Interesting Tourist Villages in Jogja To Be In Your Bucket List

Jogja is a special region in Indonesia. It has distinct culture which is so interesting to learn about. From foods to the historical landmarks, you can enjoy your holiday in Jogja. One of the must-visit destinations in Jogja is its tourist villages. There are plenty of them so you can choose some of them to […]

Papua Diving Raja Ampat: How to Plan a Dive Holiday

What is your idea for a perfect holiday? Is it a beach, sunset, white sand, coconut, clear water, yacht, warm weather, colorful fish, delicious food, peaceful, fun, peaceful, and quality time? Definitely, yes, that’s all you need. Exploring West Papua is the best choice for your travel experiences. This island is declared as the second […]

Idyllic Villa Seminyak For Sale With 2 Spacious Bedrooms

There are many reasons to host an event in the Seminyak area. They offer world class catering with impeccable service and amazing venues with spectacular views. Seminyak is a destination for foreigners to enjoy a vacation. Actually the Seminyak area is also a destination for expats looking for a place to live considering its strategic […]

About Trip Cancellation Due To The Pandemic

Canceling trip due to the COVID-19 has been done by many travelers. Even though the majority of countries around the world have loosened their travel restrictions, some people still find it scary to travel from one to another. The situation might not make it possible for travelling now. There are still many countries that still […]

5 Villa Ubud With Private Pool & 2 Bedrooms

Bali has always been a tourist destination at every opportunity. Exotic beaches, coral reefs, culture, and magnificent temples have made Bali increasingly popular with its uniqueness and diversity. If you are a lover of yoga, meditation, and a quiet place, you must visit Ubud. Located 37.4 kilometers or can be reached in 1 hour, Ubud […]

Considerations For Travelling On COVID-19

Travel is one of our essentials. We need it for many reasons. By travelling, we can get our bodies recharged and refreshed. However, it seems impossible today to think of travelling to somewhere especially abroad. With the current situation of the pandemic, we can see that in the majority of places around the world, it […]

Guidelines for Adventure Scuba Diving in Bali!

All this time you might know Bali as an exotic tropical island in the Southeast Asia with all the beautiful beaches, rice paddies, temples, thick cultural heritages and lively beach parties. It’s one of the most famous holiday destinations in the worlds. However, the beauty of Bali is not limited to what appears on the […]

Una bella città: Welcome to Italy!

People have visited Italy for centuries, but the first to visit the peninsula for tourist reasons were aristocrats during the Grand Tour, starting in the late 17th century and flourishing in the 18th century. Rome, as the capital of the powerful and influential Roman Empire, attracted thousands of people from across the empire to the […]

Komodo Snorkeling: What to See and Expect

Healthy reef structures with abundant tropical fishes, macro life, mantas, turtles, and sharks have become the signature of Komodo’s sensational underwater. The dragon-populated, far flung region is Indonesia’s another underwater jewel. A pristine part of world’s acclaimed coral triangle which is overflowing with planktons and rich marine biodiversity. Komodo is home to more than a […]

Batam, City in Indonesia like the bridge between Singapore!

Batam, a small island in the Indonesian archipelago of Riau, is located in the South China Sea. Quickly accessible by boat from Singapore, Batam is a free zone with several lively ports. The island is also known for its beaches, nightlife and duty free shopping. Nagoya, the main city, offers a lively atmosphere. The luxury […]