6 Things You Must Know When Visiting Komodo Island

It is surely will be fun for visiting Komodo Island, isn’t it? Just like any other of your itineraries, but the most different thing is, you’ll be dealing with the Komodo dragons as the biggest lizard on earth and one of the still living ancient animal until today. A really rare travel experience if you could be there someday, and that’s why it is very special for many of the travellers and the scientists around the world.

I have no idea where else that you could found the dragons other than in Indonesia, but if you are wondering about the best place for it and you need a vacation at the moment or some weeks to come, then the Komodo Island that located at West Manggarai regency, Province of Eat Nusa Tenggara will be my top recommendation.

But, wait!

You know that traveling need a preparations, right? So with when you have decided to get yourself for Komodo Island. Even before getting there, you need to know the important things to make you safe and could get the best holiday ever beyond your plan. So, check them out below and hope they could really helpful as I thought.

1. Prepare your physical before visiting Komodo Island

When you will be at Komodo Island, it is also mean that there will be a lot of physical activities such as hiking or trekking to the hills, walking, probably running as well if you are being chased by the dragon(s) and many more. And you will be doing them for even hours. Who knows?! I know you may have your own itineraries offered by your chosen tour operator or agency and all of your schedules had been written down very well, but since you will be at the wild nature with the wild animals, it is better to get exercise before traveling.

Komodo Island - Excercise

You can not even be careless when near or so close to the Komodo dragons because when they seen still like not doing a thing, usually they are ready to do anything including pouncing prey. And I believe that you won’t experience that at Komodo Island.

So that, if you are working out, then the better of your body and mental state you would have. And it might also mean that the more alert you are against all the possibilities as well. Even the worst one. Imagining all the beautiful and special experiences when visiting Komodo Island is okay, you can simply doing it and won’t taking much of your times, but, getting yourself ready for anything will be really helpful especially to keep safe while traveling.

2. Never light a fire while at Komodo Island

The matches whether made of the wooden one or the gas lighter, if really not necessary, then don’t even think to bring it to Komodo Island or your destination in there. But if you are ignoring this and even light a fire for example to light the cigarette, then it might be the worst thing you have ever did. Trust me. It is really important. You may not harm the Komodo dragons or yourself and other people in your group, but there will be a biggest chance you will burn some or all of the island’s territory.

Even sparks can burn off half of the Komodo Island, you know. This is because the sun at there is too hot so there are many dry grasses, leaves and the woods that is very vulnerable.

3. Since the weather is very hot, then do not forget to use your sunblock, bring a hat and also the sunglasses with you

At the previous point I have mentioned that you are not allowed to light a fire at Komodo Island because of the weather is too hot sometimes, mostly many times to be honest. So in that situation, you need to prepare your own cosmetics, tools, clothes, black sunglasses and other related things that could make you comfort and also healthy. I mean if you have a thing like skin issue, then you should prepare for that in case you may need it.

Clothes that can absorb your sweat will be recommended. You know, I think that wearing the cotton-based shirt will be make you comfortable. Moreover, I have said before that enjoying the Komodo Island will involving many movements such trekking, running and walking as well.

Komodo Island - Tools to bring

Many have said not to wear the red clothes as well to avoid being chased by the dragons. Many have believed that they are also like the bulls in this topic. But whatever the truth is – especially even if it has not been scientifically proven – I would like to follow the suggestion for not using that colour as my clothes. It is also being said that since their eyes are not working very well, so that they are sensitive to the colour as well.

That’s why I would like to say:

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

4. Special alert for all the girls and women, you must pay attention of your menstrual period!!!

You are not reading it wrong, fellas. If you are the woman, you really must know this first. Even you must consider this as your main priority. It is because the Komodo dragons are so sensitive to the blood. Then, you may check your personal calendar and make sure that at the time you are arriving or traveling at Komodo Island, you are completely not dealing with your special period.

If you are insisting to keep on moving at Komodo Island, you should ask and talk about it with your guide or the ranger to find the solution or making them ready for any situations and possibilities. Komodo dragon sense of smell is very sharp that could reach the scent for miles. So if you don’t want to be attacked or being chased by the it, please paid a great attention to this point. Ok?

Beside the alert for the girls and women, I would also like to inform you (man and woman) that it is better not to spray the perfume or cologne to your body or clothes while touring at Komodo Island. Just to anticipate that the lizards won’t smell the strange scent or aroma that might attract them to you. And, DO NOT get noisy while walking in their habitat, except you are ready for any possibilities. The dragons themselves have a great sense of hearing, you know.

5. In case you are being chased by the Komodo dragon

Let say you have follow along very well of the prevention steps I have told you at above, but for one or some reasons, you are still being chased by the Komodo dragon. Do not ask me how come it still “angry” with you, that’s why they are called as the animal.

So, in dealing with that situation, there are something you need to do. The first one is, you need to run in a zigzag pattern. Since the Komodo dragons simply just can running forward, so the pattern will make them really confuse and may it will make them stop. But keep in your mind that you should do that in a fast speed since the lizards could reach about 18 up to maybe 20 km/hour. You really should be faster and that’s also the reason why you need to prepare you physic before visiting Komodo Island.

If the dragon keep chasing on you continuously, find the higher spot such as climbing up the tree or the house on stilts if existed. In many chances, the small komodo dragon may do the same thing but it will not as dangerous as the bigger one. And yes, the bigger the dragon is, the less of the ability to climb the tree. Then, be aware of downing the tree or getting out of the house, Komodo dragon might still monitoring you.

6. Stick to your group and never split up

Here’s the thing. I don’t know how big the chance is, but there may always be one person in a group that acting strangely or so much brave than the others that decided to walk alone or far from other group members. And the worse is might ignore what the guide have been told. That kind of person may put the group in a dangerous and so with him/herself.

Look! Traveling to Komodo Island is not for moisten your thirst against the attention of others. It is about how to get the most of your traveling and keep yourself and others safe. How come it will be fun when you could harm the others? So, you may have known what I am going to tell you. For short, please don’t be a stupid one.

Although you have held the map in your hand, doesn’t mean that you know the territory very well. You are at the new place, new country, or even nowhere since you are new to all of what surrounding you. And there are thousands of the dragons at Komodo Island. Don’t you afraid of that?! I know we should taking care of the dragons, but doesn’t mean that they are not the beast any longer.

So, simply enjoy your journey, obey the instructions, and happily safe.

So far, that’s all the 6 things you should know before and while visiting the Komodo Island. I am sure that there are also other things you have in mind, but I think they are enough for now. Anyway, happy traveling .

Best Waterpark for Family Vacation

Bringing along your family for vacation is always fun. Sometimes, it is quite hard to decide destination since family consists of member from different ages. Therefore, waterpark can be a great idea to go to. You can find best waterpark for your special family vacation. Every member of the family, especially kids really love the idea of large pools along with fresh water and sliding arena. If you have explored all waterpark in your city or country, you may be interested to go visit the best waterparks all around the world. There are famous waterparks in some countries you can pay a visit.

Best waterpark all around the work

Most people might prefer t go to the beach instead of visiting a waterpark. However, waterpark can be a great alternative for the beach for those who have no close access to get to the beach anytime. Waterpark also provides lots of happiness for the visitors though. That’s why waterparks are one of the most favorite spots for family to spend their vacation. Here are some famous waterparks all around the world that you can visit:

  • Aquaventure Waterpark located in Dubai, UAE is one of the greatest and largest waterparks in the world. Everybody knows that Dubai has everything you desire for all types modern facilities. This waterpark owns the world’s widest water slide which is 2.3 kilometers in length. You will also find water coasters, private beach, as well as Shark Lagoon.
  • Carribean Bay located in Gyeonggi-do, South Korea is also famous. Basically, South Korea has been famous for its Kpop sensation. Carribean just adds to the list. Wave pool and water slides are available in this waterpark along with spring pools. There are also other facilities provided for visitors such as sleeping rooms equipped with bed and purified air. Thus, visitors can even take a nap once they are exhausted.
  • The next best waterpark is Wet ‘n Wild located in Orlando, Florida. It provides enormous water rides along with sandcastle-themed are which is specifically facilitated for kids. There is also the infamous Disco H20 in this waterpark that you should try. You, along with other 3 persons will ride the tube and float along with retro songs. As you are floating around, you will be accompanied with flashing lights and disco balls.
  • Tropical Island is located in Krausnick, Germany. In this waterpark, you will find free-standing hall. You will also find one of the world’s largest indoor pools in this waterpark. Around the waterpark, you can find rainforest as well as nightclub and hotel to facilitate your vacation when you decide to stay longer around this site.
  • World Waterpark is located in Alberta, Canada. This is a house to the world’s largest indoor wave pool. You can enjoy the 2.7 million gallons of water in this pool. This is also ranked as the world’s second largest indoor waterpark. The famous arenas are Blue Thunder, looping water slide, as well as bungee jump tower to challenge your adrenaline. This is the best waterpark for you to get some fun on your break.


Bali Instruction Development Courses, The Way To Develop Your Character

Becoming a diving instructor may be the dream of many people. This extreme activity can be fatal, from paralysis to death. Careers in the world of diving are not as easy as you imagine. Many people think it’s easy to work while having fun. But you do not know the threats that can happen at any time.

Becoming a diving instructor may be the dream of many people. This extreme activity can be fatal, from paralysis to death. Careers in the world of diving are not as easy as you imagine. Many people think it’s easy to work while having fun. But you do not know the threats that can happen at any time.

Build A Strong Character

The PADI diving organization offers training to hone skills. Bali Instruction Development Courses focuses on two goals: developing and perfecting personal diving skills. The goal is also to develop leadership to a higher and better level.

Why choose PADI organization to take Bali instruction development courses. So many dive organizations, why is PADI the most preferred by many professional divers? PADi is the world’s most trusted and popular dive organization. The world will recognize the PADI certificates that you have, wherever you dive.

Why take training in Bali? Because Bali offers everything cheap. Ranging from promo tickets, cheap lodgings, and the best instruction courses package.

The cornerstone of development is Bali instruction development courses. This training includes self-study online through E-learning or the shipping segment. Before taking the training courses you will learn that they are divided into 2. Assistant courses of instructors and the Open Water Scuba Instructor program.

Have you ever dive with instructors who are less able to provide the comfort of divers? Instruction development courses emphasize development rather than testing. The goal is that potential divers can concentrate on developing skills.

Candidates should be concentrating and studying diver dives with good skill. Relaxing and concentrating on developing skills is important. Making mistakes is natural when in the learning process. Staff and instructor development courses have an important role to support, advise and guide potential divers.

For that, a candidate of a developmental structure should really do personality development in addition to deepening the dive skills. Training is not enough to be the best instructor. You have to know how to provide a funnel to the divers to be able to accompany the divers, provide a sense of security and comfort, also able to decide when a problem occurs when diving.

Dune Atlantis provides the best deals for candidates Bali instruction development courses, which of course with certificates from PADI organizations. You need to look for a dive center in Bali because not all of them facilitate you well.

Tips to Travel with Elderly

Traveling is not only for youngster but elderly also have the same right and chance to do it willingly. If you have plan to travel with elderly like your grandparents then you must prepare thoroughly. However, if you are willingly pay a fair amount in preparation then the result will be worth it. Caring for your aging parents sometimes can be challenging and stressful. Instead of getting fun and relax, it is possible that the stress is added to your head. That is why you need to know the proper way if you bring your elderly with you for traveling.

Tips to Travel with Elderly

Safely travel with elderly without so much hassle

Instead of thinking the hassle you possibly face, why not you think more on the special moment you can create with your aging parents? You will need to consider many factors before deciding to let your parents tag along to your travel plan. Here are some consideration you need to take:

  • Destination- the first thing to consider is none other than the destination. Instead of choosing based on your desire, you can consider your parent’s convenience. Make sure that your destination is convenience for elderly like the availability of wheelchair access, navigation for special needs, etc.
  • Accommodation – the place where you and your elderly will stay during the period of the traveling need to be taken into consideration as well. It’s better to find hotel near the destination. Therefore, the elders don’t need to walk too far to reach hotel after exploring vacation spots.
  • Transportation – the next thing to consider when you decide to travel with elderly is the transportation. Choose transportation that makes them comfortable the most. If it is a short trip then you can just use your car so you and your parents don’t need to get into crowded place just to fetch train or plane. If your destination is far then taking plan is more convenience. Some airline are also provide wheelchairs with no extra cost.
  • Pack – You need to pack your and your parent’s necessities in your luggage. Aside from packing come clothes and toiletries, you need to pack their prescription as well. Elderly have poor health and limited stamina so that you need to pay attention on their wellbeing. It is recommended that you bring hand-carry bag for prescription or toiletries so they are more reachable for emergency use.
  • Travel activities – Unlike youngster, elderly have limited energy to spend. Therefore, you need to be considerate in choosing what kind of activities you want them to involve with. Sightseeing can be the best option for elderly. Even after doing it, you need to make them get proper rest by eating or just simply relaxing.

Even though it requires thorough preparation, traveling with elderly is also fun. By letting them tag along with your travel plan, you give them chance to see broader view of the world. If you plan everything perfectly, you won’t face major hassle in the process. Travel with elderly is great to create meaningful memory and experience.

What to Do if You Get Lost While Traveling

Getting lost is always frightening especially when you are traveling abroad. If you get lost while traveling or separated from your group, you should know what to do so that you won’t put yourself in danger. Being in the place you are not familiar with either in new city or country should awake your awareness of the possibility that you may get lost at some point. The risk of getting lost is high when you visit new place especially when you don’t have plan on your traveling. If you prepare well, at least you can locate your position through the map that you suppose to bring.

What to Do if You Get Lost While Traveling

Things to do if you get lost while traveling

Actually the chance to get lost when you travel alone today is low because you can always rely on your smartphone where there is GPS to locate your location and your destination. However, the case will be different if the place you visit has no internet connection. This can be a huge disaster for you. O here are tips of what to do when you get lost on your traveling:

  • The first thing you need to do is stay calm and don’t panic. Staying calm will let your brain works properly to find out the solution. So when you realize that you get lost, take a deep breath and scan your surroundings.
  • Stop wandering around aimlessly because it will get you nowhere. It’s better to stay where you are for a while and find out any signs that you can use to help you guide to the right path. Observe your surroundings and figure out the most effective ways to find safe shelter.
  • Try to reach public transit stop if you get lost while traveling. This will help you to find street map of surrounding area. Or, you can ask the driver of the bus to get you to your previous location before you get lost.
  • Find some memorable landmark around you. Then you can ask a local for specific direction. If you can’t find anybody, try to get to the tall building to see the better view so that you can figure out your current location and search for alternative ways.
  • The easiest way to do when you get lost in foreign country or city is to visit the nearest hotel. You can ask the person at the front desk about the direction. You can also ask them to call a taxi so you can get to your destination easily.
  • The most obvious way to do when you get lost is to ask somebody. However, you need to be careful as well. It’s advisable to ask somebody in the store, restaurant, or hotel. It’s even better if you ask tour guide of another group of tourist for help.

Getting lost is not a pleasant experience. However, you won’t get traumatized if you have prepared yourself of what to do if you get lost while traveling. The tips above will be useful especially when you travel alone.

Pay Attention on Do’s and Don’ts While Traveling Overseas

Traveling overseas is exciting and thrilling especially for the first-timers. Basically, there is no significant differences between traveling locally and overseas. However, every country may apply different procedures or rules that should be obeyed by tourists. Thus, you’d better known do’s and don’ts while traveling overseas so that you can enjoy your trip without so much hassle. You need to keep in mind as well that when you visit other country for traveling, you not only represent yourself as individual but also your country. Thus, knowing well what to do and what shouldn’t do while traveling can be very helpful.

Pay Attention on Do’s and Don’ts While Traveling Overseas

Do’s and don’ts while traveling overseas

Sometimes it is easy to get indulged in fun activities while traveling and forget what the most important thing. In the end, you can’t truly enjoy your trip even though it is what you have been waiting for. Therefore, here are do’s while traveling abroad:

  • It is advisable that you always be aware of your surroundings. It doesn’t mean that you need to be paranoia. However, visiting a place you have never been before should make you more alert of your surroundings. Don’t let your guard down especially to strangers. You can make friends with other travelers but make sure you don’t share any personal information of yours to them.
  • Memorize the number of your passport just in case it gets stolen or lost. When it happens, you can ask for replacement easier.
  • It’s better to bring cash just as much you need. It is to avoid robbery, theft, or loss.
  • It is better to dress like locals instead of dressing like a real tourists. There are people who target tourists for bad reasons.
  • Make sure to use the time well by having some fun and be brave to try something new to broaden your horizon.
  • Make sure to respect the customs of the local. It’s even better for you to learn native phrases to interact with local in friendly manner.


  • Wear jewelry too much because it leads to robbery, pickpocket, or theft, which means endanger your safety. Put valuable accessories or jewelries at home for your safety.
  • Wander around empty alleys alone especially at night. Visiting another country alone is fun but it will be dangerous if you being careless. It’s better to stay in crowded places to ensure your safety.
  • Provoke the locals by disrespecting their culture. As a guest, you need to respect them and make sure that you learn something new from them instead. Make sure to interact using appropriate language.
  • Break facilities especially those for public. It’s not only bad to do but it can put other people in difficult situation especially when they need to use the facilities you break.

Traveling overseas should make you experience fun and new things to memorize and learn. To make everything goes smoothly, make sure you follow do’s and don’ts while traveling overseas as mentioned above. Therefore, you can fully enjoy your traveling abroad.

Find Out Smart Apps for Travel That You Might Need

With advanced technology, everything goes easier today includes travelling. You can travel around the world using smart apps which can help you with everything you need for fun and safe travel. Smart apps for travel are many and they are useful. You just need to install the apps that you will need for your travel to your smartphone. Smart apps are developed to be integrated with iOS as well as android OS. Today, people cannot be separated from their phone. You might also find your smartphone reliable for your daily routine. That’s why your smartphone is reliable for travelling as well.

Find Out Smart Apps for Travel That You Might Need

Choose smart apps for travel that you need

Your phone is like your computer in mini version. You can do so many tasks just by clicking here and there through your phone. Boking hotel, making reservation for train tickets, or find direction can be done just by using smart apps installed in your phone. Here are some of useful apps which are reliable for your travel plan:

  • Google Trips – You can install this smart app to your smartphone and use it for good. Anything you need like reservation, itineraries, as well as important information for your travel plan will be kept and stored in this apps securely. Using your Gmail account, this app can guess your future destination based on the track of your booking. The reason to save them all is just in case if you visit area with poor internet connection.
  • Google Maps – Those who have smartphone must have been familiar with Google Maps. This digital map is useful for you to find location of places like hotel, restaurant, ATM, and many more. You can search the location and ask for the direction. There are also alternatives you can choose for faster route.
  • Duolingo – this is one of smart apps for travel abroad. You might as well prepare some easy phrases so you will be able to interact and communicate with the local properly. This app is far for formal learning method. Instead, you will learn the language in a fun way. You can download this app for free and it fits for iOS or android.
  • XE Currency – When you decide to travel overseas, you need to know the right currency. This app consists of rates information, currency chart, as well as automatic convert for currency. This app can work properly even when you are offline.
  • Headout – You don’t want to miss the best events in your destination while travelling. That’s why it recommended to download this smart app because it can help you to find interesting events in your current location such as exhibitions, festivals, gigs, and many more. This app is suitable both for android OS or iOS.

As we live in modern era, the role of technology is so significant. It makes our life so much easier. You can download smart apps for travel above if necessary. Those are meant to help you go through your adventure with less hassle and more fun.

Reasons Why You Should Consider to Travel by Train

Travelling is fun thing to do especially when you have been stress with your daily job. It is also recommended to travel by train since there are fun things you will experience. Sure people have different preference when it comes to choose transportation for travelling. However, taking train also has been popular these days. In the past, train was under-appreciated because of lack convenience and privacy. However, the facilities of the train today are improved and getting better. That is why it becomes more and more popular these days.

Reasons Why You Should Consider to Travel by Train

Why travel by train benefits you?

Taking train for your travel benefits you. Here are some benefits as well as reasons why travelling by train should be appreciated:

  • Train is the best choice if you want to save money or travel budget. Comparing to planes, cost of trains is more effective and affordable. Besides, the service is faster and more frequent. You can get to your destination in no time. Another interesting about train being more effective for saving money is because rail operators often give some discounts especially to students, children, military personal, as well as senior.
  • The flexibility of train is more reliable. It is indeed better for you to make reservation beforehand. However, short trips doesn’t require reservation so you can grab a ticket right away for the next train.
  • Another reason why travel by train is beneficial because you won’t experience so much hassle. Just imagine when you take travel by plane. You need to arrive earlier in the airport, getting in a security check in long line, having thorough inspection, etc. If you take train, you can arrive 30 minutes earlier than your supposed schedule and you can go straight directly to your seat.
  • The availability of train station is more convenience. You don’t need to go through far location to buy ticket. The location of train station is more accessible that sometimes you don’t even need to haul a cab.
  • Train provide larger space for your luggage. Unlike airline which often charge you for excessive weight of your luggage, this won’t happen when you take train. Your luggage is safe and won’t cause you to add more expenses.
  • These day the facilities of train are better. You can sit comfortably in your seat and relax. The safety of train is also convincing. In fact, you don’t need a seatbelt throughout the journey. You can sit comfortably without any hassle.
  • Scientifically, train is more eco-friendly than other transportation. Thus, this is the best option if you want to keep our environment from further damage due to carbon emission. By taking train, you participate in keeping Earth from getting worse due to less energy-efficiency.

Whether you travel in group or alone, train ca be the best option to take you to your destination. It is convenient, energy-efficient. Less cost, and flexible. You can always take train both for long or short trips. Thus, those are the reasons why travel by train is convenient.