Let’s Think Of The Expectation And Rxeality Of Traveling In Paris!

Do you ever think of the expectation and reality of traveling in Paris? Well, what is your main resolution if suddenly a tycoon gives you a vacation ticket to Paris, France? Yup, you can guess the first thing you will do is visit the Eiffel Tower. The rest, you will spend time traveling around the most romantic city in the world.

However, sometimes the desire is not always in line and reality exists. His name is also a tourist place, not you alone who wish to visit Paris. Hundreds of thousands, even millions of people can be at your destination.

Well, here are seven expectations vs. reality traveling to Paris that aren’t forever romantic.

 Let’s Think Of The Expectation And Rxeality Of Traveling In Paris!

Picnic expectations at the Eiffel Tower

Intend to picnic at the Eiffel Tower? It seems like the romanticism of looking at the Eiffel tower with a stretch of green grass is only in the film. The icon of Paris is visited by hundreds of thousands of tourists every day.

Taking a photo of OOTD with a Notre Dame background

It seems that if you want to get a nice photo at Notre Dame, you have to stay by putting up a tent in the yard. Let alone OOTD, for selfie it’s difficult if tourist visits are very crowded.

The Laure museum

Grammar-style photos holding the end of the pyramid the front door of The Laure Museum is the dream of everyone visiting Paris. But never mind, forget it! Unless you are good at Photoshop, move the crowd to photos of reality.

Occasionally getting a picture of Mona Lisa

Do you want to take a picture of the Mona Lisa with your own camera? Stop that intention if you can’t patiently persist. Just take it on Google and take a picture of Leonardo da Vinci’s paintings. That is the easiest way.

Having or taking a romantic photo on the side of the Seine River

Let it be like in a romantic movie, photos with the background of the Seine River with white doves give an interesting impression. But you have to be heartened. People who hang out on the main river that divides France can reach thousands of people.

Still insisting on getting your own little photo without a crowd? Again, it’s recommended that you learn Photoshop.

To look like a French student, taking pictures by sitting on the grass of The Pont Des Arts is a real dream

If you have that dream and you want the dream to come true, then, come to Paris when the season everyone suddenly falls asleep all day. It’s just the only way. Because actually, this place is always full of people so it may be very difficult to get this dream.

Having or getting some photos in the middle of the Paris city building will be aesthetic

If you are able to get rid of this crowd, you can try the intention of your photo. But if not, you better enjoy shopping along this Montmartre road.

The condition of tourist attractions is indeed unpredictable. It could be that your expectations before leaving will be very different after arriving in the destination country. If you don’t want to be disappointed, you should not just get cool photos, but enjoy every trip you go through.

So, be smart with the expectation and reality of traveling in Paris!


What A Night in Bali Indonesia Nightlife is Like

The beach life in Bali gradually turn into a lively night scene as the sun sets on the horizon. Being on of the biggest international coastal destination in Indonesia, Bali never runs out of after dark entertainments. The streets in Seminyak, Kuta, and Canggu are lined up with more bars, pubs, and clubs than you could counts. If you’ve never taste the nightclubs, take a peek to this Bali Indonesia nightlife that we covered.

What A Night in Bali Indonesia Nightlife is Like

Most Bars and Clubs is Free-Entry

What we like from Bali Indonesia Nightlife, aside from the plentiful options to choose from, is their free entry policies. Even iconic nightclub in the upscale Petingeget like Sea Vu Play, Motel Mexicola, and La Favela don’t require admission fee—which make them perfect for bar hopping as they stands in fairly close proximity.

When It’s Charged, You Got Free Drink

Some older nightclub in downtown Legian do charge you some amount of admission fees that could get you a drink form the house. For someone that don’t really take cocktails seriously, these drinks probably taste kinda nice. But for someone who knows their drinks, they could come rather dodgy. Because you never really know what they put in there—probably cheap arak for the base—but again, you’ll never know.

Seminyak is More Upscale than Kuta and Canggu

It’s a common secret that bars and nightclub establishments in Seminyak tends to be more upscale  than the clubs in downtown Legian or Canggu. Though most bars embrace relaxed style, some famous Bali Indonesia Nightclub in Seminyak like the Potato Head, the Plantation Grill, Mirror, and Ku De Ta enforce casual smart attire and won’t allow singlets and flip flops to enter the area. Same things apply in famous establishment in Kuta like the Sky Garden and Vi Ai Pl (which stands literally next to each other). On other clubs like the Bounty or Paddy’s, you can practically walk in with only bikinis on and would still get accepted!

You Can Find Dedicated Bali Indonesia Nightlife Clubs to the LGBTQ Community

Being in Indonesia with largely religious community, you might be shocked to find that Bali Indonesia nightlife is more accepting to “all spectrum of the rainbows” than the rest of the country. Seminyak, aside of being all posh and sophisticated, is also known as the pioneer region to have gay bars open on the area. Amongst the iconic one are Bali Joe and Maxwell, which stands literally next to another in Jalan Cemplung Tanduk, and Sea Vu Play in Petingenget area.

Are you ready to begin your wildest nightlife adventure in Bali?

Surf Camp for Beginners in Nicaragua

If there will be the most popular thing about Nicaragua, it may be the Caribbean sea as the country’s border. Many experienced and pro surfers are also making this country as where they are riding the waves in consistency. It is because there are rideable waves can be find everyday where that can be a tough thing for the other spots in other countries. But you don’t need to worry that the new beginner surfers are not welcomed. Instead, there are various surf camp in Nicaragua where you can start your own course in surfing.

Rideable waves don’t always mean that there will only the big waves that the beginner surfers are running of. In fact, when I am introducing you about the Nicaragua’s surf camp for beginners, it is actually for the beginners as well as the intermediate surfers while it is also possible for those with professional records.

That will also be the reasons why surfing in Nicaragua is getting more rated. And when there will be the surf camp, I think it will be a good sign for the development of surf tourism in this country. And surely that it will also be the good news for beginners ever since the surf camp itself will be as the surf course itself. So, it is actually what the beginner surfers are looking for.

Recommended locations and accommodations for beginners to find the surf camp in Nicaragua

Best locations for Nicaragua's surf camp for beginner and professional surfers

Nicaragua surf camp for beginners spread in various location and accommodation options. But, there are some of the places that have been the best and highly recommended by the other travellers and surfers. Those are:

1 – Santa Maria Del Mar Surf Camp – Aposentillo, Chinandega

The hotel is one of the most listed at Nicaraguan coast while the surf spot location is offering the world-class experiences. The surf spot and the surf camp course itself is a great choice for beginners who want to learn to surf or even improving the surfing techniques.

The local surfing teacher will also take you to the other nearby beaches and even will give you a guarantee for the best waves. If you are interested in make a reservation, ensure that you are prepared yourself enough since the surf lessons are unlimited. This Nicaragua surf camp for beginners is an everyday training sessions.

2 – Playa Madera, Playa Marsella Surf Resort at La Paquita–San Juan Del Sur

“A little jungle village,” that’s how this resort is looks alike for the concept that is embracing the modern living for travellers that are admiring the adventuring. It is also one of the eco resort in Nicaragua where everyone can reside including the beginner surfers since the location is only few minutes to some world class surf spots.

The interesting thing about this resort is there are several types of staying you can choose. For example, you can choose to stay in class by reserving the eco-building of La Suite or you can try a Friends & Glamping Tents to have your best mates closer.

3 – Madera Beach Surf Hostel at San Juan Del Sur–Rivas

This hostel is actually a surf camp as well that is located at the fisherman village. A good news about this accommodation and location is, this is the great choice for the Nicaragua surf camp for beginners and even the child-friendly one whose a 3 years old child is free to stay in private room.

The surf camp is also teach surfers of all levels so you won’t be worry if you just a totally beginner for this. It is doesn’t matter if you have no idea how to step on the surf board at all. You will be assisted by the professional surf teacher and equipped with the most advanced equipment to keep you safe and while experiencing the best feeling ever when you will be riding the the waves.

That’s all the best recommendations for you in finding the surf camp for beginners and professional in Nicaragua.

Managing Travel Stress Caused By Travel Companions

Travelling solo may bring up anxiety within yourself from being alone in foreign place. However, it doesn’t mean travelling with companions will make yourself free from potential stress and hassle. Travel companions are varied from romantic partner, friends, families, spouse, etc. Travel with companions can also lead to some level of stress. You see, you think of yourself when you travel solo. You only need to expect things for your own good. Meanwhile, travelling with companions means there are more than one need and expectation. You and your companions must have different needs, preference and style no matter how similar you think you are with them.

Managing Travel Stress Caused By Travel Companions

Reducing travel stress caused by travel companions

Travelling with companions sound really fun because you can share happiness and joy with people you like in your life. There must lots of moments you can save in your memory for a very long time.  However, it is not all rainbow and sunshine. It may be easier if you travel with one companion. However, the case will be much different when your travel companions are in group. This can cause some travel stress before and during the trip. Here are some tips to manage it:

  • Plan everything ahead of time. Make sure to make the plan long before the D-day so that you can plan everything thoroughly without a rush. This way, every one of your group will be able to think rationally. You need to ask everyone in the group of what kind of vacation they really want. Even if your companions are teens or kids, do not skip them. Let them give their own opinions and ideas.
  • If you are going to travel in group, making decision will be much harder. If this happens, you can just take votes. Or, you can firstly vote for a leader. So that he or she will be appointed to make final decision if it is too hard to take together. It is important to respect everyone. Do not patronize anyone even if you feel like you know the best.
  • To avoid confrontation and unnecessary fights, be willing to compromise when necessary. Compromise will be more needed during the trip because no matter how well you planned, sometimes things don’t go accordingly. If it is hard to make win-win solution, you can just split up at times. This is another way of compromise.
  • If the conflict happens and seems to be inevitable during your trip, try to think logically and don’t take everything into your hearts. During travel, it is easily to get worked up and end up being too stress to think straight. Instead of raising voice and throwing hurtful words to each other, try to find out the cause of the conflict.
  • Try to make the most of the trip together because sometime travelling with companions is not about the destination but about the moments you can share together. Those are more memorable and unforgettable not because of the attraction but because of who you are with at that time.


The Right Way to Enjoy Your Time in Stadium bar Bali

One of the worst thing when you are out enjoying the tropical sun in Bali is missing your favourite sport show. Maybe the TV in your villa doesn’t provide international cable. Maybe your hotel simply don’t put enough importance to sport shows. Maybe your family (or traveling companions) are not invested enough to watch the sports with you—and they tend to occupy the TV to themselves. All in sudden, heading to stadium bar Bali comes as the best option; you get to see the sports event in big screens, you get  to drink icy cold beers and tasty snacks, and you get to meet likeminded crowds to cheer together. You only need to check on what’s playing and hit the stadium bar, and joining in the huzzah as your favourite team plays. Lucky you, Bali have some of the best stadium bar to try on, and here’s some simple guides to help you enjoying your time to the most in any stadium bar Bali you are in.

The Right Way to Enjoy Your Time in Stadium bar Bali

Pick A Strategic Seat

This is the basic. You want to have a seat where you can see the TV (or projector screen) clearly, hear the sounds of the game clearly, and overall get clear idea of what’s going on the game. Pick a seat that’s not too far from the screens, and not too close. You don’t want to break your neck just for looking up to the screen for the whole two hours. 

Get In Front Rows

Similarly, you would want an unblocked view to the screens. Big match tends to filled up rather quickly, so do your best to come as early as possible—especially on popular games such as World Cup football, Premiere League, Formula One, and Motor GP. Coming 30 minutes before the game would be perfect to secure your ideal seat before your preferred stadium bar Bali get loaded with crowds.

Stalk Their Social Media

It never hurts to stalk the venue before going in, especially if you have listed all stadium bar Bali you want to visit. Take a peek at what kind of sport they are playing in tonight, what does the bar look like, or maybe what promotion they are offering at the moment, if there’s any.

Order Beers and Light Meals

Though you can always order “classier” drinks like wine, bourbon, or sip some gin, nothing can beat cold beers to accompany the rush of adrenalines from watching games. Pair it up with platters, fritters, or simple fries. You want something easy to much while your eyes are busy on the screen. Big meals need more hands and eye coordination and a lot more focus—save it for the end of the game. 

Simple Exercises Before Starting Your Dive Course

Are you in love with diving and want to try once or even get your own scuba dive certificate someday? If you do, then you hopefully you can realized that dream sooner. And I want to reminds you that ever since everything have their own prices, diving is also need you to prepare yourself even right before getting your own dive course.

Diving is challenging. Sure it is. But you must have been known too that you should deal with how you can control the anxiety as it is the case for most of the beginners scuba divers when training. Not to mention that you should also ensure that your body is fits all the time.

Simple exercises before start a dive course

And as I am actually supporting your dream to be a diver or even a dive master one day, I am going to show you some exercises you can do before you start your own dive course.

  1. Jogging/Running and Swimming. You may won’t expected that I am going to say that, will you? Jogging and running has been proven to help us for breathing while the swimming itself is the main thing you must do while diving. Do these exercises regularly so later you can use the oxygen underwater properly and to help you focus on doing things in the water.
  2. Train your legs! Another one simple things you can do before starting your dive course is that to give exercises for your legs. Swimming may seem to be simple but when you are diving under, your foot will be working more than before. Not to mention that the dive spots are also get a challenging stream that you should take care of yourself. So that, you may want to make your legs to be not getting tired too fast. You can even do this while watching tv or something. The important of doing this exercise is because you will use the fins and it will be heavy and quiet challenging for the beginners.
  3. Start with a snorkeling! First swimming and then snorkeling? You are not thinking that I am giving you an amateur tips, are you? To me, there are 2 stages right before you are diving you have to passed away. Both are swimming and the last two is the snorkeling. It is so making any sense since diving is combining those 2 things. So, snorkeling will encourages you to getting used to the tools you will have to use in diving as well as to measure how good you are in it.

Diving is a great thing, but so does your safety. So that, do all steps one by one. Therefore, you need to slow a bit down no matter how excited you are about scuba diving because you are just a beginner. So, know your place. Start with a simple exercise and try to make a schedule for all so you can be discipline in training yourself right before the course and the dive.

Exclusive Photo Editing Services in Bali for Professional Images

Who do you think will need an exclusive photo editing services in Bali where today there have been many easy to use apps on mobile and PC or Mac for that? The answer is simple. It is those who need to get the professional image editing from the professional photo editor as well. It is about the quality.

In fact, there are many businessmen in Bali that are requiring the professional images for their businesses. To serve the clients or customers better equals to make any aspects of your business look professional. That’s why, for example many are requiring to hire a professional photographer for their accommodation businesses. The stay should looks better on images but still won’t give too much higher expectation to the potential customers. Can you do that through the apps on your phone?

How many months or even years you have been depending on editing your images through phones? Does that make you as the professional photo editor? If not, you may have wasting times. I am sorry but I have to say that you won’t be needed by the industry. Except for certain conditions that I have no idea which ones?!?!

And if you, who are reading this is the business owner or manager and whatsoever in your work, I will guide you where or whose to contact to get your business images more professional and exclusive.

Main reason to get the photo editing services in Bali and many other places in the world

No matter how professional the photographers are that you have been hired to take your business pictures, doesn’t mean that they have been done a perfect job. There will always a time where you and your team will need to think about the images should have been retouched and adjusted to get more better photos.

Exclusive photo editing services in Bali for professional business images

Images will need a little touch to brighten the room, remove the wrinkles on models, etc. It is about how to make the RAW photography results to be more professional so your business can get positive feedback as the result of the better visual you have been provided to your customers.

Just one little step to a professional images through proper and quick editing that will make even a photographers be happy with the results. That’s how a collaboration is made. When the photographer have been doing its job by best composition images, good angles, great lighting and so on, the professional photo editor will then correcting what the photographers have been missed before.

As simple as that.

By the way, hopefully I am not too much talking in this and to get to the main purpose of this post, check out this site to find the professional photo editor Bali with exclusive services. You can actually get a per hour price rate for the services but surely that everything can be negotiated. If there will be any update about this, I’ll try to make you know about it. I won’t start talking about the price in here since it can be different in the future. So, that’s where you can find a professional photo editors. Pay it a visit or giving the team a call as soon as you can.

How to Minimize Using Your Phone When Traveling

It is common today to see people gluing to their phone. When sitting in a café, eating at restaurant, lounging at home, and even hanging out with friends, people still stuck with their phone.

Minimizing the phone usage when traveling

Of course, advanced technology has brought us to more modern era where everything is easier to do. Finishing your job such as checking and replying emails, locating certain places, or just simply updating your social media is so easy to do.

Sometimes you think that it takes no time to do those trivial things while in fact it consumes most of your time in daily basis. It is even worse when you keep your eyes on your phone when traveling.

Minimizing phone usage when traveling

When you constantly checking your phone during your trip, it is easy for you to miss out many things that worth traveling for. You also will miss the opportunity to meet great people because you focus more on your phone instead of making social interaction.

It is totally understandable to make the most of your phone to finish your tasks. However, getting addicted to it is not a good thing. If you keep checking on your phones every 10 minutes, it indicates that you are getting addicted to it. Sure your phone can help you locating where the hotel is or some restaurant options.

However, travelers these days are more concerned about the Wi-Fi in their hotel doesn’t reach their room instead of really enjoy the trip.

You need to remember the purpose of your travel. If it’s something about finding peace or get recharged from hustle and bustles of your daily life, then what is the point if you keep your eyes on your phone? In fact, your phone is just being your distraction from truly enjoying the place you visit.

Instead of keep glancing on possible notification on your phone, you can make social interaction with people around you during your trip. Who knows maybe you will find it as a healing moment to talk to new people. Aside from getting new friends, you improve your social skills as well. Socializing through your phone is different from doing it in real life.

You can also try to prolong the distance between checking your phones. If you tend to check your phone every 10 minutes, make it an hour as a starter. Use the time to enjoy your surroundings. The attraction you visit must have something interesting that made you choose that place in the first place. Try to find those things. This little thing can make big changes to your trip.

When you hear or feel notifications, it will be easier for you to get distracted and back to your phone. Thus, turn off your phone or put it on silent mode during your travel can also help prevent you from constant checking. If you are traveling with someone, focus on them instead of your phone. Try to enjoy the company and find the fun from it so that you will automatically forget about your phone.

Cheap Best Friend Getaway? Try the Camping Trip!

You must be got a best friend, don’t you? Have you ever thought before that for some reasons, you want to spend the valuable times with your very close best friend at somewhere without being bothered by the others or at least you can really enjoy the beautiful moments together while seeing the beauty of nature?

Cheap best friend trip

There are many travel ideas for that but many of them are also quiet expensive where many of us may not got the money to pay for even one. So that, I will tell you one of my recommendation which is to try the camping trip so you can’t really spend a lot of money but keep on enjoying the beautiful moments at the wild.

How come we are forgetting about the camping trip?

Traveling or tourism has been developing so far especially when the information on internet are penetrating so fast. You can simply find the best friend getaway ideas or even its packages but I am not really sure that what you will be find is affordable enough for you or many of us.

In fact, for many times, I am thinking that traveling itself is a quick way to spend the Dollars you have been saved for long. No matter how cheap the travel package is compared to the others, you should be frankly to yourself that the one you will buy is still spending a lot of money. Not to mention about the travel budget you have to prepare at the destination you will visit, then the more money will also getting out from your pocket.

Camping trip itself somehow a solution for that. Even though the trip can be visiting the wildlife or the forest, there are still something you can do with that to make the getaway with your best friends being unforgettable, valuable and even the best one ever.

We should also admit that the travel trending on internet and tv are the things that we should be avoid sometime. When its come to talk about how you can enjoy the moments with best friend, you should never be affected of what you have been watched.

Camping trip is simple but you will get enough great experiences with your best friend if you want. Gears, tools, and its accessories are also not as expensive as the other travel ideas. You don’t even need to pay an accommodation for that since you can buy and use the tent.

You can also try to get the double parachute hammock which will be the most recommended thing that can make your camping trip to be more fun and a bit intimate in a positive way.

Many of us may have experienced a camping since we were kids. By the time passing away, we are busied by many hassles so we are also forgetting that spending time with our best friends in a trip is something that we actually need in life.

And even though you have been experiencing the camping trip since you were a kid, doesn’t mean that will be the childish thing you will ever do. Have you ever imagined how beautiful it is to sleep on hammock while camping and the next morning, you will be waked up with the magical view before your eyes? Think about experiencing that with your best friend, I bet that will be so addictive thing for many of us.

Anyway, have you been heard that there are people who are broke because of the camping trips? If not, that’s why it can be one of the cheapest travel ideas you can get with your best friend. Let me know if there is something that I am telling you wrong about that.

Why Solo Traveling is So Worth It?

Is solo traveling is one of the things you’re dying to check off the list this year? It is perhaps one of your new year resolutions? Perhaps you just need that tiny little push to get you to moving and book that plane ticket already.

Why solo traveling so worth it

Solo traveling is not merely some romanticization

“Discovering yourself” is one of the most-used taglines following the solo travel sentiment. And while it does sound too much like romanticization, there is some truth to it. Of course, solo travel will not magically change you. Especially not one solo travel. What you experience will depend so much on how you spend your time solo traveling.

Do you get out of your way to meet new people during the time you decided to go solo traveling? Why do you need to meet new people when one of the purposes of solo travel is to travel alone?

Traveling by yourself does not mean that you isolate yourself.

Unless it is one of the purposes of your solo travel, then meeting new people—the locals and fellow travelers—is a huge part of the solo travel experience. And going by yourself opens up that window of a desire to connect. I don’t go out of my way to get to know people when I’m at home. Not even when I know I need some company.

But traveling to a new place certainly has a different effect on me.

Solo traveling is not for everyone?

If you’re someone who finds yourself craving the company of others most of the time, it may seem very difficult to get into the mindset of wanting a solo journey. And that is well understood.

But if you’re already researching solo traveling—and you’re reading this—chances are, you’re about to be ready to go down the road of solo traveling.

It all comes down to taking the first step

Starting is the hardest thing. A lot of people said that there is no way that they will do solo traveling. Unless you have special needs that make it very difficult for you to do pretty much everything on your own, then you should try it.

You don’t have to go to a whole new country altogether. If you’re super curious about solo traveling—spend the weekend wholly by yourself in the next town reachable by public transportation. Plan simple activities you know you’ll enjoy on your own.

Visit a park or a museum. Did you get to enjoy it? See if you’re ready to take the next step.

Solo traveling is a way to depend on yourself better

Even though you’re living on your own for a long time, there is still the comfort of home. Of familiarity. Of things you’ve already gotten used to for quite a long time. Much of it had faded into the background. Falling into the mundane backdrop of “everyday life”. But traveling, for most people, will bring them out of their comfort zone.

It puts the mind in a state of much-needed stress in receiving that feeling of novelty.

It is a way to get to know yourself better.

They did say that you don’t know someone until you travel with them. And I think that similar things can be said about our own selves.