Basic Tips for Green Komodo Sailing Trip

 Have you ever heard about green travelling? Well, apparently many travelers still mistake green travelling with camping somewhere deep in the forest, tucked away in a tent or hammock. But that’s not the real green travel. You can do green travelling anywhere—because it’s actually an act of awareness, not that kind of travel tied to particular destination. Sometimes green travel goes by sustainable travel or ecotourism. It’s a sort of principal you can practice practically whenever you go—including on Komodo sailing trip. Especially on a sailing trip to this protected park.

Basic Tips for Green Komodo Sailing Trip

Why You Need to Practice Green Travelling on Komodo

Now there are a dozen of reasons why you need to practice green travelling when you go to Komodo. First, Komodo National Park is protected by the country and also fell under the protection of UNESCO World Heritage—and they have a lot of regulations to keep the place habitable for Komodo and other wild animal. At anytime the National Park shows decrease in quality, it can lost its UNESCO status. Second, Komodo National Park is the last home for the last species of Varanus komodoensis—the Komodo Dragons—in earth. And the water around Komodo sit perfectly in the middle of coral triangle; where rich nutrients water supports blooming marine life, healthy vibrant corals, and even rare marine animals—like the tiny pigmy seahorses, hammerhead sharks, torpedo rays, and many more.

Third, it’s the super pristine beaches and raw savannah that made us fell in love with Komodo in the first place! It’s not fun to find our precious Komodo to be covered up in pile of traveler trash in years later. If you call yourself a nature-lover, you shared the responsibility for protecting our delicate and beautiful nature—because that’s what the earth left us to enjoy.

What Can You Do to Practice Green Travelling in Komodo

So how we can protect the delicate Komodo National Park during our Komodo sailing trip

Bring Reusable Bottle Anywhere

Indonesia is not a country with drinkable tap water. Most of the locals either buy a gallon of drinkable water or purchase the bottled one in nearest store for a quick drink. Don’t follow the custom. Reduce the plastic waste by bringing your own reusable water bottle. Also, forget the straws.

Your Shopping Bag Should Always Be With You

Well basically, you won’t shop anything on a Komodo sailing trip (you are floating in the sea, anyways). However, there might be time for unexpected souvenir shops in one of the island—and that’s when your shopping bag comes in handy. 

Pack Trash Bags, too.

Trash bag is very essential for containing your own trash when you are chilling in any Komodo’s beaches—or basically any place in Komodo. If possible, you are also highly encouraged to collect trashes you found in the in the beaches or the hills.

Light Packing

Do you know that vehicles use more rules to carry heavier loads? Subsequently, they emit more green house gasses which contributes to atmosphere pollution.

Take PADI Peak Performance Bouyocancy Course

—or ask your dive master for quick tips. It’s a very important thing to remember if diving is included in your Komodo sailing trip itinerary. Because you know, fins movement are known to have damaging impact to fragile coral reefs. So always be cautious with your movement under the water. We don’t want to be the one to break Komodo’s loveable reefs, do we?

Apply Reef-Safe Sunscreen

It’s time to realise that our every product is going to be washed straight to the sea. And as a diver, one of the product that have direct impact to the sea is the sunscreen. Yes, you heard it right. A lot of sunscreen use oxybenzone and octinoxate chemical that are responsible for bleaching the corals. When you dive or snorkel, your sunscreen can slide off your skin right away, land into the corals, and build up throughout the years. Be sure to pack reef-safe sunscreen!

And as always, do not take anything, do not leave anything, and enjoy your green Komodo sailing trip!

Travelling to Magical Places in Indonesia

Indonesia is one of countries situated in Southeast Asia. There are many places you can go to for travelling. Started from nature-based tourist attractions to high-technology ones, you can find everything you want from satisfying vacation. However, Indonesia also own magical places which deserve a visit. This exotic country has been one of the most popular travel destinations in Asia. Of course, Bali is the most famous travel destination but there is more than that to explore. There are other places you can find special and magical to visit. Not only tourist attraction, Indonesia is also famous for friendly citizens who always welcome travelers coming from different places in the world.

Travelling to Magical Places in Indonesia

Magical places in Indonesia you can choose for your next travel plan

Choosing travel destination can be confusing sometime. There are already popular places in the world you can explore. However, choosing one amongst hundreds can be exhausting. To help you decide your next travel destination, here are some travel destinations in Indonesia which can make you feel like floating in magical place:

Kampung Lolai, South Sulawesi.

This is where you can find The Kingdom of Toraja. Lots of people find Toraja culture and rituals bizarre. However, you cannot only focus on the cultural aspects. It is unique but Toraja also offers wonderful nature. You can visit Kampung Lolai to prove it yourself. This kingdom stand at 1,300 meters above the sea. Thus, you can also enjoy the floating clouds when visiting this place. The best time to experience the magical clouds is at 5 am local time.

Munduk Moding Plantation, Bali.

Travelling to Magical Places in Indonesia
Munduk Moding Plantation, Bali

Of course, Bali should be on the list. This is one of the most iconic travel destinations in Indonesia after all. This is where you can experience waking up in the morning and is welcome by a spectacular pool floating in a sea of clouds. This 18-meter-long pool is already popular in Bali. Lots of travelers and tourist are eager to experience swimming as if they are floating on the cloud itself.

Bukit Banyon, East Java.

The next magical place in Indonesia is Bukit Banyon where you can enjoy spectacular view framed with cotton candy clouds. The place stands at 1,175 meters above the sea. The best time to enjoy the view of floating clouds is during sunrise. You can even stay and until 8 am and the view will still magnificent to see. However, the view during sunset is not less beautiful. You can enjoy the orange gleam in the horizon.

Bukit Panguk Kediwung, Yogyakarta.

Travelling to Magical Places in Indonesia
Bukit Panguk Kediwung

This is one of the chars of Yogyakarta that you can’t resist. Travelling to this place, you will be able to experience riding Pegasus-drawn carriage in the skies. In this place, there is high platform where you can enjoy the view while riding Pegasus-drawn carriage. What you can see from above includes flowing river, green forest, and of course the towering hills. This is the best place to relax your mind while floating on fluffy cotton candy clouds.




Komodo Boat: 5 Simple Things to Enjoy Onboard

Spending a week to sail around Komodo, Flores, Indonesia, is probably one of the most noteworthy ecological niche on the country. In the land that’s still so pure from mass development, sailing trip in Komodo offer a back-to-basic kind of holiday, where you would have all the tropical fun—sun bathing, beaches, endless sea, etc—and still be exposed to the raw nature. Komodo boat is the perfect vessel for everything to happen. On board this boat, you gonna have a perfect blend of adventure and pleasure kind of holiday trip.

Komodo Boat: 5 Simple Things to Enjoy Onboard

Reconnection to Mother Nature in Deserted Island

Island hopping is the main feature of every trip with Komodo boat. On each island, you gotta find different things that won’t be found in other islands around. Some of the islands (read: Komodo and Rinca) houses the endemic Komodo dragons—the only colony of dragons left on earth. Some are home of coral reefs, baby sharks, and pelagic. One of them, specifically called Kalong island, is inhabited solely by giant fruit bats who burst and fly simultaneously when the dusk comes. Only Komodo boat can take you to these unique island and enjoy what they have to offer!

Secluded Gateway in Heavenly Beaches

On Komodo National Park tour you gotta find yourself more than a dozen of white pristine beaches that’s completely devoid from human’s footprints. A lot of them are even still hidden from the common crowds. There are plenty arounds and you can choose your own to get dropped off. Psst, among them are the phenomenal Pink beach, one of the rarest beach in the world.

Mind you, these virgin beaches don’t have lines of umbrella beaches and food stalls ready to greet you on the shore. So, bring on some snacks and drinks, sit in the sand, and enjoy your time watching the clear sea water brushing against streak white sands. Nothing can be more relaxing and fulfilling than this.

Fresh Seafood Galore

Having a trip with Komodo boat means there are lost of fresh seafoods ready to be served on the table! If you have long craved for good quality seafood, this gonna be the right time to fill your belly. Sometimes, they are caught just before dinnertime and grilled right before you!

Elated in Wondrous Viewpoint

There’s one elated feeling that can’t really be elaborated in words. The sense of being elevated, seeing dozens of islets and the vast blue sea enveloping the earth… that in a way feels liberating and exciting in the same time. And that breathtaking panoramic scene that would drops anyone’s jaw! Komodo has a number of astonishing viewpoint; Padar Island lookout and Gili Lawa hills are among the favourites.

A Floating Feeling During the Komodo Boat Sailing Trip

One of the simplest thing to soothe your soul during the trip is the sense of floating in the vast sea, in the middle of raw earth, without any worldly burden to think of. To let the wind blows away any anxiety; to let your should be carried away by Komodo’s lovely landscape.

Are you ready to drop everything on the shore and jump into the sailing trip?

Best Foods You Have to Try When Visiting India

India holds one of the biggest movie industries in the world which we call Bollywood. However, it is not the only strong point of India that makes people want to visit this country. There are other aspects which have drawn people interest especially travelers. One of them is the authentic foods. You see, almost everything in India are iconic. Started from their lifestyle, culture, and foods. There is a wide range of authentic foods in India worth’s travelling for. Thus, don’t waste your chance to taste various delicacies when visiting India even for a short trip.

Recommended foods to try when visiting India

If you only know curry as the best food in India then you are entirely wrong. There are various dishes in India you can explore to when travelling in this busy country. Even if you go to India just for food travelling then it is worth it. However, you must pay attention on where you enjoy the foods. Sanitary is still your priority especially when you visit another country out of your own. Here are foods you should try when visiting India:

  • Kati Roll – this is actually a street food which has been popular in India due to the taste. It is kind of similar as wrap. This food can be found in every city in India. This food involves frying an egg then setting the Paratha (flat-beard which has been familiar in Indian cuisine) on top. It is then added with marinated skewered chicken topping with chilies, onions, lemon juice, as well as sauce. This food is light that you can enjoy to satisfy your hunger before meal time without being too full.
  • Thali – This is kind of full course meal version of India which can satisfy your hunger. This is actually a platter of various Indian dishes. There could be six to twenty different dishes served in one platter. It usually consist of rice, curries, papadum, sambar, pickle, curd, dessert, sometimes, people prefer bread to rice or dal. Every restaurant usually serves different type of thali. However, this can be memorable eating experience for you to try when visiting India. This is a good way to enjoy different tastes from the same plate.
  • Chule Bhature – it is kind of similar with spiced chickpea curry. However, there are also some differences. This dish is popular the most in Punjab region. This is basically richly spiced chickpea curry served with Bhature or deep fried bread. Bhature is fried then filled with hot air, making it bloat like a balloon. This dish is usually served with onions, green chilies, and lime wedges.
  • Gulab Jamun – This sweet delicacy deserves a try. This is made of milk solids which are kneaded into a dough. They are then rolled up into balls and deep fried. They are then soaked in a sugary syrup. However, this is not ordinary syrup because it is flavored with saffron, rose water, and cardamom. This is great dessert to enjoy after eating Indian spicy dishes.

Bali Steak And Seafood, Top Menu While Enjoying Spectacular Scenery

Have you ever imagined enjoying fresh seafood or a romantic dinner with a beach view? Or dinner under the moonlight? If you visit Bali, then you have to enjoy the best fresh seafood menu. From calamari to Bali steak and seafood. The local or international restaurant serves a menu of seafood with the best ingredients directly from the fishing village. Each dish is very different, ranging from traditional to modern Balinese seafood, always increasing appetite.

Bali steak and seafood

Seminyak, a popular area with a row of restaurants, bars or clubs that attract tourists. This nonstop partying area, shopping and culinary one are highly recommended for you to visit while on Bali. What you should not miss is enjoying a seafood Bali restaurant. If you live in a villa, you can visit the traditional fish market, choose and shop directly from fishermen. Bargaining shopping for fresh seafood is a unique and impressive experience that you won’t get anywhere.

If you don’t want to bother, you can find a lot of Bali steak and seafood restaurants in various areas. Bali is synonymous with the best sunset and sunrise. Enjoy Balinese steak and seafood with beach views, who don’t want to? Travelers are willing to pay more to get the best spot.

There are many Bali steak and seafood restaurants giving promos all you can eat. This is a distinct advantage for travelers. Enjoy affordable food and spectacular views. Some favorite places in the Seminyak area require you to make reservations in advance. The fact is it’s not easy to get the best place to enjoy the best seafood restaurant in Bali. Either you have to place an order or queue to enjoy a delicious menu.

Sea Vu Play

One restaurant that serves Bali steak and seafood is one that you must visit. Restaurant with a semi-outdoor pirate theme is very convenient for solo travelers, groups or families. You can enjoy breakfast, lunch or dinner according to your wishes. When night falls, you not only can enjoy Balinese seafood but also nuances that are more vibrant with lights and music. Bartender concoction drinks are ready to take you to a more pleasant world.

There are many Bali steak and seafood restaurants with other best menus such as Sky Garden, MaxOne, Potato Head and others. Each restaurant has and offers the best views for you to enjoy the sunset. Don’t miss to enjoy the sunset and the best Bali steak and seafood by arriving early.

Things to Do When You Get Detained In The Airport during Your Trip

There are always possibilities of something to happen during your trip. There is a chance for every traveler to get detained in the airport. This can happen anywhere as well no matter what destination you are going to travel to. It can happen when you are on your way to your destination or re-entering your country. There are many reasons of why you get detained. Being anxious is common when you experience this. However, you need to stay calm and follow the process as instructed. Even when you have nothing to hide, it is kind of common to at least feel nervous when you have to deal with this situation.

Getting detained in the airport during your trip, what should you do?

People may have different way to deal with stressful situation including when they are in detained at the airport. Some of them remain calm and others go into a full-panic mode. Here are things you can do to deal with this situation:

  • Follow the instruction of the officer and don’t joke around about it. Throwing jokes here and there when you are detained is not a wise move. The last thing you need to do is to show yourself as a threat. However, acting too friendly with the officers and make some jokes is not the right thing to do no matter how friendly they are to you. Instead of joking, you need to stay calm and answer every question clearly. This will help to quicken the process.
  • There is no certainty of how long you will be detained in the airport. You can stuck from half to few hours. It usually depends on the case. For example, you may need to prolong your trip if the cause of you being detained is visa issue. To help you be more prepared with this kind of situation, it is better to do some research of your destination regarding to the custom process.
  • When you are detained in the airport, there is high possibility to miss your own flights. This risk should be handled calmly even though it is stressful enough to make you go into panic mode. Remember that the officer might not care whether or not you are going to miss your flight. They are associated with it after all. The best thing to do is to work it out with your airline agent and find the best solution regarding to the situation you are currently in.
  • You need to keep in mind that Customs and Border Protection officers have the authority to look through your files even if they are digital privacy. However, you need to make sure that they do their job under a supervisor. You also need to be present during the search so there is no chance for them to violate your information. You also don’t need to worry too much because it is often a shallow examination. Deeper search and examination will be performed if they find it necessary and there is reasonable suspicion.

Buy Or Rent Long Term Bali Villas To Gain Profits

Doing business can be done in many ways. The more difficult the economic conditions, make everyone think hard to get income. Whether you are an office worker, retired or businessman, it would be very good to have additional income every month. Businesses that always offer the opportunity to gain profits are property. When doing a property business, the strategy that must be done is an investment in popular tourist destinations.

Bali Villas

Bali can be the right choice for investment and profit. Why Bali? Tourist visits to Bali are very high, and certainly, require adequate accommodation. Especially high season, there will be many requests for accommodation. Bali villas is a popular accommodation among foreign tourists. The convenience of staying during the holidays is the main thing. Away from home and get peace like at home, Bali villas are a perfect temporary residence.

Long Term Rental Bali Villas

Bali villas will be a profitable business. Don’t be surprised if there are no Indonesian citizens who use the property business but also foreigners. Long term Bali villas allow you to re-rent to tourists. Finding a villa is not as easy as imagined. There are many factors that need to be considered so that guests feel at home for long. This can be used as a promotional tool so that your villa is always fully booked. The downside is that the villa you rent will return to the owner at the designated time when the agreement expires. You will only enjoy the benefits as long as you still have the right to rent Bali villas.

Buy Bali Villas

How do you look for Bali villas to rent back? If your economy is excessive, it’s good to buy a villa as a long-term investment. Later, you will use the villa as a place to live when you retire or sell it again. No cash needed to get a villa. You can take help from a trusted financial institution.

What about the cost of the villa to be paid? When you think about taking this investment step in Bali villas, you must think about how to pay on time as agreed with financial institutions. If you rent it to tourists, then you don’t need to worry about mortgages.

Bali Villas Maintenance

Maintenance is the most important and important in renting Bali villas. Hiring staff to do maintenance every month is a wise way to keep your villa well maintained and maintained. The feasibility of a villa as a temporary residence is important. It is possible they will return or recommend to others. Make sure that your villa is well maintained so that it attracts many guests and later provides maximum benefits for you.

How to Survive from Taking Red Eye Flight

It is common for travelers to take red eye flight because it offers many benefits. You will be able to save your money from transportation and accommodation since your airplane can do both when you take red eye flight. Besides, you can also immediately begin your travel itinerary when you arrive at your destination since you have time to rest beforehand. Another benefit is that you will be dealing with less hassle and long check-in. In general, you can travel more smoothly by taking late night flight. However, it doesn’t mean red eye flight doesn’t have disadvantages. There are also some inconveniences caused by taking red eye flight you may suffer.

Surviving red eye flight smoothly

Red eye flight gives both advantages and disadvantages. It is not for any travelers after all. However, remember that it is optional so that you don’t always have to take it whenever you are going to travel with limited budget or time. There are also discomforts resulted from taking red eye flight such as weariness, lack of sleep, etc. However, you can still survive from any discomfort by following these tips:

  • It is recommended to book the flight closer to your sleeping time so that you will be ready to fall asleep when you arrive at your seat. The closer your flight to your bedtime, the easier for you to take a rest. You can also follow up your pre-sleep routine just like when you are at home. Is you are used to washing our face, reading a book, brushing your teeth or applying face mask, you can do them all when you arrive at your seat to help you sleep easier.
  • Make sure to wear comfortable clothes if you take red eye flight. You can change into your favorite pajamas to make you feel more comfortable and ready for bed. You can also wear warm clothes such as sweater and add some layers such as scarf socks, etc. You need to get the most out your flight amenities such as neck pillow, blanket, etc. It is also recommended to shut down cabin noise as well as any kind of disruption.
  • It is highly advised to not drink caffeine or alcohol before taking your flight. They can cause dehydration to your system which can make you more difficult to sleep. As the result, you will feel restless throughout your flight. Mae sure to stay hydrated by drinking enough water. You also need to have a good meal consisting of healthy foods. Avoid spicy foods and anything that can cause excessive gas producing.
  • It is recommended to set alarm to help you rouse and get plenty of time to prepare before your arrival. You can take your time changing into your previous clothes instead of pajamas, brushing teeth, and fixing other things. Thus, you will be more refreshed and ready to face the day. If you wake up too close to the time before arrival, you will feel disoriented. Make sure to give enough time to prepare properly.

Bali Diving Course, the Sports Activities For Exploring The depth of the Sea

Even though Bali is in a geographical area prone to the threat of natural disasters. does not prevent the desire of travelers to keep visiting. Travelers have their own goals when planning a trip. The trip to enjoy sports activities is one of them. The beauty of the beach and challenging waves prove Bali is perfect for surfing, snorkeling or diving.

bali diving course

Bali Diving Course, A Different Universe To Take A New Level

Diving is increasingly popular from time to time. Underwater scenery of Bali becomes magic for lovers of this one water activity. No matter amateur or professional divers, all want to try exploring the underwater Bali. Bali has been increasingly attracted by tourists, especially divers, since the underwater deployment by photographer Von Wong, which has shocked the world. Interested in diving?

The Bali diving course is mandatory if you want to enjoy the underwater scenery. Taking vacation time will be perfect for practicing diving skills. As soon as a Bali diving course takes 5 days for potential divers to get a certificate.

The high interest of the Bali diving course raises many dive operators with attractive promo offers. Training offers while getting a certificate with the best dive spots like Amed, Tulamben, Menjangan Island, and others. You need to know that not all diving spots in Bali are allowing for beginner divers. For this problem, you do not need to worry because the dive operator will put beginner divers in the place they should be.

Exploring underwater is not an easy thing, there are many preparations that need to be done such as finding the right Bali diving course. Dive operators definitely have the best training programs but not all have professional instructors. This will be a problem for beginner divers. When your first dive training is not handled by an expert, it allows your skills not to be maximal. So to get the best results, you should look for experts.

The Bali diving course can be a beautiful and memorable vacation. If you are looking for a holiday that is off the mark from an ordinary vacation, then trying to learn diving is the best solution. The impressive underwater scenery is not only the only thing you can get from the Bali diving course, self-control learning and socializing are other benefits. Make sure that the dive operator you choose is right and professional so that your vacation does not turn into a nightmare. The Bali diving course is a way to open and see a different world from the mainland.

How to Plan Kid Free Vacation Properly

Having a vacation is a nice occasion you should cherish when you still can have it. It is often that once you have kids, the opportunity to have nice and peaceful vacation is getting rare. It doesn’t mean having kids make your life miserable. It is that travelling with kids often causes hassle which can make your vacation agenda a little bit stressful. Thus, lots of parents end up not having any vacation at all. However, there are also families who enjoy travelling with kids and do everything to make their family trip less hassle. You can also opt for the third option which is travelling without kids. It doesn’t mean you abandon your kids. You will need thorough preparation to do it. Thus, you are happy, and are your kids.

Planning kid-free vacation the right way

It is not easy or parent to be separated from their kids because of the bond and worry. Thus, it might not be easy for you to plan a kid-free vacation. However, you will need this occasion once in a while to keep your sanity in check. Travelling without your kids doesn’t make you bad parents. You can still make yourself happy without making your kids feel less-loved. So here is what you need to do:

  • Take a baby step. It is highly advised to opt for short trip instead of a full-week cruise vacation. if you choose to take  a long vacation suddenly, it will not make everything alright. You may scare your kids for doing so because they cannot see you for a long time. Thus, it is highly advised to take a short trip to test the water. You can take a full-day vacation and make your kids stay overnight with a grandparent or family friend. They are great place to practice because of the safety. If it goes well, you may have another chance to take longer vacation when you need it.
  • Planning to leave your kids when you have never done it will be hard both for you and your kids. Thus, it is recommended to start early set up the idea of parental travel. Thus, it will become a natural occurrence. The longer you wait for them to be ready, the harder the break is going for both of you.
  • Don’t surprise them by breaking the news out of the blue. Make sure you notify them about your short trip as early as possible. Broach the subject casually so it doesn’t look like you are leaving them. Choose the right tone and word when you inform them. Make sure they understand that you are going for a while not forever. Focus on stating positivity of how fun they are going to be with the activities they will have during your leave. Don’t look too eager when informing of your absence or else they will think you are going to abandon them. Even though it is peaceful to have kid-free vacation, you will also need family trip after all.