How to Get the Cheapest Way to Eat in Japan

As a general rule, if you want to eat cheap, then don’t eat at a restaurant. In Japan, one of the cheapest and easiest ways to eat is to go to the conbini—a short for convenience store—which can be found in every corner of a metropolitan city. And don’t worry, conbinis are still numerous in the outskirts of the city. But a pro at minimizing expenses while in Japan knows to avoid conbini altogether—and go straight to the supermarket.

Supermarket held discount near the closing time everyday. So make sure to take advantage of this! Depending on how much you eat or how much you dietary need intakes, you can budget each meal for as little as 300 Yen in total. Budgeting 500 JPY for each meal would already set you off comfortably. The key is to plan! Here are some of the most convenient food in Japan supermarket that would fill you nicely throughout your trip.

Toasts are priced between 100 JPY to 400 JPY. The prices of course, depends on how many slices inside one pack, the ingredients, as well as the brand. Toasts from Life Supermarket costs just a little over 100 JPY. With a toaster or an oven in the kitchen of the place you’re staying in, a breakfast is taken care of!

Bento, bento, bento. What more should I say? It’s the easiest meal you can enjoy and also super affordable. Wide varieties, very filling, and often beautifully arranged. Just make sure to come during the closing hours of supermarket if you want to find the best deals!

Cheapest way to eat in Japan: eat Bento

Fruits in general are often rather expensive. However, cavendish bananas are generally affordable. And they can be found rather easily. One pack often consists of three bananas. They cost around 200 – 300 JPY. This option is nutritious, delicious, and affordable. They’re a staple in my everyday diet.

Okonomiyaki and Takoyaki—frozen! You can enjoy these delicacies without having to make them from scratch! They only cost approximately 200 JPY more or less. Just one pack of okonomiyaki is already quite filling! They can be eaten at any time of day. You can buy several packs and store them in the fridge. Eating okonomiyaki or takoyaki together along with slices of apples is one of my favorite ways to begin the day.

Ready to eat Hamburg steak. Ahh, the ever-versatile hambaagu. Put them on top of your rice bowl or eat them with your bread; whichever you choose, this meal is one of the easiest to make, the most filling, AND dirt cheap. All you have to do is heat it up. It already has seasonings that seeped to the insides of the steak. One pack of three is priced around 300 JPY. Prices depend on the brands as well, but generally, that’s how much you can expect to pay.

Cooking is the way to go! You’re already planning on saving on food expenses in Tokyo—chances are, you’re already prepared or even had a solid plan on saving for accommodations as well. Make sure to book accommodations with a kitchen facility. It’s fairly easy to find kitchens in rental homes or rental apartments such as airbnb. Whether it’s a private kitchen or a shared one, both work well. You don’t have to worry about having to queue to use the kitchen.

Want A Thriving Online Business? Get Bali Seo Services!

One of the benefits when you have an online business in Bali like selling products or offering services is you can be location independent while enjoy the tropical island. The audiences are also in a huge number. But, just because it’s your business that you have prepared only by yourself since the first stage, doesn’t mean that you have to going it alone forever. You need to collaborate, even with an agency if that will be necessary. So with your site SEO you have to dealt with almost everyday.

Thriving online business with the Bali SEO services

Don’t be lie to yourself, SEO needs more efforts and is also takes time to see how your strategies are working. Not to mention that after the next week, your site ranking can be changed by the other related sites. Since SEO is well understood by business owners as one of the strategies to get a lot of traffic that leads to sales, the competition is increasingly high each days.

If you are busy dealing with the customers, shipping and anything that get you away from optimizing your website, then you will have to find someone or an agency to help you. Paying for the Bali SEO services is a better investment and is the long-term one.

But if you ask me about how cheap or expensive the SEO services in Bali, that is depending on the industry you are in and the scale of your business. So that, you won’t find such information about the SEO services price.

I believe that you are here not for that, but I think you may want to know where exactly to find the worthwhile Bali SEO agency that can help thriving your online business.

Search Engine Optimization is not a “trial and error thing.” We have been taught that there will only two aspects we need to deal with, both are the Onpage and Offpage Optimization.

You have to be well-prepared your site since the first day you were registering it before. In short, you need to combine at least 3 areas of expertise which are the website design, web development and onpage SEO itself. And there are many things you have to be done with them. A bit different with the offpage optimization where you mostly will try to find the high ranking sites for sharing your domain and URLs and also finding the influencers and bloggers to write about what your business is with the the hope that they will link to your website. That’s won’t happen in a short time and even you have to spend money for every posts they have published.

Therefore, collaborate with an agency is better so far since the agency has also the experienced SEO team.

Of all the agencies that can help you with your SEO campaign in Bali, you can put a trust to the Kesato & CO as it is the digital agency that offering the clients to build a better business websites, SEO and many more. You don’t have to be in Bali or have businesses in Indonesia, even if you are at the other part of the earth, if you can get in touch with the team, then you are good to go. Visit the site and get in touch with the agency to see what the team can do for your online business site.

Sticking on Your Diet While Travelling

When you are on diet, you do everything you cold to keep on track. However, is it possible to mishap your diet while travelling? The possibility is high for you to mishap your diet during travel.

Diet while travelling

Lots of restaurant provides foods which are high in carbs and fat and low in protein. This makes you hard to maintain your diet. As the result, you ruin your diet plan and feel guilty afterwards. In the end, you will no longer able to enjoy the travel and you cannot keep your body in shape like you have planned before.

Tips to stick to your diet while travelling

For some people, successful diet is priceless because it sacrifices many things to achieve the goal. However, dieting during travel is not an easy feat to do.

There are many temptations and challenges around you cannot easily ignore. These tips will help you to stick to your diet even when you are travelling around the around the world.

  • Before booking a hotel, try to find the one that has refrigerator or microwave. By having those in your hotel room, you can buy your own groceries and make your own meals. Then, you eat just like when you are at home. Your diet won’t be in danger then.
  • Always carry your protein pack wherever you go. Protein bar or protein shakes are easy to carry everywhere. You can add your protein when your meal lacks of it. Protein bar is the most recommended pack to carry since it is simple and you can even put it in your pocket.
  • Always carry healthy convenience foods with you when you are travelling. This will help you a lot to stick to your diet while travelling. You can reduce calories you consume as well as save your money from buying unnecessary and unhealthy foods. Convenience foods you can carry are granola, bread, dried fruits, seeds, nuts, tuna, and many more. Those don’t need refrigeration so you can eat them right away when you need.
  • You can also ask the server before ordering food from the restaurant. You ask them how they prepare your foods to find out if they put too much oils or butter which will make your food high in calories. You can ask the server to steam or grill your foods instead of frying. It works in many restaurant especially when they have reliable cooks or chefs who are willingly do everything to satisfy their customer and understand the importance of your diet.
  • You can also try simple trick by asking the sauces or dressing on the side to your server. Thus, you can control the amount of them you want to put on your foods. Another trick is to ask for substitutions. You can ask your server to substitute fries with salad or veggies. Customising your meals like this is beneficial to stick to your diet while travelling. Make sure you ask your server in friendly manner so they understand your urgency and not mistaken you from being a rude customer.

The Studio In Bali For Taking Professional and High Quality Images

Someone have been said that the studio is a laboratory, not a factory. Have you ever think that the photography studio should be like your own laboratory even if you are using it for your clients? You may have been taken thousands of images in a day for fashion products – you were actually working and learning that time. But you have to choose some of the best images among all. Rather than just capturing more, you are actually learning how to create the best ones. It is the laboratory where you can find many skills if you want, a studio can be like that.

I have never had a studio until today. It is because I have no intentions at all in doing the photography related business. But I love taking pictures as well and if I would like to get the professional one, the studio Bali is a place I have to go.

The studio Bali for professional images

It is one of the best photo studio I’d like to use and recommend for the other professional photographers if they need to create the professional images for product shooting, model, special occasion, and many more. Even if you are not the photographer but a client who need the professional photographer, you can still come along and see what the team can do for you.

The studio Bali I am talking about named as the Le Studio and is managed by one of the digital agency called as Kesato & Co. It is located at Jl. Plawa, only a minute from the main street of Seminyak, Badung regency.

All the photographers or the clients are also offered the post-processing services if they would like to deal with image editing but have no time or even have no experiences in using the image processing software to make sure that the photo shoots are ended with the best image results. If you are taking products images in a studio and using the model to support how the best way the products will be appealed, your job will be taking a bit longer in dealing with the image editing. So that, the service will really help you a lot while you can still enjoy your time at the beach or the other destinations in Bali. Leave the end results for the studio Bali!

I have said that you don’t even need to be the professional photographer as well if you want to rent the Le Studio. If you need the professional photographer for taking your special moment or even your business products and services, the studio Bali has been actually provides you with the experienced and skilled photographers to work with.

You can simply only need a reason to come to the studio. Either for business purposes such as creating your business images (products and services) or simply just to capture the special moments in Bali since you are spending holidays with your special friends or family. They are worth to get and put the images in all your business’s medias or back at home to be placed inside your photo album.

Travel Tips If You Want to Visit Kelimutu – Indonesia

One of the most attractive travel destinations in Indonesia is Kelimutu, the crater lakes in Flores. The multi-colored crater has been a unique and one of a kind geological anomaly. There are total three crater lakes in Kelimutu.

Travel tips to Kelimutu lake in Indonesia

Even though they come from the same volcano and the location of each lake is side by side, they show different color periodically and independently. Scientifically, fumarole activity is what makes the lakes to change their colors on the surface. The colors are ranged from red, turquoise and white.

What to prepare to visit Kelimutu Indonesia

The crater lakes in Kelimutu are called Three-Colored Lakes by the local. They believe that the crater lakes are the place where the ancestral spirits stay. Each lake belongs to different type of spirits such as the spirits of youngster, elderly, and bad people.

The locals also believe that the crater lakes contain a great magic. The volcanic lakes are boiling from the inside. Here is what you need to know before visiting Kelimutu, Indonesia:

  1. The location of Kelimutu is in Flores. It is 40 miles away from the town of Ende. You can take a flight to Soekarno-Hatta International Airport in Jakarta, Indonesia capital city. Then you can continue your journey to airport in the town of Ende.
  2. Since the journey to reach the volcanic lakes is not that simple, it is recommended to stay the night at the nearest village called Moni. the road to Flores is narrow and mountainous. Therefore the journey will be likely to be slow-going. Moni is 9 limes away from the location. You can arrange your transportation to reach Kelimutu in this village. It is usually arranged around 4 a.m. so you can see the sunrise.
  3. Since the journey to Kelimutu from Moni village is usually at dawn, it is recommended to bring warm clothes. The mornings in Flores in extremely cold as well as windy especially on the summit. However, the day may heat up later in the afternoon so you can opt for jackets. Thus, you can remove it when you feel heated.
  4. Hiking at dawn to catch the sunrise through the well-marked trailing is safe but it is recommended to bring your own flashlight for your safety. It is also recommended to bring your own water and snacks so that you can enjoy the view without ignoring your growling stomach especially not after hiking up to reach the lakes.
  5. There will be an entrance gate before you reach the lake and you will be expected to pay a small fee. Then, you can enjoy your time waiting for sunrise. When the sun is high, you can see the lakes clearly. However, it is not recommended at all to walk around the lakes especially the area when the steep is loose and rocky. The fumes are also too dangerous to breathe in if you are too close with the lakes. You don’t want to fall into the lake especially it’s a boiling volcanic lake we are talking about.

Why People Will Love the 3 Bedroom Villa at Seminyak

Bali is the main travel destination for many travellers and can be the paradise for the others. There are many things to do, destinations to visit and attractions to see if you are in Bali. The more people are coming, the more varied the tour packages are offered.

Demand for the affordable accommodation is also increasing and if you will need one, I’d like to recommend you the 3 bedroom villa located at Seminyak where many of the tourists are going.

Villa may not the choice for everyone. The traditional way people are choosing the accommodation is still getting the hotel rooms as the main option, as if they are out of better options. In fact, staying in a hotel is actually thing I won’t do when in Bali.

It is because the price can be so expensive with less of facilities and most of the times we’ll find ourself paying for extra services. If you are travelling in a group such as with your colleagues or family members, it is possible to pay more than what you have counted before.

That’s why I think that the 3 bedroom villa Seminyak not only can be your alternative, but also possible as the main priority for your next visit.

Why you and the other people will love the 3 bedroom villa at Seminyak – Bali?

Various type of accommodations are existed in Bali. The numbers of them are possible to keep on increasing each years as it is one of the potential business to earn more.

Villas are not something special in Bali, there are many of them from unique, traditional, modern up to the luxury styles.

The 3 bedroom villa Seminyak is only one of them that offering you the luxury, modern and minimalist touch with some useful and important facilities that you can’t even experience them if you choose to stay in a hotel with the same price.

Reasons people love this 3 bedroom villa Seminyak

I’d like to introduce you the 3 bedroom penthouse presented by Hu’u Villas Bali. It is the 3 bedroom villa I am talking about and will list down the reasons why you will love this one.

1. Luxurious comfort in a private villa

It is like staying in your own home. I mean, there will be no one inside but you and your partners inside. You may will see one or two staffs because of bringing your own requested foods or the cleaning services, and they should never make you feeling disturbed.

Experiencing the luxurious comfort at the highest level is easy when temporary staying in the 3 bedroom villa seminyak. It can be considered as your own private gateway where anybody else can join in as your permission.

2. The 3 bedroom penthouse is perfect for family vacation because of its amenities

Number of the bedrooms surely will be the first reasons why I recommending this 3 bedroom villa Seminyak as your main choice for the accommodation. Moreover, all the facilities are also provided as it is not just a temporary accommodation for travellers, but seriously facilitated to accommodate your daily needs.

You can even cook the foods yourself if you want, make a coffee or cup of tea, enjoy at comfortable sofa while watching tv or listening to the music.

Internet is available and free for you to use, library is even provided, big size fridge, telephone and much more that I couldn’t mentioned one by one. You can even use the hair dryer since it is also there.

Can a hotel room do that for you? This is truly staying at its best in this 3 bedroom villa Seminyak.

3. Jump into the private pool anytime

I know that this is part of the villa’s amenities, still, it is relieves knowing that you will have your own private pool when reserving the 3 bedroom villa at Seminyak.

This 3 bedroom villa is about 3 minutes walking to the Seminyak beach if you want to enjoy your time there. In case if you don’t want to swim at the beach, the private pool won’t go anywhere.

You can use it as you need, whenever you wants it and many more. Once more, is it possible to have one if you are in a hotel room? Even if that is possible, it can be mean that you have to spend more than just a hotel room.

What else you need to be convinced that reserving the 3 bedroom villa at Seminyak is the number one option you should take?

Ways For Travelling Safely In Bali Indonesia

Bali has already been acknowledged as one of the most desired travel destinations in the world. This can be a travel destination for those who are seeking for romantic vacation, adventure thrill, as well as relaxing getaway.

Tips for travelling safely in Bali, Indonesia

Travellers have dubbed Bali as the island of the gods. The beauty is intriguing and inviting. There are many beaches to explore, friendly locals to interact with, and original cuisines to enjoy. Therefore, staying for few days in Bali is a great idea for your next travel plan. You can plan many activities to do while visiting Bali.

What to do to stay safe while visiting Bali

Well, Bali is different from places you find in West. Thus, you need to know basic things about Bali which can save you from any threat and danger. Bali is not dangerous per se. It is just that you need precautions when travelling and Bali is not a perfect island where dangers are non-existent.

Possible threats while travelling in Bali include vehicular accidents, theft, natural disasters, etc. Here is what you need to do to travel safely in Bali, Indonesia:

  • To avoid theft, pickpocketing, and such you need to secure your belongings. Make sure you lock your doors and windows especially when you are away from the place you stay whether it’s day or night. If you are going to explore around the city, make sure to bring the copies of important documents and not the original one. If the room you stay in has safe box, you’d better use it to keep your belongings safe. Make sure to keep your belongings in a front-carry pouch when you exploring around.
  • Bali is popular travel destinations both for local and international travellers. The traffic is not to underestimate. Make sure you are safe by being careful while crossing the streets since vehicles don’t just stop when you do it. If you want to explore the island by car, it is recommended to rent a car which includes a driver since they are more knowledgeable about the road. This is also the same when you have intention to rent a motorcycle to ride around the places in Bali. It is not recommended for the sake of your safety.
  • If you like spending most of your times in beaches, make sure to stay safe. Always look for the red flags when you are going to explore the beach. When you find a beach with red flag, it means the beach is dangerous to swim since the currents are too strong to be called safe. You also need to be careful of red-flagged beach due to the dangerous rip tides.
  • Bali is home to Macaque monkeys. They might look cute but they are not 100% safe to play around. They like stealing things from tourists such as jewelry, electronic devices, as well as foods. Don’t be too friendly with them like smiling or inviting them to come around. They can interpret your smile as aggression especially when you give them all-teeth smile.

One Stop Solution to Find Your Website Developer In Bali

It may not special nowadays for finding the one stop solution buildings or offices to help improve your business. Today, many online businesses are operating, selling things or services to the customers. over time, online competition is also increasing and on the other hands, many times your official business site needs to be developed, re-design it and many more things you have to be done in a short time if possible. That’s why I will introduce you about the web developer Bali you can visit and call or any types of things you can do to reaches the agency.

Website developer Bali from a digital agency

It is an online agency or more exactly the digital agency in Bali to help the business owners to get their best site, develops it and even will help you to increase the organic traffic among popular search engines with various of SEO techniques and strategies if you need the service. Related to that, your site will be the SEO friendly site too without have to be directed by you.

The digital agency I am talking about is the Kesato & Co. Based in Seminyak, Bali, makes the office is easier to visit from anywhere around. But if you have no time for that, you can simply get in touch with the team especially the web developer bali team to consult about the related issues. Then, you may will be sent the project proposal in a short time to see what it can be done for your online business problems.

I have witnessed that there are not many of the website developers in Bali that are selling their services online. Many of them are working in an online agency, so their skills keep on updating.

Digital agency is one stop solution to find the skilled and experienced website developer in Bali. If you are asking an agency to build you a site for business, you will be explained about which Content Management System (CMS) will be used. You can choose among the WordPress, Laravel, Joomla and many more as the basic CMS to run your site. You can surely also ask them to build one from scratch.

What is actually the web developer do for your site?

Many times, the developers will be work with you as the client and your customers at the same time. There will be 2 types of the developers which are the back-end developer that you can assumed as the site administrator and the front-end developer that will be focusing on the client side to add styles, functionality to the site, etc. But since you are reading this, I am insisting to believe that there are two conditions you are facing. You don’t have a team for that and you have no knowledge or relevant experiences in the field. That’s why you will need to find the best web developer if you are in Bali and the only answer for now is to meet them in the digital agency as I have been mentioned above.

Running a business can takes more times as you know, even 24 hours a day sometimes is not enough. So you don’t have to do everything, hiring the web developer Bali will also part of the better investment for your business. Your site will be taken care by those who are understand well about what they are doing and you shouldn’t worry about that. The better your site being developed, the better to earn many things you have been wishing from it.

As the one stop digital solution, the digital agency in Bali won’t only focusing on developing it, but they have also the web design team that is really helpful to make your site looks great in the eyes of your clients or customers. That can be a good start and useful investment you have done so far to reach the next level in your business or industry.

Reasons Why You Should Visit Toraja Indonesia

Toraja is located in Sulawesi Island, Indonesia. This is home to one of the most unique cultures you will have ever found. This is where you can witness the living and the dead in the same space. Aside from thrilling and intriguing, Toraja has its own attractiveness which makes it hard not to pay a visit.

It is located in the high mountain of the island which just adds the thrill. However, this place is absolutely safe for visitor either domestic or international travellers. it is just their culture which sends a spark of thrill that sometimes impressive and scary at the same time.

So why should you visit Toraja?

There are many interesting things about Toraja started from the scenic look-put point to the unique cultures. Spending a few days in Toraja will make you be able to learn more about the unique culture.

Reasons to visit Toraja, Indonesia

Indonesia has distinctive culture diversity and Toraja is one of them. Toraja people have been living in original cultures up till now. Here are some reasons why you should put Toraja in your next travel destination:

  • The location of Toraja is in the highland of South Sulawesi, Indonesia. This make Toraja people is quite isolated from other cultural ferments. However, this place is accessible that you don’t have to worry about how to get there. It takes 8 to 10 hours of ride by bus to arrive at the location. The nearer you get to the location, the cooler the weather. There are many lookout points in the highland you can visit once you arrive at the location.
  • The Toraja keep their traditional belief named Aluk Tadolo which means the way of the ancestors. Thus, the culture remains the same up till now. Toraja people have their own social and spiritual ladders. Social ladders consist of different class system from royalty to servant. Spiritual ladders consist of three different levels. They are mortal life, the afterlife, and heaven. They believe that heaven.
  • You will be intrigued by the local’s original lifestyle. One of the most prominent is the shape of their house. Their house has curve-roof which is iconic that you can only explain when you see it. Their house faces north.
  • Another unique point of Torajan culture is about the water buffalo. Those are not used for working but for sacrifice. The number of the water buffalo that should be sacrificed depend on your status in society. The higher your status, the higher the number of buffalo you should sacrifice.
  • Class distinction is still applied even for the dead. There is cemetery cave in Toraja which is called as Tampang Allo. For nobles, they will be placed in a boat-shaped coffin to show their status.
  • There is also a resting place located in Lemo that can be used for all classes. Torajans prefer to be entombed in rock instead of burial in the ground. The dead will be placed in hand-carved crypts on the cliff with opening. It provides small space which can fit five coffins.

Get Healthier Life by Using the Parachute Hammock

When you are hearing about the parachute hammock, you may will associates it with travelling or camping. You’re not wrong about that. But you don’t have to wait in using it until your next weekend. You are possible to sleep inside the hammock anytime you need, and now, the purpose is not about spending your lazy time, but getting yourself healthier than before. Surely, in more fun and easier way.

Get healthier life by using the parachute hammock

When everyone will talks about getting the exercises for their self, some things and places will be mentioned. The gym or fitness center, instructor or personal trainer and all what they to do for hours to make their body and mind getting better and healthier. Good body condition, even though you don’t get the ideal body shape, is also means a good and better mental health. Healthier both inside and outside.

Things are, you don’t have much time because of your works, no money for covering yourself as the member in the gym and to pay the trainer, the gym is too far from where you are living, and many more reasons. “I can’t get a proper and expensive training!” That’s how you are telling yourself. Now, what if i tell you that you can also get healthier while sleeping in your home?

I know that this won’t be equal to the training sections with the trainer, but since it is really affordable, you can still get yourself healthier. I think that is all the training purposes supposed to be. Cheaper, easier and you don’t have to do anything but resting, relaxing, or sleeping inside the parachute hammock. Is there something better than that?

Parachute hammock has been proven as one of the better way to fall asleep faster than using the regular or traditional bed as you’ve got now. No matter how hard I am trying to think about the background reason, it must be the way how you are setting it up. Hanging over the floor even for just around several centimetres is always the interesting thing to try.

Right after you are inside the parachute hammock, it then swung by your weight and the movements you have given. The next seconds and minutes, the swings will slowly stop as you are slowly start sleeping.

The next good news after that is that a hammock is possible to also gives you a deeper sleep whom most of the scientists and the doctors are believing that it is the best sleeping stage that you can get. When the last time you have experienced that? It can be the rare thing for many of us, so just stop pretending to remember about that.

Therefore, if you need to experience the peaceful sleep like a baby, then you have to buy the parachute hammock that won’t takes up to $100 if you will use it at home. You can even get around $50 for that and you can use it for years. This is really a great investment for your health.

Sleeping in a parachute hammock will be quicker, more soundly and more refreshed when woke up. How can’t you be more healthier if you are experiencing those everyday? Moreover, somehow it is like the silent exercise. You don’t have to get rid of the bed right now, you will still need it. You can try to rest inside the hammock after work or sleeping in it one or two times a week.

Many have also healed from the insomnia and back pain to say the least. It is because of they were using the parachute hammock before for sometimes. And it is also great for the cognitive functions during a nap or a good night sleep inside it.