server in friendly manner so they understand your urgency and not mistaken you from being a rude customer.

Find Out List of Country with the Best Beaches

Every country has different charm. Some countries are good with political issue; some others are great travel destination four tourists. If you like water travel a lot, you might find it fun to know the list of country with the best beaches in the world. Beach is one of the most popular travel destinations for various type of travel whether it is romantic vacation, adventure trip, or family travel. Those countries have become the best destination for those who are seeking for enjoyable sunbathe, water sports, and seafood. Thus, you can visit these countries if you are running out of vacation destination.

  • Indonesia is a country in Southeast Asia which has been famous for having exotic islands and beautiful beaches. Bali and Lombok are two most popular islands in Indonesia which are a home to exotic beaches such as Kuta Beach, Pink Beach, Nusa Dua Beach, and many more. When it comes to beaches, Indonesia is one of the greatest homes. Indonesia is a country which is great visit during your summer vacation. There are many beaches you can find aside from Lombok and Bali islands.
  • Australia is also famous for its beaches since it is a home to a huge amount of coastline. The beaches in this country are varied. There are beaches for those who are seeking for peaceful sunbathe. There are also beaches for those who are seeking for sunrise or sunset. Other beaches are for those who are seeking for adventure through water sports. Some of most famous beaches in Australia you can visit are Cable Beach in Broome, Whitehaven Beach, Burleigh Head Beach, and Main Beach in Noosa.
  • Next country with the best beaches is Philippine in Southeast Asia. This country consists of 7,107 islands. Thus, sandy beaches are common and become one of the main attractions. The most famous beach from this country is Palawan. There is also El Nindo where you can choose to visit one of 50 white sand beaches. Siargio Island is also the best spot you can find in Philippines offering marine biodiversity in another level.
  • Spain is also a country with the best beaches in the world. The coastline is not a new sight in this country. The alluring-marine filled with vivid blue water and mesmerizing rock formations are parts of charms you cannot resist from beaches in Spain. You can go to Asturias if you are looking for more adventures travel. You can also visit Langre to enjoy more tranquil rural ambiance. Other famous spots are Tamariu in Costa Brava, West Coast Cantabria, and Playa del Ingles.
  • The United States also a home to various beaches which can be considered as best ones. Florida and Hawaii are the most famous spots to find exotic beaches in America. There are many type of beaches such as beaches with black sand, white sand, cliff-side, or isolated one. The coastlines in The United States are often dramatic offering the best scenic landscape. No wonder it is a country with the best beaches in the world.

Tips To Control Anxiety Scuba Diving For Beginners

Have you ever tried diving? Many diving tools you need to know from masks, respiratory aids, fins, oxygen tubes, and other additional features. As a beginner, basic training is mandatory for divers. Beginner divers have high spirits. Passion beginner divers are seen while undergoing training.

Scuba Diving For Beginners

General anxiety is often the case when scuba diving training for beginners. If you are lucky, you will find a professional instructor who guides you to eliminate impurity while diving. Fear of novice divers is usually unreasonable because there are no real threats around it. Underwater is different from land. You have limited time under the sea with the help of breathing from an oxygen tube.

Diving is an unforgettable experience for beginner divers. Several dive centers with training programs spread throughout the world. Each diving center offers a different level of diving experience.

Solve Anxiety Solution Scuba Diving For Beginners

Mental preparation before diving is important. 2 things that beginner divers must prepare are a body and mental health. The thing that needs to be questioned is whether diving training is just for fun or a personal desire. If they cannot answer simple questions, then they should not start diving training. Ask the instructor for help so you feel calm and reduce the possibility of independence under the sea.

Express  What You Feel To Instructor

If you feel unable to solve anxiety problems under the sea, another way is to reveal it to the instructor. The role of the instructor during training scuba diving for beginners is to maintain the safety of divers. Make sure that divers feel safe and comfortable when feeling instructors. This will help reduce anxiety because of feeling comfortable and safe. It aims to eliminate individual fears because the thought of true fear is from their thinking.

How to prevent it while under water?

The real problem is when diving on the high seas. Keep your mind, enjoy diving with a relaxed group or focus on your diving training goals. When you begin to remember the initial purpose of your dive training, it is possible to overcome anxiety in the water.

Not a few beginner divers who no longer continue their training due to lack of mental preparation. Diving is not just about having fun but also how someone controls your mind and sharpens your skills well. Scuba diving for beginners is the right start for every diver to be able to control unfounded thoughts and fears.

Travel Tips If You Want to Visit Kelimutu – Indonesia

One of the most attractive travel destinations in Indonesia is Kelimutu, the crater lakes in Flores. The multi-colored crater has been a unique and one of a kind geological anomaly. There are total three crater lakes in Kelimutu.

Travel tips to Kelimutu lake in Indonesia

Even though they come from the same volcano and the location of each lake is side by side, they show different color periodically and independently. Scientifically, fumarole activity is what makes the lakes to change their colors on the surface. The colors are ranged from red, turquoise and white.

What to prepare to visit Kelimutu Indonesia

The crater lakes in Kelimutu are called Three-Colored Lakes by the local. They believe that the crater lakes are the place where the ancestral spirits stay. Each lake belongs to different type of spirits such as the spirits of youngster, elderly, and bad people.

The locals also believe that the crater lakes contain a great magic. The volcanic lakes are boiling from the inside. Here is what you need to know before visiting Kelimutu, Indonesia:

  1. The location of Kelimutu is in Flores. It is 40 miles away from the town of Ende. You can take a flight to Soekarno-Hatta International Airport in Jakarta, Indonesia capital city. Then you can continue your journey to airport in the town of Ende.
  2. Since the journey to reach the volcanic lakes is not that simple, it is recommended to stay the night at the nearest village called Moni. the road to Flores is narrow and mountainous. Therefore the journey will be likely to be slow-going. Moni is 9 limes away from the location. You can arrange your transportation to reach Kelimutu in this village. It is usually arranged around 4 a.m. so you can see the sunrise.
  3. Since the journey to Kelimutu from Moni village is usually at dawn, it is recommended to bring warm clothes. The mornings in Flores in extremely cold as well as windy especially on the summit. However, the day may heat up later in the afternoon so you can opt for jackets. Thus, you can remove it when you feel heated.
  4. Hiking at dawn to catch the sunrise through the well-marked trailing is safe but it is recommended to bring your own flashlight for your safety. It is also recommended to bring your own water and snacks so that you can enjoy the view without ignoring your growling stomach especially not after hiking up to reach the lakes.
  5. There will be an entrance gate before you reach the lake and you will be expected to pay a small fee. Then, you can enjoy your time waiting for sunrise. When the sun is high, you can see the lakes clearly. However, it is not recommended at all to walk around the lakes especially the area when the steep is loose and rocky. The fumes are also too dangerous to breathe in if you are too close with the lakes. You don’t want to fall into the lake especially it’s a boiling volcanic lake we are talking about.

Why People Will Love the 3 Bedroom Villa at Seminyak

Bali is the main travel destination for many travellers and can be the paradise for the others. There are many things to do, destinations to visit and attractions to see if you are in Bali. The more people are coming, the more varied the tour packages are offered.

Demand for the affordable accommodation is also increasing and if you will need one, I’d like to recommend you the 3 bedroom villa located at Seminyak where many of the tourists are going.

Villa may not the choice for everyone. The traditional way people are choosing the accommodation is still getting the hotel rooms as the main option, as if they are out of better options. In fact, staying in a hotel is actually thing I won’t do when in Bali.

It is because the price can be so expensive with less of facilities and most of the times we’ll find ourself paying for extra services. If you are travelling in a group such as with your colleagues or family members, it is possible to pay more than what you have counted before.

That’s why I think that the 3 bedroom villa Seminyak not only can be your alternative, but also possible as the main priority for your next visit.

Why you and the other people will love the 3 bedroom villa at Seminyak – Bali?

Various type of accommodations are existed in Bali. The numbers of them are possible to keep on increasing each years as it is one of the potential business to earn more.

Villas are not something special in Bali, there are many of them from unique, traditional, modern up to the luxury styles.

The 3 bedroom villa Seminyak is only one of them that offering you the luxury, modern and minimalist touch with some useful and important facilities that you can’t even experience them if you choose to stay in a hotel with the same price.

Reasons people love this 3 bedroom villa Seminyak

I’d like to introduce you the 3 bedroom penthouse presented by Hu’u Villas Bali. It is the 3 bedroom villa I am talking about and will list down the reasons why you will love this one.

1. Luxurious comfort in a private villa

It is like staying in your own home. I mean, there will be no one inside but you and your partners inside. You may will see one or two staffs because of bringing your own requested foods or the cleaning services, and they should never make you feeling disturbed.

Experiencing the luxurious comfort at the highest level is easy when temporary staying in the 3 bedroom villa seminyak. It can be considered as your own private gateway where anybody else can join in as your permission.

2. The 3 bedroom penthouse is perfect for family vacation because of its amenities

Number of the bedrooms surely will be the first reasons why I recommending this 3 bedroom villa Seminyak as your main choice for the accommodation. Moreover, all the facilities are also provided as it is not just a temporary accommodation for travellers, but seriously facilitated to accommodate your daily needs.

You can even cook the foods yourself if you want, make a coffee or cup of tea, enjoy at comfortable sofa while watching tv or listening to the music.

Internet is available and free for you to use, library is even provided, big size fridge, telephone and much more that I couldn’t mentioned one by one. You can even use the hair dryer since it is also there.

Can a hotel room do that for you? This is truly staying at its best in this 3 bedroom villa Seminyak.

3. Jump into the private pool anytime

I know that this is part of the villa’s amenities, still, it is relieves knowing that you will have your own private pool when reserving the 3 bedroom villa at Seminyak.

This 3 bedroom villa is about 3 minutes walking to the Seminyak beach if you want to enjoy your time there. In case if you don’t want to swim at the beach, the private pool won’t go anywhere.

You can use it as you need, whenever you wants it and many more. Once more, is it possible to have one if you are in a hotel room? Even if that is possible, it can be mean that you have to spend more than just a hotel room.

What else you need to be convinced that reserving the 3 bedroom villa at Seminyak is the number one option you should take?

Tips to Eat while Travelling in Indonesia

Indonesia is one of the most desired travel destinations in South East Asia. The country is large and the density of population is also one of the highest. There are many places to explore along with culture diversity. Indonesia is also one of major destinations for foodies since this country is home to various spices and herbs which make the foods are more savory and inviting. Since the cultures in Indonesia are somewhat different than others, it is recommended to know more about them before leaving your home to visit the country.

There are various foods you can try while travelling in Indonesia. Aside from the original ancestors, Indonesian cultures including its culinary have been influenced by other cultures such as Chinese, Indian, etc. This has influenced how Indonesia people cook their meals and how to add spices to their dishes in some points. About eating food Indonesia, there are different places you can try. Here are some of them:

  • In Indonesia, you will find out about kaki lima. If you translate it to English it becomes foot five. However, kaki lima means street food carts selling various kinds of food. Thus, you will find lots of street foods if you visit Indonesia just like in other countries. The street foods are cheap and easy to find. Most Indonesian people enjoy their meals in the street food carts. There are various street food carts you can try so you will run out of the option.
  • The next place to try out Indonesia foods is at Warung Makan. It is usually a family-owned eatery which spills over to Indonesia. Almost in every place you go to, you will find eateries. They serve various dishes but mostly sell specialties of the region. Foods served in Warung Makan are usually cooked ahead of time. Thus, you can just order what you want through the available menu and you will be able to eat them right away without waiting for too long. The price is relatively cheap as well.
  • Next favorite public eating place in Indonesia is Padang Restaurants. They serve foods originated for West Sumatra which is why they are called “Padang”. Even though they serve Padang cuisines, Padang Restaurants can be found in almost every region in Indonesia. In fact, you can even find Padang Restaurant in the neighbor country of Indonesia, Singapore. The restaurant has all-you-can-eat-buffet style. One of the foods served is Rendang, which is has been claimed as one of the most delicious foods in the world.

The places mentioned above are what majority of Indonesia people choose of where to eat out. Most restaurants in Indonesia always served side dishes such as krupuk, fried eggs, and fresh vegetables. There is also authentic condiment loved by almost all Indonesia called sambal. It is chili condiments and every region has their own version of it. Most people in Indonesia will feel incomplete if they eat without sambal. It is just like how Korean people like to include kimchi in any kind of food they eat.

Scuba Diving In Bali Indonesia, Incredible Spots You Must Explore

When people refer to Bali, the ones that come out are nightlife, art, spirituality, scenery, and hospitality of the locals. Bali has more appeal than that. Many other best activities are included in the world’s popular ranks ranging from surfing to diving. In recent times, the island of God has become a paradise for diving lovers. Enchantment of coral reefs, shipwrecks, diverse fish species has fascinated domestic and foreign divers.

Scuba Diving In Bali Indonesia

Scuba diving in Bali Indonesia is the perfect one for those of you who want to try learning to dive. Having calm waters and friendly weather throughout the year, Bali is always full of visitors. Enjoying the underwater beauty is very pleasant. There are many scuba diving in Bali Indonesia that you can explore.


Who would have thought Gilimanuk entered one of the scuba diving spots in Bali Indonesia. Most people think that Gilimanuk is only a crossing place between Bali and Java Island. The sand bay at Gilimanuk offers the best views. You have to travel 4 hours from Kuta or Seminyak and surrounding areas. Your long journey will pay off when diving and discover the wonders of the underwater scenery.

Nusa Penida

Dive lovers know where to spot scuba diving in Bali Indonesia to find Mola-Mola and Manta Pari. Nusa Penida! But don’t try if you don’t have a diving certificate. To dive and see giant species in Nusa Penida, you must have an open water level certificate. Nusa Penida is a paradise for professional divers.


Amed is a scuba diving paradise in Bali Indonesia. Amed has incredible diving spots. You can explore Japanese shipwrecks, dive along with seahorses, frogfish, crabs, shrimp, turtles and white tip sharks. You have to dive deep to see amazing species and spectacular underwater scenery. You can also find frogfish, nudibranch, rhinopias and many others. For macro lovers, you must explore one of the scuba diving spots in Bali Indonesia.


This is a spot that is not just a dive spot. Here, local communities and businesses supervised by the Karang Lestari Foundation come together to make the biggest “biorock” reef site. This has become the main attraction of tourists visiting and witnessing the biggest biorock reef site. Awareness of preserving underwater artificial corals can provide great visibility divers and benefit divers.

There are many more scuba diving spots in Bali Indonesia that are rich in unique and rare underwater species. Each spot offers a different and amazing view. Scuba diving in Bali Indonesia is perfect for beginners or professionals, macro photographer lovers or night dive lovers.

Ways For Travelling Safely In Bali Indonesia

Bali has already been acknowledged as one of the most desired travel destinations in the world. This can be a travel destination for those who are seeking for romantic vacation, adventure thrill, as well as relaxing getaway.

Tips for travelling safely in Bali, Indonesia

Travellers have dubbed Bali as the island of the gods. The beauty is intriguing and inviting. There are many beaches to explore, friendly locals to interact with, and original cuisines to enjoy. Therefore, staying for few days in Bali is a great idea for your next travel plan. You can plan many activities to do while visiting Bali.

What to do to stay safe while visiting Bali

Well, Bali is different from places you find in West. Thus, you need to know basic things about Bali which can save you from any threat and danger. Bali is not dangerous per se. It is just that you need precautions when travelling and Bali is not a perfect island where dangers are non-existent.

Possible threats while travelling in Bali include vehicular accidents, theft, natural disasters, etc. Here is what you need to do to travel safely in Bali, Indonesia:

  • To avoid theft, pickpocketing, and such you need to secure your belongings. Make sure you lock your doors and windows especially when you are away from the place you stay whether it’s day or night. If you are going to explore around the city, make sure to bring the copies of important documents and not the original one. If the room you stay in has safe box, you’d better use it to keep your belongings safe. Make sure to keep your belongings in a front-carry pouch when you exploring around.
  • Bali is popular travel destinations both for local and international travellers. The traffic is not to underestimate. Make sure you are safe by being careful while crossing the streets since vehicles don’t just stop when you do it. If you want to explore the island by car, it is recommended to rent a car which includes a driver since they are more knowledgeable about the road. This is also the same when you have intention to rent a motorcycle to ride around the places in Bali. It is not recommended for the sake of your safety.
  • If you like spending most of your times in beaches, make sure to stay safe. Always look for the red flags when you are going to explore the beach. When you find a beach with red flag, it means the beach is dangerous to swim since the currents are too strong to be called safe. You also need to be careful of red-flagged beach due to the dangerous rip tides.
  • Bali is home to Macaque monkeys. They might look cute but they are not 100% safe to play around. They like stealing things from tourists such as jewelry, electronic devices, as well as foods. Don’t be too friendly with them like smiling or inviting them to come around. They can interpret your smile as aggression especially when you give them all-teeth smile.

Reasons Why You Should Visit Toraja Indonesia

Toraja is located in Sulawesi Island, Indonesia. This is home to one of the most unique cultures you will have ever found. This is where you can witness the living and the dead in the same space. Aside from thrilling and intriguing, Toraja has its own attractiveness which makes it hard not to pay a visit.

It is located in the high mountain of the island which just adds the thrill. However, this place is absolutely safe for visitor either domestic or international travellers. it is just their culture which sends a spark of thrill that sometimes impressive and scary at the same time.

So why should you visit Toraja?

There are many interesting things about Toraja started from the scenic look-put point to the unique cultures. Spending a few days in Toraja will make you be able to learn more about the unique culture.

Reasons to visit Toraja, Indonesia

Indonesia has distinctive culture diversity and Toraja is one of them. Toraja people have been living in original cultures up till now. Here are some reasons why you should put Toraja in your next travel destination:

  • The location of Toraja is in the highland of South Sulawesi, Indonesia. This make Toraja people is quite isolated from other cultural ferments. However, this place is accessible that you don’t have to worry about how to get there. It takes 8 to 10 hours of ride by bus to arrive at the location. The nearer you get to the location, the cooler the weather. There are many lookout points in the highland you can visit once you arrive at the location.
  • The Toraja keep their traditional belief named Aluk Tadolo which means the way of the ancestors. Thus, the culture remains the same up till now. Toraja people have their own social and spiritual ladders. Social ladders consist of different class system from royalty to servant. Spiritual ladders consist of three different levels. They are mortal life, the afterlife, and heaven. They believe that heaven.
  • You will be intrigued by the local’s original lifestyle. One of the most prominent is the shape of their house. Their house has curve-roof which is iconic that you can only explain when you see it. Their house faces north.
  • Another unique point of Torajan culture is about the water buffalo. Those are not used for working but for sacrifice. The number of the water buffalo that should be sacrificed depend on your status in society. The higher your status, the higher the number of buffalo you should sacrifice.
  • Class distinction is still applied even for the dead. There is cemetery cave in Toraja which is called as Tampang Allo. For nobles, they will be placed in a boat-shaped coffin to show their status.
  • There is also a resting place located in Lemo that can be used for all classes. Torajans prefer to be entombed in rock instead of burial in the ground. The dead will be placed in hand-carved crypts on the cliff with opening. It provides small space which can fit five coffins.

Tips to Visit Temples in Thailand

Tips to Visit Temples in Thailand

Thailand is home to Buddhist heritage so there are hundreds of Buddhist temples almost everywhere. Some travelers like visiting temples not only to pray but also to appreciate and admire the architecture, the structure, or the history behind them. There are priceless values when visiting temples.

Visiting Temples in Thailand

It is not complete if you visit Thailand without visiting the temples. Since there are many of them, you might as well choose two or three temples to visit and not visit many temples in a day. It can cause you to suffer from burnout. You might have difficulties in differentiating one temple to another. That is why it is recommended to take your time looking up details and find out the unique element of every temple. Here is what you need to know about visiting temples in Thailand:


  • Don’t expect to see monks in ever temples you visit. In Thailand, serving as a monk is considered as part of young man’s development. The choice to remain as monk is optional. Thus, it is common to see monks walking around the streets and doing normal activities like using cell phones, playing games in internet cafe, or even smoking. You can interact with them in a friendly way but make sure to show your respect. It is suggested to greet and thank them for their time by giving them higher wai. It is a famous prayer-gesture which includes a slight bow. Don’t argue when they don’t return the gesture since they are not expected to do it.


  • Before entering a temple, make sure to read the rules. There are places in the temple which are for monks only and open for public. Make sure to enter the right place. You can look for things you can usually find near the temple which indicate you are in the right place such as a sign to ask you remove your shoes which usually written in English, donation boxes, and of course other worshippers who are not monks.


  • It is important to know how to acts when you near Buddha images. When you enter the main temple, you need to remove your shoes, avoid stepping on the threshold, walk around sacred objects in clockwise manner only, avoid getting in the way of worshippers, make enough distance before turning your back from Buddha statue, avoid snapping a selfie near Buddha statue, avoid touching sacred objects especially in worship area, be respectful of the way you speak, and make sure not to position yourself higher than the Buddha image. Those are basic etiquette when visiting temple in Thailand.


  • In Thailand, it is offensive to pose for a photo with your back turned to Buddha image. There is no prohibition to take pictures of Buddha image unless there is a sign indicates it. However, it is highly suggested not to take photos while people are praying. If you want to take a photo with the monks, make sure to ask their permission nicely. They are friendly but you still have to respect their privacy.