How to Treat Muscle Cramps Caused Travelling

Muscle cramps can happen anytime not only during travel. However, long travel can cause it to happen even more. When you travel by car or plane especially during peak season, it is easy to suffer from muscle cramps. It is not only uncomfortable but also painful. It is hard for you to keep up with your journey when you get muscle cramps. It can also ruin your mood during travel. Getting stuck in a car or plane for hours is likely to make you have muscle cramps in many areas of your body. Exploring different locations of tourist attraction by foot is fun since you can find many more interesting things. However, you may get muscle cramps especially at night.

How to Treat Muscle Cramps Caused Travelling

Preventing and Dealing with muscle cramps during travel

Even if you are seasoned travelers, having muscle cramps sometimes is inevitable. You need to teach yourself how to treat it especially when you are travelling alone. Of course there are many kinds of drugs you can buy at a drugstore to make it go away. However, you can also try these tips:

  • Prolonged sitting is one of the most common causes of muscle cramps. Therefore, it is highly suggested to be proactive during travel, especially when you travel during high season. It is important to prevent yourself from having muscle cramps by stretching and slow walking before you set out. You can do it for about 10 to 15 minutes. Thus, your muscles will be loosen and your blood will low properly.
  • If your trip takes few hours before arrive at your destination, make sure you don’t keep your position the same the entire journey. You need to change your position at least in every 20 minutes by standing up, stretching, etc. You can also massage your legs occasionally. When you arrive at your destination, give yourself few minutes before taking a walk. Then, you can take a brisk walk to make your muscle ready and warming up.
  • Muscle cramp can be caused by exhaustion. Thus, it is recommended to pack healthy snacks for your travel. Thus, you can recharge your energy when needed. There are also foods that can help you prevent and even relieve muscle cramps. They are seeds, nuts, or fruits like bananas which are source of calcium, magnesium and potassium. However, there are also foods that you need to avoid during travel such as grains, alcohol, high-sugar foods, and pasteurized dairy. They can higher the risk of getting muscle cramps during travel.
  • Dehydration is also common reason behind muscle cramps. When you have to take a long flight without drinking enough water then you will suffer from muscle cramps. Therefore, make sure to pack enough water for your travel. It is highly suggested to take low-sugar beverages though. Alcohol is a big no for travelling since it can higher the chance of you getting muscle cramps instead. Healthy beverages are good for your body. Thus, make sure to drink enough water before and during travelling.


Komodo Boat, A Vessel to Reveal A Fantastic Park Adventures

The land of Komodo dragon is not only blessed with the prehistoric giant lizard, but is also overflown with breathtaking landscape and lively marine life. Komodo has too much to offer and there’s no way you can taste it all in one single day. Obviously, the right way to do a proper adventure in Komodo is by taking a sailing trip in a Komodo boat. Picture the wooden phinisi boat that match perfectly with the Jurassic-esque scene, gleaming azure water dropping in the background, and the majestic encounters with outlandish beasts, both on land or beneath the waves.

Komodo Boat, A Vessel to Reveal A Fantastic Park Adventures

If you are a sucker for exploration, this sailing trip could feel much like an expedition to eccentric wildlife than a leisure holiday. The exotic landscape is not only here for a pleasing show. It’s a safeguard for many exotic and rare creatures that will probably vanished should they are exposed to modern civilisations.  Here is a glimpse of wild wonderland that has long been hidden in Indonesian frontier.

A fantastic park to launch uncanny adventures

Komodo is surely the place to experience a real life experience of Jurassic Park mixed with a little touch of Fantastic Beast and How to Find Them. No kidding. These jagged and grotesque savannah islands seems like the land that slipped before time. And between the wild outdoors, fantastic creatures creeps and glide, living their best lives under the protection of UNESCO and  Indonesian government. Our main star, the Komodo dragons, lurks amidst the tropical forest of Komodo Island and Rinca Island; hunting the deers and doing their best as the official national animal.

Komodo boat is your ticket to wander around the rich sea

Venturing the region with Komodo National Park with Komodo boat will not only get you the sight of majestic Komodo dragons, but also other marvellous creatures. Underneath the azure ocean, array of chromatic corals awaits. Once you take a deep plunge, the marine life reveals a technicolor life with greater diversity than the land above. The water is clear with high visibility and it’s a great place to hunt (and by hunt we meant sightseeing from afar) dugongs, pelagic, and hundred years old turtles. The Komodo’s water is warm and it’s a meeting point of two currents, bringing in rich nutrient planktons that makes the ocean blooms with life. The coral covers sustains thousands of fishes of many species, including tuna, sweetlips, surgeonfish, napoleon wrasse, and other school of fishes that seems busy crossing the sea.

Above them all is our A-list celebrity, the great Manta Rays who definitely sit on everyone’s list after the dragons. There’s a special place in Komodo National Park where divers love to jump from their Komodo boat and wait for the Manta Rays passing—the phenomenal Manta Point. A favourite cleaning station for the Manta, this shallow open water spot is located between Rinca Island and Komodo Island with less than 30 feet depth. Coral beds featuring the forever shape-shifting anemones, clownfish, and turtles munching seaweeds will entertain you until the majestic Manta makes its graceful greets, gliding effortlessly in the middle of the bluish world.

Komodo National Park is really a place where mother nature audaciously let out its magic. 

Souvenir Ideas from These 5 Countries

Travelling will be incomplete without you buying authentic goods from your destination. There are many things to buy when you travel. However, most travelers sometimes are too occupied to think of what they really want to buy. Well, this is not a big deal but buying souvenir from where you travel can be considered as a great thing to remind yourself. Besides, people you love at home are always eager to find out what you buy from your vacation. If you can give them souvenir other than fridge magnet then they will surely more elated. Of course, there is nothing wrong with buying keychain or fridge magnet as souvenir for people waiting for you at home. But do you think it is a little too ordinary?

Authentic souvenir you can buy from these 5 countries

Every place has its special features including its authentic good to buy by tourists. Small accessories are the most popular type of souvenir bought by tourists. However, there are also other things you can buy from these 7 countries if you happen to visit one of them:

  • Austria is a wonderful country where you can enjoy lots of interesting tourist attraction. This is a travel destination for those who seek for more peaceful place with fewer crowds. Aside from its beauty you can enjoy during travelling, you can also buy its authentic souvenir in a form of Mozarkugeln or people also call it Mozart Balls. It is chocolate coated with truffles and filled with pistachio-flavored marzipan and nougat. The golden wraps just make those little balls more appetizing.
  • When you visit Turkey, there are many things you can buy. You won’t run out of option. There are glass lamps, hand-woven carpet, etc. However, you can also choose the simple but authentic good to buy as souvenir in a form of Turkish Delights. They are sold per kilogram so you can buy as you need.
  • Portugal is a great country where you can enjoy the richness of architectures while wandering around the town. Amongst all interesting goodies you can buy as souvenir, it is highly recommended to buy local wine. Portugal is home to some port wines where it produces the finest wine. You can buy wine produced in Duoro Valley. Enjoy this sweet drink with our beloved once you back at home.
  • Norway is great travel destination especially during winter. The vibe of romantic and peaceful vacation is prominent. This is also where you can buy some epic winter-wear. There is already famous brand of winter-wear in Norway called Dale of Norway. It is trusted quality knitwear which has been everyone’s favorite. Buy yourself and your beloved the comfiest knitwear to stay warm.
  • Kenya is exotic place where you can see the wildlife itself. This country is mesmerizing with its natural beauty. Travelers called adrenaline junkies or adventurers will be delighted to visit this place. Besides, there is also authentic souvenir to buy in a form of coffee beans since this country is one of the most distinctive coffee producer.

Stunning Spots Adventure Scuba Diving Bali To Explore

When there is a first time crashing into the water and exploring the underwater, there is a separate sensation that is different from other activities. Equipped with diving skill training, it allows you to be confident to explore many of the best dive spots. The more adventure scuba diving, the more you want to know more diving skills.

Adventure scuba diving bali

Scuba diving is a great experience and not forgotten by everyone. It’s hard to describe how extraordinary feeling when you can breathe like on land. Bali’s scuba diving adventure will be perfect for fun under your sea. There are many adventures for your holiday in Bali. This is why Bali with its white beaches and friendly weather throughout the year fits your dives.

Adventure scuba diving Bali is incomplete if you haven’t explored the best spots. It would be perfect if you enjoyed the best spot diving with warm weather. Surely the perfection of diving must be balanced with training. Have you been certified as a diver? If you have not been certified, then you must be a quality open diver. If you have a lot of diving experience there will be many programs for the pleasure of adventure scuba diving Bali.

Adventure scuba diving will feel more comfortable and safe when doing it with a professional instructor. There are many who do it without prioritizing security so that it is fatal. Scuba diving adventure packages are also offered for divers of various levels. For underwater photographers, you can enjoy night dives. At night you will see underwater species that emit light and look amazing. Maybe not many people want to do scuba diving for various reasons and it’s natural to understand.

Adventure scuba diving Bali is a fantastic activity that has become a favorite for outdoor adventurers. Before starting, there are other things that you must pay attention to. Checking dive equipment is important. You should check the oxygen cylinders and make sure they are filled according to the procedure. If you are a beginner, make sure you check under the supervision of the instructor. This is the standard that you must do before doing an adventure scuba diving Bali, no matter you are a beginner or a professional.

Make sure you get service from a trusted and quality dive center. Scuba diving Bali is not just an activity for fun. There is a lot that you can learn during diving that leads to the personality of the diver itself. Bali’s scuba diving adventure is a perfect activity that you must try and do.

Safety List You Need for a Road Trip

There are many ways for you to enjoy your holiday and have a memorable vacation. One of them is a road trip. This is fun and suitable for those who enjoy exploring the road. You can go solo or in group. It depends on your mood. However, it is more recommended to go for a road trip with group. Besides gaining more fun, you also have more reassurance about your safety. Just in case there is an emergency while you are on the road, you have somebody to help directly on the spot. Having a solo road trip is fun especially if you are the type of lone wolf that appreciates silence more than the nosy crowd. However, having a road trip in group is not bad either. That way, you can also share happiness while watch each other’s back.

Safety checklist you need for a road trip

Driving car and explore the road to your travel destination is exhilarating. There is self-satisfaction when you hit the road and leave behind all worries you get from havoc days. No matter how safe road trip is, it is essential to make sure that you are not going to risk anything for it. So here are some tips to keep you safe before, during, and after a road trip:

  • Make sure that you are going to use healthy and fit car for the trip. You have to go for a tune-up before hitting the road. This is to make sure that your car work and function properly. Check your tires, belts, battery, fluids, as well as air conditioner. It is recommended to let a mechanic check your car to make sure everything is okay.
  • Aside from making sure that your car is fit for the trip, you need to check yourself as well. It is important that you are in good condition and fit for the trip. Make sure you have enough rest and sleep before driving. Driving while drowsy will only increase the risk of getting a car accident which can harm you, your passenger, and even other drivers.
  • Pack emergency kit for safety which includes essentials such as water, flashlight, first-aid kit, warm blankets, jumper cables, tools to help you change tire, flares, and not to mention a fully charged-cell phone.
  • Road trip is usually done during summer where the heat sometimes is unbearable. Thus, make sure that your body is well-protected from the heat and the sun. It is highly suggested to apply sunblock to your skin. It is also recommended to wear sunglasses to make you see the road better.
  • To make your drive more comfortable, you need to adjust your posture. When you tend to keep slouching while driving, it will make you drowsy easily. It will make you feel more uncomfortable during your trip and risk to get yourself into accident. Then, make sure to switch driver or take a quick pit stop every two hours. Drink water to keep you awake and focus.

Bali Diving Course A Perfect Way To Eliminate Myths About Diving

Everyone has a lifetime experience that changes their perspective and lifestyle and the way we understand things. Faced with scuba diving, for ordinary people this might be a bit extreme. Imagine doing an underwater trip with diving equipment. The Bali diving course is able to bring you to see the underwater beauty. The name Bali has been global and everyone likes to visit at any time of the year.

Bali diving course

Diving is very fun. Dive courses teach beginners how to dive properly and correctly. When taking a dive package that is too expensive, it requires a clever way to find dive operators with affordable but high-quality packages. Even professional divers need ongoing training to hone diving skills.

The Bali diving course is offered to all beginners or professionals without exception. Each level has its own level of difficulty. Diving courses are needed to sharpen skills. But there are many obstacles so people cannot go scuba diving. Whatever professional you are, it is possible to stop the desire to go diving. Some opinions of people who finally decided not to dive.

Diving Is Expensive

Like most others, spending anything can spend any money. You can visit dive shops and buy all the diving equipment. Of course, the price of diving equipment is expensive. For beginners, this will certainly waste money. It’s good if you visit the center of the strait and look for information on whether it is really necessary to buy a diving equipment for a beginner. Many training centers offer Bali diving course packages at various prices. They provide diving equipment so you don’t have to bother buying and carrying diving equipment. If you get the best price in the dive center, the opinion that diving is expensive can be refuted.

Bali Diving Course takes a long time

Diving training requires a lot of time to become a professional. In its development, diving training institutions package it in a package that contains the basics of training instantly, without reducing the core of basic training. The opinion that diving takes a long time is irrefutable. Bali diving courses for beginners can be done in 4-5 days, and you will be certified as a diver.

Cold in water

This is the fact that the body will lose heat in water faster than on land. But it’s the same if during the winter season you can’t go without a warm jacket, scarf, or gloves. Likewise applies to dive. You can use a special wetsuit to keep your body temperature warm while diving. Or you can visit tourist destinations with warm weather like Bali. Bali diving course is right for you to escape from winter.

The Most Crowded Cities around the World You Need to Consider before Visiting

The world is large that you won’t have any option about where to go for your next travel plan. There are places which are already popular amongst travelers and there are also some places which wait to be visited and explored. Every country in the world has their own popular travel destination. It is often that the most popular one gain more attention for tourist from all over the world. Cities with large population can also be a great travel destination. However, sometimes it ends up discourage tourists to come as well.

Lagos, Nigeria

Find out the most crowded cities in the world

Overpopulation is quite common. It happens to different places all over the world. However, it doesn’t mean those cities are less desirable as travel destination. There are still tourists all over the world who like visiting crowded cities. However, you might as well consider many things before visiting crowded cities with crowded tourists. here are some of the most crowded cities you need to consider before visiting twice:

  • Rio De Janeiro, Brazil is one of the most popular travel destinations in the world. However, it is also one of the most crowded cities where the population is large. Of course, there are many attractions in this city which can be explored by travelers such as beaches as well as festivals. The number of people crowding this city will be worse during peak season so if Rio De Janeiro is in your bucket list, you’d better plan to visit during low season.
  • Guangzhou is the third largest city in China with large population. China itself is one of the largest populated countries in the world. The population inhibited this city is around 13 million. This city is more commercial compared to Hong Kong where it is also home to manufacturing center. It is highly recommended to prepare everything if you want to visit this country and make sure to choose off season.
  • Lagos, Nigeria is also one of the most crowded cities in the world especially since it is one of the fastest growing cities in Africa itself. Don’t think that overpopulation only happens in Asia. Lagos itself is a commercial city with population of around 13 million. However, this city is also one of the most desirable travel destinations since it is located to the coast. Enjoying nice beach is a must agenda for tourist visiting this city. There are also some museums that the tourists like to visit. There are historical and cultural aspects to learn in the museums.
  • New York city is one of the biggest tourist attractions in America. However, this city is also home to population of around 18 million. Of course, there are lots of tourist attractions which make people all around the world want to pay a visit such as the Time Square. Thus, it is better to think twice before visiting this city especially during peak season. You don’t want to get lost in the sea of people while enjoying the city.

Bali Freehold Property For Sale, A Smart Way To Investment

If you are a foreign property investor, whether you decide to buy freehold or leasehold depends on your needs. Bali freehold property is one of the most sought after and bought by foreigners. But this is important because foreigners need to use Indonesian entities as certificate holders. This is a government-determined regulation relating to foreign ownership property. Buying Bali freehold property for sale or leasehold has consequences which are related to the value of the investment.

Bali Freehold Property For Sale

Bali Freehold Property For Sale For Foreign

Buying property is the best investment. This allows you to enjoy it year after year, as long as you still have it. Land or building ownership in Indonesia is the most complete and strongest in Indonesia. Under government law, only Indonesians have the right to own land or buildings with property rights. For foreigners, you can get land or buildings with usufructuary status.

Bali freehold property for sale is indeed the target of investors, both domestic and foreign investors. Most foreigners buy Bali freehold property for sale with Indonesian entities and rent them to other parties. Surely this provides benefits to all parties.

The terms and conditions of the Bali freehold property for sale agreement between foreign and second parties (Indonesia) are made in the original agreement letter. For foreign investors who want to own property, be careful and careful. This is about ownership of a property and a lot of fraud that occurs because of a lack of caution. This does not mean that using an Indonesian entity cannot be trusted but at least there is an awareness from foreigners.

Please note that the building lease term for foreigners is 25 years. After that, it can be extended in the second and third periods for a total of 70 years. The requirements are related foreigners still have a residence permit. If the residence permit is no longer extended, the property must be transferred to another person.

Bali freehold property for sale is no longer difficult for foreigners. The presidential decree has given concessions to foreign ownership. This further opens up opportunities for foreign investors who want to do business in Bali. When there is an opportunity to do business and get profits, everything can be done easily. Property agency will help foreign investors to get a property with the status of “usage rights” until the document process is complete. Through the agency, you can see Bali freehold property for sale with various facilities and prices.

Find Out the Most Expensive Visas before Travelling

Travelling is fun, especially because it is easy to go from one place to another. Travelling overseas is not difficult as well. You just need to make sure that your passport is still valid. The American passport is even held in high consideration. With it, you have access to over 100 nations. However, not all nations only requires valid passport to visit. Some nations require passport holders to be pre-approved before their visit as well. There are some destinations, in which you are required to get a visa from the local embassy.

Find Out the Most Expensive Visas before Travelling

However, it is not a big issue since obtaining a visa is quite simple. You can even obtain it after landing at the airport. To obtain visa, you will be charged less than $20. However, there are also some destinations around the world when visitors are required submit other needed documents. Therefore, it is important to find out which destination requires expensive visa and other documents.


Formerly known as Zaire, Republic of Congo has a restrictive price tag. If you plan to visit this place, you need to apply for a visa three months ahead at max. Besides, you will be required to pay $200 for the application requirement fee. Aside from it, you will also be required to submit copy of your airline ticket, a letter of invitation, as well as hotel reservation which has been verified. Without those requirements, they will deny your application. It is also highly recommended to take shot the Yellow Fever vaccines as well as anti-malaria prior your planned trip.


Russia is one of the most restricted countries in the world especially to western travelers. You need to prepare your money before visiting this country. The price is range from $90, $144, to $288. If you apply for single entry then you must pay $90. If you apply for double entry visa, you will be required to pay $144 which takes 20 days to process. If you are in a hurry, you can ask for faster process which takes 3 days. However, it costs $288. There is also multiple-entry visa which costs you $270 and it takes 20 days to process. If you demand for faster process in which it takes 3 days, you need to pay $540. Other requirements for visa application are valid passport, invitation from tour operator as a proof, etc. Make sure to always up to date with visa requirement before planning to visit Russia.

Find Out the Most Expensive Visas before Travelling

Brazil is also one of the most restrictive countries in the world especially for American visitors. You need to receive your visa your arrival to this country. You can send your visa application to the nearest embassy. Other requirements for visa application include valid passport, as well as one blank page in the passport book. To apply for the visa, you need to pay $160. It is also important for you to know that if your application is denied, you won’t get refund. Thus, make sure to complete all the requirements.


Reasons Why Komodo Sailing Trip is Honeymoon Perfect

When you think about honeymoon, where will it be? Somewhere remote, surrounded by endless turquoise sea? A luxurious resort deep in the middle of nowhere? Somehow island destination is still the most popular choice for honeymoon and romantic gateway alike. Maybe that’s because after all the venue fees calculations and problematic families dramas, all newly-wed couples need a serious relaxation therapy to get them back into the normal senses.

Reasons Why Komodo Sailing Trip is Honeymoon Perfect


While there’s absolutely nothing wrong with gravitating towards Bali, Nusa Penida, or secluded floating resort, your honeymoon will be fairly the same with couples from the rest of the world. Try to go outside the template. Take a honeymoon voyage like Komodo sailing trip which will take you to not just one, but dozens of pristine islands everyday. It’s time to get real surrounded by pristine waters and forever basking in the tropical sun with your loved one. Still need some conviction? Here are some reasons why Komodo sailing trip will be a perfect honeymoon

A Landscape Out of This World 

Snappy jagged island rise straight from the sea. Lines of glowing white sands stretch around peaky rolling hills. Glassy, translucent water with glowing plankton fills spaces between island to the infinite horizon. Just the landscape of Komodo National Park can transport the two of you into a real Lost World. There’s nothing to disturb your little love bubble. No works, no gossipy friends, no in-laws. Just you and your beloved one in he middle of beautiful earth.

A World Just for Two

Government and UNESCO’s protection keep overbuilt tourism creeping from our pristine National Park. Most of the islands are inhabited—only Kanawa and Bidadari has special resort built on the islands. Villagers only take Komodo and Rinca islands to built houses—living in harmony with the deadly dragons. The rest of the islands are kept wild with zero civilisation at all. On top of that, not everyone has the luxury of time to travel into this far-flung frontier, leaving the landscape in its rawest state. Each of the secluded beaches can easily be your private resort for two.

Couples Who Sail Together Stay Together

Something about sailing trip feels so intimate when it’s done with your lover. Maybe it’s the tranquility, maybe it’s the excitement of discovering a a new world together. Soulmates connect deeply and easily here. Either way, you cannot deny the exoticism of sailing trip to the outlandish Komodo that brings queer romantic vibes to couples. Besides, a sailing trip needs more couple teamworks than stay-at-resort type of honeymoon. You need to help each other going up and down the boat, give comforts while one of you get seasick, and ensure the safety of each other during diving or hiking excursion. When you have passed all of this, the bonds between you will grow stronger than before. 

Less Planning. Less Stress

A honeymoon trips can be surprisingly stressful. Especially when you are the one who plans out everything; what to do, where to sleep, what attraction to see, and which beaches you two want to go. Well, everything can be easier in a Komodo sailing trip. You can just point out which islands you want to see and let the team do the rest. No worries about hotel booking. You gonna sleep in the liveaboard anyway! Less honeymoon planning means less stress, and less stress means a happy couple!

And have we ever mention the cutbacks of eating out and what’s-for-dinner arguments?

There’s Nothing Like Spa in the Sea

No honeymoon can be complete without deep-tissue spa to rejuvenate your body and mind. But here in Komodo sailing trip, spa get even better when it’s done in the middle of the sea. Or the nearest deserted beach. Some luxurious liveaboard in Labuan Bajo provide this service, which make it so perfect for couples in honeymoon!